Zoe Saldana Expecting?

 Zoe Saldana is rumored to be a couple of months pregnant. And if this is true that will be one beautiful baby! It’s all I am saying.
 The Avatar star got married to an Italian artist Marco Perego last June. They are both 36 years old and rumors have persisted that the couple want to start a family soon. She recently arrived to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote her latest film “‘Guardians of the Galaxy.” where she suddenly stopped and turn around from cameras while touching her stomach. Hmm.

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The actress has yet to comment or confirm if she is expecting or not but time will tell. Although, she has been wearing a lot of loose fitted clothes, we have recently seen her in a tight fitted high-waisted skirt on her official Instagram page and you could see a barely noticeable “baby bump”. But it could also just be the fabric of her skirt. Who’s to tell? Meanwhile, there are also her casual outfits while on a recently grocery shopping spree and the latest video I mentioned above .

Zoe Saldana could be expecting here are some of her latest looks.

Zoe Saldana could be expecting here are some of her latest looks.

//SEE THE VIDEO\\ below to see Zoe and you can be the judge:





By: Evetzie – Evetzie’s Repertoire: Fashion, Beauty,& Style!

Photograph Credit: Rosemary German

Photograph Credit: Rosemary German

One thing I can say right of the bat is that humility is the first thing I admire of any artist and upcoming artist. I believe that you can be as talented as Celine Dion but if you have a nasty attitude it won’t gain you many friends in the long run. Any industry specially in entertainment you will eventually come along to meet many of those nasty attitudes but when you come across a humble and artistic soul is rare; just like when I met Rosemary German. This lovely young lady was a participant in a talent search here in Orlando, FL.
As I was backstage she simply asked me kindly if I could help her out with her wardrobe before hitting the stage. She had a very nice smile and was very polite on and off the stage. Ever since then I was blessed to be able to have the opportunity to getting to know her even more as a person, friend, and most importantly as an artist.

Photograph Credit: Rosemary German

Photograph Credit: Rosemary German

When you have the opportunity to watch Rosemary take on the stage and perform she makes you feel the emotion in each and every lyric of her songs. Which is one of the most important quality for every artist to have but not everyone has. It is with no surprise that she has been exposed to music since her childhood years. As growing up she was exposed to the music that played on the radio, musical toys plus her father owned a bandoneon who he played every morning so all of these factors definitely took control. What it is surprising though, is that at the age of eight years old she began singing and playing the guitar at her school and church choir. But by the age of nine years old she wrote her first song called “Los Niños de La Calle” (Children of the street). And ever since then she knew very early in her life that she loved music and that she had to pursued it.

Photograph Credit: Rosemary German

Photograph Credit: Rosemary German

If you are wondering what has inspired her music this is what Rosemary had to say:

“My music is inspired by life itself. I write about what happens to me, and what I see going on around me with my friends, family, and strangers. I am also inspired by the things that happen in novels, movies, and anything that makes me feel a strong emotion, whether anger, sadness, joy, much love or heartbreak. I put music to all my emotions, I’m a big romantic. My parents always heard boleros of the 80s and I grew to love that kind of music, so my songs can never miss a guitar and a touch of romanticism like the one present in the songs of yesterday.”

As far as her demo she wants to be able to share her music with the world, and hopes it takes her where her songs need to be heard. Where her lyrics can be of encouragement to someone else as when she was going through at the times when she was in a similar situation when composing them.

Which is one of the major reasons why her fans can definitely relate to her music because she is very honest and clear in her songwriting. The best thing about her is that she has no fear of rejection therefore she pours all her feelings out on paper, whether its her story or someone else’s. Its easier for her fans to identify with her music because and I quote her as it was by far one of the most honest answers I have seen expressed this way: ” We are all equal, we all have dreams, we all make mistakes, we fall, we get up, we fall in love, suffer for love and in the end we all have the same problems or blessings at one time or another.”

Meanwhile, as we kept talking more about her demo I asked if there are any songs or any in particular that could be her favorite pick. She stated clearly that it was very difficult to try to choose one as each of her songs are so full of depth and raw emotion from the moment she wrote them that is very hard to pick one out. “My songs are my babies and I love them all equally” she said.

When I asked her about her favorite experience in her music career so far she said that is very fortunate every day to a have a new favorite experience. “People say life is a roller coaster, and I am enjoying mine completely with its ups and downs. It’s not the goal that counts, but the experiences we have on the way there. Music has many facets and I enjoy them all; when I’m composing, working in the studio, when I’m promoting, and when my work is being recognized. If I had to choose one of them all, I would say composing it’s my favorite one.”

Another strong trait about Rosemary is that she is driven. She is not the type of person who needs to be pushed to do anything, but every time has wanted to achieve a goal her family was there helping her to achieve it. Her family and friends have always been there to support her in every one of her journeys and will continue to do so as much as they can.


Fashion & Music Blogger Evetzie from Evetzie’s Repertoire: FBS! with singer and songwriter Rosemary German along with fellow musicians/singers Alonso and Sheniel. Photograph Credit: Rosemary German

As a composer herself she has also been inspired in her songwriting skills by legends like Franco de Vita, Jose Luis Peralez, Roberto Carlos, Rosanna and Ricardo Arjona. “They all are complete artists in every way and theirs songs are an exquisite ride to heaven. I want the people to feel with my music the same way I feel when I’m listening to their music.”

As far as her wildest collaboration, she would love to collaborate with Franco De Vita as she proclaims it would be a dream come true. “He is a master of Latin music and it would be my greatest fortune to be able to work with him.” Meanwhile, another of her biggest dreams is to be able to sing at the “Viña del Mar Music Festival” which is one of the biggest music festivals in the Latin industry. Another of her dream would be to be able to open up for Juan Luis Guerra, who is another of her favorite songwriters. Because he is an artist in every sense of the word and the biggest singer-songwriter that her country the Dominican Republic has had so far, and being able to open up one of his concerts would be a great honor.


Photograph Credit: Rosemary German

I also made sure to ask her if she still get nervous or butterflies in her stomach before a show, being that she has been singing since she was younger and she said:
        “I feel an adrenaline rush just before going on stage, thinking that it is time and I can’t back out, I have to walk out the door and give the best of me. But the truth is I don’t feel nervous, because I practice a lot before any show and when the day comes I only give myself to God and ask him to make the moment be whatever he wants and to shine on me. I ask him to make my music inspire others and bring a smile and happiness to their faces. After that I leave confident that everything will be alright because things are going to happen as he would want them”.

Photograph Credit: Rosemary German

Photograph Credit: Rosemary German

           Things you should be ON THE LOOKOUT for is that right now she is working on her new single that will be coming out soon. So make sure you keep track of her music on her social media so you can stay tuned and get the song as soon as it becomes available.

I also played my round of FUN FACTS with ROSEMARY and this are some awesome ones for her future fans to know ;)

What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?

I would say all of them, lol, I am very old-school, but I am proud to be among the few who truly enjoy the songs of yesterday. I have music from Los Panchos to Julio Iglesias, a whole variety of very romantic songs.

Have you ever thought of the fact that If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?

Yes I have, I went to college to study architecture trying to please other people. Everyone used to advise me to study something other than music, just in case music did not work out. So when it was time to go to college well I chose architecture. I do not regret having gone to college. Because I learned many things there, but I regret not having studied my passion, which is music. Trying to be something I’m not was the worst decision I’ve ever made, I just wasted time, money, and ended up with a deep depression. So one day I told my family I couldn’t do it anymore, and I’d rather be dead than continue trying to live a life that was not where I belong. I was born a musician and a singer-songwriter, and that’s what I’m going to keep doing although some may not like it. That same day I left college and my family has had to accept me with my music, as there is no other vocation that makes me happier than this.

If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?

I have always thought that had I been born in the United States of America I would’ve been a Big Band singer of traditional pop-jazz, I think my voice goes perfect with that music and I just love it.

Do you have any hidden talents you would like to share besides signing, and playing the guitar?

Apart from music I like to help people. I think that helping others is a talent that not everyone has inside. It takes courage and bravery to not only hear about the problems someone has and say you understand, but also care enough to say look, I’m going to help, and this is what we can do to improve your situation. I grew up thinking everyone would like to help others in a difficult situation, and eventually I realized that’s not the case. So, to help people is a divine gift God gave me.

Since this is a fashion and music blog: What fashion trends or style has in influenced your personal style?

I am very simple, I wear what suits me and is comfortable, I don’t care about brands and don’t obsess with accessories. I come from a very humble neighborhood in the Dominican Republic where there is much poverty, so I just spend money on necessities.
To be honest I don’t like shopping and I don’t have much knowledge of fashion, but I really hope someday I can pay a personal stylist to put together my every day outfit. It will be awesome to finally be trendy. :)

Please show love and support to Rosemary! It has been a tremendous joy to see her evolve even more. Thanks for taking time for Evetzie’s Repertoire Readers!

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Alonso new3

As most of you may know within my field of broadcasting, I have had one of the greatest opportunity to be working for something that I am so passionate about which is in entertainment and music industry. I am lucky enough to have worked for a local radio station in my city that was holding a local talent search for the next rising star. Many entered and only ten remained to prove that they had what it took to perform on the big stage at House of Blues, Orlando where many popular and talented artist have played. The big prized winner won their first single to be produced by a world known producer, cash prize, and take home the title. But for most of those other contestants who unfortunately did not win the final prize won more than what they bargained for. They won the love and support of a new audience, their voice heard in one of the most amazing venues, and most of all new friendships or collaborations with memories of a lifetime.

When I first heard of Alonso I had not met him properly but I knew who he was from his audition tape submission, and remembering “Wow! He is really talented”. I stood backstage finally getting a break from all the chaos and I look up and he is sitting there quite quiet but he had this beautiful smile that lit up the whole room. And he definitely didn’t look nervous to me though he had just finish his performance with a song he had composed himself “Don’t Take A No”. As I took my time eating whatever was left for the staff I had a cool conversation with him. He had this cool vibe about him, very down to earth, creative, and very passionate about his music. These are a few of the little things I picked up from him that night, little did I know I would be able to see him perform later on a concert with full on production that he produced on his own time and his team. This show titled “MY JOURNEY” was held on June 21st where he took the audience on a journey of his life from the very moment he realized that music was his passion to the up and downs of his life and making a name for himself in the music industry. I will be posting more about this event on an upcoming post later on.
Alonso Solorzano
is a pop, local artist here in Orlando, FL with Mexican roots. He recently discovered about probably three years ago that music was one of his biggest passion and that it was time to pursue it, even though he has been singing for a little while now. But his family is extremely supportive of him and his music. “They may sometimes think i am crazy for doing the things i do and say but its all a part of being an individual and expressing yourself with the love of your life, which mine is music.” he expressed.

His music is mainly in the pop genre but he is personally influenced with all kind of genres. He believes that mixing one genre with others is more fun as it gives him more freedom to explore other sounds and challenge himself as an artist. Not to mention that he is so passionate about his music he wants to keep it fresh, and modern for his audience. His music is inspired by and I quote” Whatever is in my head at the moment, usually something that has clearly impacted my life, in some sort of way. I love to be passionate about everything I do as an artist.”

When asked about how can his fans or new listeners could relate to his music he said its because “I am not that much of a social person outside of my music, so sometimes when I do write I think to myself… Is this what people my age are going through/thinking….? but then I realize that we all go through similar battles in life, and the recent songs I have written were lyrics I needed to hear from someone when I went through a rough patch, example my single “Don’t Take a No” is a song I feel written not necessary by me, but my conscious telling me to never take a no, telling me that it is ok to fail as long as Ii stand back up stronger. I have met so many local artist and people who have been neglected in the industry or in their profession and I want to be that voice to help them. My goal when I started taking music seriously was not for fame or anything but to be able to have a voice and share with people my life experience to make them realize they are not alone.”

He hopes to have much success and hope that his audience will love the music he has worked really hard to create being that the music industry is such a competitive industry to break into. “I think for an artist it is very important to get to know yourself as the artist you were created to be and have discovered in yourself in order to find that success we as artist really need to feel.”

He has an EP coming out very soon with a couple of songs that he is really passionate about which are “Looking For You”, “Don’t Take a No”, “Unforgivable”, and his brand new single “Monster” . When I asked if he had to pick one song that would be his favorite or represented him more as an artist he replied by saying “If I HAD to pick one, I wouldn’t say as my Favorite, but the one that changed my way of thinking about music and life it would be Don’t Take a No, This song made me so much stronger, and it made me find myself as an artist and person.”

Things you should be ON THE LOOKOUT from Alonso are that as of right now he has accomplished more than he could have imagined!

But he is also recently in the midst of finishing the latest recording for his fourth song on his EP. He will also be releasing his brand new single to “Monster” that will play around with a mix of sounds in the Pop/Rock/Electronic genre. Which is a track he feels the best work yet that his team and him has created by declaring that its his best work yet!

He is also in the process of creating a music video for his ballad “Unforgivable” , which is absolutely hands down an amazing song personally I think everyone should listen to. But he definitely is not waving goodbye any chances to perform on stage even if he is focused on the production side of his music as I quote him “As far as shows, right now I am focused on this new single, but if the opportunity comes to perform I will take it. Performing is my favorite thing to do.”
As a composer he has been influenced by great singers like Michael Jackson, John Lennon, and Justin Timberlake just to name a few. But he also gets inspired by life and moments that impact them. Some of his wildest collaborations he would love to work with if given the opportunity would be John Legend, Christina Aguilera, One Republic, Lady Gaga, Usher, Coldplay, just to name a few. He would also love the chance to play his music anywhere he loves and enjoys performing no matter where he is at as long as he gets to take the stage and give you his all.

” I want to show people who I AM as an artist to begin with, I want them to know EVERYTHING I put out is ME. No one is controlling me, telling me what to do, etc. I work so hard for what I have accomplished at a short period of time, and when people listen to me or watch me perform I want them know that it is all part of me. its not an act.”

I played FUN FACTS from ALONSO and this are some cool insider for his future fans to know ;)

What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?
Let me look…..Heartbreaker by Justin Bieber….? lol! I thought it was a pretty good R&B song when it first came out.

Have you ever thought of the fact that If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?
Yes, I would probably be in school for the rest of my life trying to become a Veterinarian, or actually be a wild spirit do Wild Life photography.

If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?
R&B, or maybe just Acoustics.

Do you have any hidden talents you would like to share besides signing, and playing the guitar?
I Play Tennis, at one point I wanted to be a Professional Tennis player, and I also teach it.

Do you get nervous before every show?
I get REALLY nervous, My hands sweat, My legs get so heavy I feel like I can even walk. But when I get on stage it all goes away completely.
What has been so far your favorite experience in your music career even if its just starting out or if you have been in it in the long run?
My Favorite Experience was being able to create my own show called MY JOURNEY. A set list of a 11 songs, dancers, props…etc. It was my proudest moment, being able to show everyone in the audience that with just passion and creativity you are able to create something big on your own.

What fashion trends or style has in influenced your personal style?
Well my personal style ranges depending on how I feel or where I am going I like to play with my look. But I feel like an artist I constantly have to see change. Well at least I do. I am very influenced by the “Rocker” look, something stepping out of the norm of what a typical male pop singer wears. Pushing style to the next level whether people like it of not. When performing I am aware the audience is not only listening to my music, but they are also watching me, so what I wear on stage has a lot to do with the theme of my performance that day. And a little insider…. I am a little weird…. when I know I have a performance one day, I dress and get my mind in a “Performer” state, where I feel like I am in the performance from the moment I wake up and step out of my room. ha ha. it works. ;)

Please show love and support to Alonso! I had an amazing time seeing you evolved as an artist in such a short time and I could not be more honored to see you grow even more. Thanks for taking time for Evetzie’s Repertoire Readers!

If you would love to check out his music or if you fancy following him on his social media for new music updates, videos, or more check out:
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This is what makes us girls… #honestly

Everyone that knows me knows that I always come up with the most randomest things to talk about but at the same time we all know its the truth. Today, as I was getting my nails done all I thought about was the actual meaning of things, and what usually it really does mean to us girls that most guys don’t understand. Like literally that ‘s just what makes us girls. So I compiled a list of words, things, places, and etc that most girls could agreed on.



  1. Women tend to value kissing much more than men. Generally speaking, of course ;)  To us its like a major aspect of the relationship.It’s important to us, guys because well it its just is so pucker up.
  2. But when you are single and you hear the word its like: You’re not in a relationship AND you’re constantly being reminded of that fact by your loved ones, especially your mother. #annoyingasfudge
  3. netflix
    We really do have a relationship with Netflix. For what some it means an online streaming service where you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies.To us is our excuse for every time to no go out every Friday night, and just stay in and see what happens on the next season of Orange is The New Black, Orphan Black, Once Upon A Time and so on. It’s like guys and gaming.
  4. College is usually represented by society as the four years of higher education, with some some fun with friends, partying, fraternities, and maybe the highlight of your life. To me it really means years of my life that I will now have to spend the rest of my life working my ass off on a job that is not even remotely closed to what I studied to pay off those stupid and ridiculous over my mind loans. Yes, the fun part and some of “What the hell” party moments included just as cool memories but they are not going to help pay off my 20 something loans.
  5. large
    Ikea its just a Swedish furniture company that most guys hate to hear us say when we need to make a quick stop like if it was a grocery store. But, literally is like walking into a Disneyland theme park of just the most amazing decorations for your home and some how it fits into your budget to make you feel like a modern day Barbie.
  6. When you have to go to a place called work. We all know what work means what you do for a living to earn money. What it really means is the miserable introduction to the real world where you spend your time either in a receptionist desk, customer service with horrible non pleasing customers anyway, where you probably spend eight soul-sucking hours in a retail job that pays not even a minimum wage that you can afford toll and gas prices.. And if your lucky you have enough money after paying off your rent, loans, personal needs to buy that $20 dollar dress at Forever 21 or $5.99 thrift shop finds.
  7. date
    Dating is usually seeing attractive people socially with the goal of a potential relationship. What it really means is finding out how much of a difference you have of what guys/girls wants and if you should run because its getting really creepy really quick “Why the hell did I thought this would work.”, “This is the last time I am going on a blind date”,” Never Trust Dating Sites”, “Am I being catfished?”. OR man he really does have potential this could be it, “OMG what do I do?”, “I hope I don’t have anything on my teeth”, “He would make a really cool father someday”, “Wait! act cool act cool!”
  8. happy hour
    When a friend invites you to happy hour, normally its a period of time where they serve discounted drinks. What it really means its thehighlight of your day after the worst hours of your life at work, family problems, or the argument you had with your boyfriend the night before over the stupidest thing.
  9. liam
    When you hear the word OMG Did you see the news on _____ (insert whatever interest you enough to care). Normally people check Google, or turn on the news. We usually go into TUMBLR, UPDATE ACCOUNTS, and Twitter to verify, retweet, and reblog the shit out of the news while fangirling or freaking about the stupidity the news update.
  10. Redbox a place where you can rent movies for what used to be $1.50 and now its like 25 cents more. To girls a movie rental that took down all Blockbusters by a whim and we have no choice but to rent the movies we don’t care enough to pay $10 at the movie theaters and enjoy our night crashing into sweat pants, lousy buns, and bowl of delicious POPCORN!!
  11. workout
    Summer what is known as the warmest season of the year, occurring between spring and autumn and constituting June, July, and August in the Northern Hemisphere. Also a period of fruition, fulfillment, happiness, or beauty. What it really means “Girl stop eating those damn Doritos and Detox its BIKINI Season”, Sun’s out Gun’s Out Channing Tatum’s all over that beachline baby!!!
  12. demi
    Selfies a visual photograph of you doing whatever you are doing. But what it really means in all honest truth it’s how you let everyone know that your life is WAY more awesome than it actually is. Haha… #selfieaddicts…To some they are just sharing their interest and likes without a care.

What are some of yours? Comment Below…

Love always,

Evetzie xx ;)

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KARMIN “PULSES”/ Bonnie Mckee – Concert Experience

As a member of the YouTube family I have watched thousands of song covers, aspiring singers, and have witnessed the change one amazing video showcasing your passion combined with your talent can do. As some still trying to catch a record labels attention or watching them become upcoming artist not only do I keep continuing to follow their trajectory but I also fangirl along. This happened not so long ago with KARMIN


I remember when this duo made up by this lovely couple Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, first started doing YouTube videos of song covers and me saying these two will make it someday. I loved the fact that they are so unique with their fashion sense and are not afraid to be creative and taking a risk with both their image and music. The fact that they were also taking on the world together in something they are both passionate about with musical background made me even more excited to follow them along their journey and see their perspective into the industry, fame, touring, and just how it would affect them positive, or negative.

Then their cover for Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” and Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass” among many others started to blow up the views on YouTube setting them on their way to a new life.  When they came out with their first EP “HELLO” I fell even more in love with their music. So it was no surprise that I had to get my hands on their latest album “PULSES” little did I know I would get so attached to so many of their songs. My all time favorite ones are “Pulses”, “I Want It All”, “Neon Love”, “Try Me on”. Of course I love the others but those are my top songs I have to listen to in the car every time I pull out this album.


So I had seen that the concert would be Sunday April 13th,2014 and that the prices were only $25.00 which is like GREAT.


The best part was I got my tickets they day of the actual concert literally! II had no idea all up to that point if I was going to be able to make it or even get tickets but thank the Lord I did.  I blame my stupid work schedule,and my classes that intervene at the time as well. So I went to work and by a miracle of God they told me that I could leave early because they had made a mistake on hours so I immediately headed to Downtown Disney to House of Blues and got my tickets (keep in mind I am running in a dress and heels… people stared.. oh yeah most definitely!) Of course I was not going to go like that to the concert which started in two hours. So i drove miles the opposite way back home changed in less than minutes and headed back to the venue. As per usual in the line I met great new friends which is what makes half of the experience worth it. Not only was I really excited to see Karmin but I would also get to see Bonnie Mckee!!
Who most of you might know her as the girl who sings “American Girl” but I have followed her career as a composer way before her single. She is an amazing composer who is very rad,stylish, amazing legs, and has work with millions of artist in the music industry with her collaborations and she is also KATY PERRY’s best friend!( Like you all know how much i love Katy!)



Once the concert started I couldn’t believe I was watching Bonnie. Yes, she was amazing and so was her band. I love all of her band members they are like the most awesome people ever. Then after she performed and Karmin came on I was so close to the stage and the bass it was ridiculous. Obviously Karmin killed it!  in the best way of course. Amy and Nick both looked ridiculously great!
They sang a little bit of their EP from “Crash Your Party”, “Brokenhearted”, “Hello” to all of the songs in “Pulses” album. They also covered songs like “Umbrella” by Rihanna as a couple of their other covers. BUT the only thing I kind of was half and half about was that everyone was waiting for their cover of “Look At Me Know” and instead they brought up about three fans upstage to sing it for them while along with them. So it was mostly the fans singing it while trying to take a selfie with them. ( WHICH I DON’T BLAME I WOULD HAVE TOO) but I really wanted to hear Amy do it. But I thought it was super cool the idea of bringing the fans on stage and being so great with them.

Now the part that I almost died in fangirl feels was when these vintage/retro sunglasses I had custom made two or three days prior to  the concert with Amy and Bonnie in mind as retro stylish inspiration were handed to Amy and she rock them on stage! While singing a whole song! So my goal was to give it to her but there was a kid in front of me so I asked him to give it to her from me whenever she came by and when we did I was so estatic I felt I was going to die. I could not believe Amy loved them enough to wear them for a whole song yet alone after the concert ended I met Bonnie Mckee as I bought my souvenir merchandise upstairs.




When I saw her she loved the same exact pair of sunglasses that Amy wore and was like those are so cool. So I gave her a pair of sunglasses and we took some pics and she signed my ticket stub and it was awesome.  Then later outside people waited for Karmin to come out while I was waiting on a corner when I noticed Bonnie Mckee’s band come out so I just went over to them to take some pics when they noticed my cellphone cover and we all got to chill for  awhile and take pics, talked fashion, diy’s, and it was so much fun. I got to meet her makeup artist and hairstylist and I think that was just freaking awesome.
So even though I didn’t get to meet Amy or Nick meeting Bonnie was amazing cause I really do admire her as an artist, composer, and person she is really down to earth, and very, very, very sweet. Plus her music is great and takes me a little to the 80′s. So then later Bonnie came over and she thanked me again for the sunglasses and I was like OMG she really loves them which made me like the happiest person earth.


Flashforward I instagram and tagged her on the photos we took and then she liked and commented on my photo and YUP I nearly died twice (ok maybe not that type of dying but you know the feels).


So at the end of the day I was really, really, really happy I was able to go to the concert and see both of them perform because I really was looking forward to it being that I always talked about Karmin with my friend from school and our favorite song is “I want it all” we would keep the video on replay. 


Hope you enjoyed this concert review 101, leave me any comments or feedback down below! And if you have seen this tour comment your thoughts too! Love always,

Evetzie xx ;)

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My 2014 “Closet Swap” with Raise.com

Summer 2014 is just around the corner and as others get ready to be fit for the long sunny days hitting up the beach, I am getting my wardrobe Summer ready. Goodbye to all my Winter/ Fall clothes for now, and Hello Summer/Spring! Lately I haven’t had the time or day to go out shopping at the mall because I barely had time within working, internship, blogging, and my daily life so I went cyber shopping. Nope its not cyber Monday but I did find an amazing website raise.com and its one of the coolest marketplace for all fashionistas, shopaholics, and fashion needs.

Basically Raise is a new marketplace where you can buy discounted gift cards to all of your favorite brands, and sell your unused gift cards for CASH! You did read right! I promise. They have gift cards for all kind of store and brands. From Nordstrom, Forever21, Target, to DSW.  So after checking out raise.com I came to the conclusion I definitely needed to make a “Closet Swap” and get my new Summer wardrobe started.

Here are some radical new trends and ideas for your closet swap for this Summer that I know it will have all eyes on you PICTURE PERFECT..


Layering is not only for the cold winter days, as we move on to summer layering is one of the biggest trends. You can use a crop top and layer it over a dress like I did with my outfit. Its two outfits in one! So if you want to change up your look from a casual statement just take the top part off and you are ready for a night out with friends. You can also layer up in accessories with multiple bracelets, rings, and etc.
top: forever21, dress:aeropostale, accessories: H&M, forever21.

I love this trend because it breaks off the image of the LBD (Little Black Dress) that we are constantly following. Its summer time and everything should be colorful, bright, and fun. Find a beautiful bright yellow dress that fits your style whether its more retro, vintage, sophisticated, or modern. If you are afraid of how bold the color could be against your skin tone try bold prints whether they Aztec, floral, or etc to subtle your look. Pair it up with some classic wedges or heels to show off your legs. If you like the bohemian or gypsy look mix rose gold accessories and add chain headbands into a subtle beach waves hairstyle like mine. ;)
dress:aeropostale, accessories: H&M, forever21.

No.3 Trend >> BOLD Sunglasses & Jumpers

This summer is all about having fun and showing off your personality and personal style. I am in love with vintage and retro styles mixed with modern trends. This is an outfit I would wear to go to the beach or hang out at Ocean Drive in Miami. This beautiful periwinkle laced jumper from Topshop its sexy without being too revealing and very comfortable. Its see thru at the top with muscle tank like sides that lets you showcase your bathing suit top. I paired with the bold heart shaped sunglasses, headband, and vintage flats from H&M. My accessories are Forever21, and Urban Outfitters.

No.4 Trend >> Graphic Tees & Overalls.
Finally for your last summer closet swap pieces get radical with cool graphic tees and overalls. If you love concert tees, old school, or hipster fashion this is the time to wear it. Pair it up with cool and edgy accessories with cross leather bracelets, skull rings, and spiked necklaces. Kick up your style with ankle boots instead of the Vans for a sexier look.
top: Target, overall: Walt-Mart, accessories: H&M, forever21, Shoes:Dots but are available at forever21.

Good luck and I hope you enjoyed my CLOSET SWAP!!! Remember to get all the gift cards you need for your own closet swap at raise.com.


Evetzie xx ;)

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FASHION UPGRADE- The summer guide

The summer guide every girl needs short, simple and to the point.

Songs for the summer that I love right now are the 1975American Girl by Bonnie Mckee, Classic by MKTO, Gypsy by Lady Gaga, Empire by Shakira, Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson, Fancy by Iggy Azalea, Problem by Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea, Turn Down For What by Lil Jon, Just Girls by THE1975, and Robbers by THE1975.

Let’s talk FASHION

Color Trends and Prints to try for the Summer





STYLES: Woven Tops, Denim on Denim, Mix Print.



One Shoulder , Sporty Mesh or Detailed Edgy Tops,  Partial cutout,  High Waisted Bikini, Underwire Bikini, Ruffled Bikini Tops,

ImageLet’s talk BEAUTY


  • Dare to be bold and different this summer. Get your dye on from bright shades green, purple, pink, or a mix of highlighted colors.













  • Go bold with pixie short hair cuts like Jennifer Lawrence or go all the way back to the nineties with space buns like the Spice Girls.


  • Say goodbye to the floral crowns and wear gypsy headbands with multi chains to add an edge to your medium length beach waves.


  • From bright neon eyeshadows like Sephora’s new Electric Palette($52) to Urban Decay’s liquid glitter eyeliners($20) bring the party trend to the beach or festivals.  For this specific palette the colors are so bright there is no need for the Urban Decay primer ($14) unless you really want it to last 24 hours its upon your preference.


Let’s talk HEALTH

** I am not a physician or a nutritionist so before you make any changes to your diet or activities make sure you consult a doctor or medical assistance before making any decisions on trying any new health tips **

  • Drink more water if you are going to hit the beach, pool, festivals, or any other outdoor festivities with the massive heat waves and excessive activities your body will need double the amount. Don’t overload on the water either too much can get you sick as well. Just enough to stay healthy. :)
  • Switch up your cardio and toning exercises every two to three days a week focusing on the target areas you are more insecure about this summer.  Repeat toning exercises two days before you hit the beach to prevent feeling of being bloated.
  • Eat more veggies and less Taco Hell unless you want to look like hell.
  • Use self tanning lotions for a subtle bronze. Tanning oils are not only a mess to deal with but they actually make you age faster and leave ugly stains behind. Plus, we all have heard about how it can affect your skin in the long run if you expose yourself more than 15 minutes on each side. Jump in the water let your body soak and then lay down it gives you a faster tan  than dried skin. 

Have fun and enjoy your summer!!


                                                                                                    Evetzie xx ;)

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Spidey, X-MEN, Maleficient – Movie Reviews

Hello hope you are doing swell! I have gone on a movie hunt lately checking out the new films that have hit the cinema, and I thought it would be a great time for some reviews and tell you my cons and pros on each. Keep in my mind all opinions expressed are mine only so please don’t take it to heart and go watch the films anyways and let me know what your thoughts are on them too. So going from the order that I saw them first to last (last being the most recently watched).

The Amazing Spiderman 2 spidery



Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Dane DeHaan, and Jamie Foxx.


I love Andrew Garfield he is an amazing actor but I think Tobey Mcguire’s shoes are hard to fill after to Spiderman movies. Though its debatable  each brought something new and different for the character. Tobey was more of a serious, concern, and for older generations type of Spiderman. Meanwhile, I feel Andrew’s character was more fun, outgoing, comedic, sarcastic but yet less mature for a younger audience. So depending on how much of a fan you are of the comics or previous films it will basically make or break the movie for you a little. But I did enjoy both actors as Peter Parker.

When it comes to Harry Osborne, I personally think no one beats James Franco but Dane Deehan was a joy to watch on the big screen. I loved how he played the Green Goblin /Harry Osborne. I really think his character really was what made the movie for me more interesting and not only cause he is good looking.

Personally I was expecting more of the movie being that I feel like it was running very low on what else can we see of Spiderman. I give it two and half stars out of four.


As far as Emma Stone played Gwen Stacy I think she was great like always and she differs so much from Kristen Dunst character Mary Jane Watson which was so uptight. Gwen is more saavy, smart mouth, and feisty. 

Also, Jamie Foxx was what really stole the show for me the he played Electro / Max Dillon is amazing. His character will make you cry.

I thought the storyline was great, and I love that they had a little bit of everything from comedy, chick flick, action, and drama.

The CGI animations for the buildings and other special effects were really great and made the movie worth watching.

My favorite line:

Harry Osborn: It’s been 10 years. What have you been up to?

Peter Parker: I do some web designs.

X-MEN: Days of Future PastX-Men_Days_of_Future_Past_poster


Starring: Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Halley Berry, Nicholas Hoult, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Peter Dinklage, Shawn Ashmore and more.

Cons: I needed more of Halley Berry, and Anna Paquin scenes.

Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful and great but I still prefer Rebecca Rojimn as Mystique.


HUGH JACKMAN beautiful Australian’s cheeks on the big screen. Okay so that was really biased! Im sorry I had to.  No really though, Wolverine is one my all time favorite characters and there is no one else that can play him any better.

Nicholas Hoult as Hank/Beast, Michael Fassbender as Erik Lehnsherr, and James McAvoy as Charles Xavier did an excellent job on each of their characters and really blew me away more than I expected. They took each of their character to a new level. I literally was on the verge of emotions and my seat in this whole entire movie, it was that good.

This movie I personally give it four out of four stars.

Favorite Line:



Starring: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning

Cons: It was aimed more for a younger audience which made all of the characters except Maleficient, The Crow, and The King (Aurora’s Father) less childish and annoying.

The three fairies Flittle, Knotgrass, Thistletwit that give Aurora the gifts and take care of her were so annoying, stupid, and pointless. It came to a point where I was like what the heck am I watching? POINTLESS. Even the animation fairies from the original film were not that annoying. -_-

Prince Phillip and Justin Bieber’s old hairstyle enough said. No. I could not watch any further.

Elle Fanning as Aurora disappointed me because I feel she could have been a lot better since I have seen how amazing she is in other movies.


There is no one better than Angelina Jolie to play Maleficient she definitely owns that character from head to toe. She is playfully wicked, sarcastic, and naturally beautiful. I know the point of the movie is to see a good side of Maleficient and to explain why she became what most people classify “evil” or “misjudged” and turned into a villain. But I really missed a little bit more of the villain edge to it. Although, I did love the emotions I felt for her character as you live the journey along with her.

The costuming, makeup, and CGI effects were to die for. It really made the movie a thousand times more real and a splendor to watch.

I loved that the movie had a solid grasp of the story. For example it explains the darkness in which Maleficient had to live in due to the fact that there are people who are so greedy and selfish that would do anything to get whatever they desire most. Even if that meant hurting someone else and so it teaches a valuable lesson on greed, love, choices, and forgiveness. Also that true love is not only about romance but any true love that truly moves the heart and affects someone else’s life for good that is true love.

Best Scene:

Young Maleficient, Maleficient throughout the whole movie and her sarcastic lines, and action scenes. 

SPOILER ALERT: WING SCENE will make you cry.

Best Line:

Maleficient: Ugh your so ugly its scary!

Honestly this movie without Angelina as Maleficient would have failed in so many ways, but with the grandeur of an actress that she is and the passion she dedicated to understand and live the characted made this movie worth watching. I give this movie three out four stars strictly because of Angelina’s acting, the story line, and the special effects.

Again all opinions expressed are all entirely my own please don’t let this stop you from watching the film instead go and come back and tell me your thoughts and share what were your cons, pros, and favorite lines on a comment below. Thanks!

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In case you missed the next best award show in teen history after the Kid’s Choice Awards that were earlier this year. May I present THE RADIO DISNEY AWARDS 2014!! So more than likely if you are a teen, siblings, parents, or just a teen a heart you probably voted for your favorite singers and watched the show. Some of the greatest winners were not able to attend due to the fact that they are currently on tour like Demi Lovato on her NEON LIGHTS Tour, One Direction with their Where We Are Tour and so on.



But there were some really cool performances by Austin Mahone, Zendaya, Fifth Harmony, Becky G,  and so many more…




And some stars just grazed us on the red carpet with their fashion forward styles for the summer, showing off a lot of skins in those mini skirts :)


Oh yeah did I mention Ariana Grande?


 Well talking about Ariana Grande of course she sung her new single “PROBLEM” which features Australian singer Iggy Azalea and danced in her new daring bottoms made by Project Runway Season Contestant & designer Kenley Collins. Both Ariana and Kenley are known for their retro vintage styles so there is no wonder why these two paired up ever since for any major events Ariana also received the RADIO DISNEY Chart Topper Award, which means that we will be listening to a whole lot more of this chica. What did you think about her performance?

And that’s all for now love you bunches check out the list below of all the awesome winners.

E <3 xx

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Here are the winners of the RADIO DISNEY MUSIC AWARDS 2014:

  • They’re The One – Best Music Group: ONE DIRECTION
  • He’s The One – Best Male Artist: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
  • She’s The One – Best Female Artist: DEMI LOVATO
  • The Bestest – Song Of The Year: Come & Get It – SELENA GOMEZ
  • XOXO – Best Crush Song: Still Into You – PARAMORE
  • So FANtastic – Fiercest Fans: Swifties – TAYLOR SWIFT
  • The Buzz – Breakout Artist of the Year: FIFTH HARMONY
  • The Freshest – Best New Artist: BECKY G
  • Musical Mashup – Best Musical Collaboration: Everything Has Changed – TAYLOR SWIFT feat. ED SHEERAN
  • So Happy – Best Song That Makes You Smile: Ooh La La – BRITNEY SPEARS
  • #Cool – Radio Disney’s Most Talked About Artist: SELENA GOMEZ
  • Stuck In Our Heads – Catchiest New Song: The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) – YLVIS
  • That’s My Jam – Best Song To Rock Out To With Your BFF: Me & My Girls – FIFTH HARMONY
  • Soundtraxx – Favorite Song From a Movie Or TV Show: Let It Go – IDINA MENZEL (“Frozen”)
  • Move! – Best Song To Dance To: Birthday – SELENA GOMEZ
  • Hit The Road – Favorite Roadtrip Song: Made In The USA – DEMI LOVATO
  • You’ve Got Swag! – Artist With The Best Style: ZENDAYA