Look Of The Day: “Yeah I Work Out” ;)


Today’s look was inspired on my favorite workout song by LMFAO  ”SEXY AND I KNOW IT“, not because I’m conceited but because I love the fun, quirky, and remix version I downloaded a couple of months ago unto my workout playlist. I love it cause its very upbeat house music style. Needless to say that the original video is funny as heck and I was thrilled to have heard of the video through my cousin Elaine. That’s our workout song!  But anyhow,  when I go to the gym i like to be comfortable above all, but I always look for cute pieces.  I usually wear a jacket because it helps you shed more water excess and personally it motivates me to feel the heat and the sweat cause I know I’m working hard at killing those calories.

What I love about this look, is that you have a cute modern jacket with dark silver zipper details and pockets to stash your Ipod when your exercising. Racer tanks are the best for me they hide your sports bra so well, and make you look great. Also yoga pants are the most comfortable pants you can wear for Spinning, Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Kickboxing classes, and etc.  These allow your body to move around freely and you know they will shape your body structure well. It fits great on almost everyone. 🙂

I love doing a lot of cardio, and taking classes like the one’s above to help you motivate yourself and tone certain areas. So get out there and create a workout playlist that will motivate you while you workout. Mine’s is all full of upbeat songs, and some slow ones to help me relax when I’m cooling down. What are your favorite workout songs?

So here is the look, and I hope you liked it.  I listed the store and the prices for you guys so you can have an idea where to get them and how much they will cost. But you can do this look with pretty much any brand you want. Just an idea.



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Believe that you can & your halfway there :)

Hello Fashionminies, today I am not writing a post on fashion, beauty, or style.  But I am writing a post from heart to heart, just because lately I have heard, listened, internalized, soul searched in myself a lot of  questions and learned so many things of myself I needed to learn again. I feel like a lot of my friends, co-workers, and family members are feeling the same way so there was no better way for me to write about this than today. I was inspired by everyone, myself, my dreams, and everything to make this post as honest, and blunt as possible.

So a lot has been on my mind lately as I sit back, and try to relax my mind off things I started to realize how many times we spent wasting our opportunities instead of taking advantage of them. I am firm believer of  making your dreams coming true, and make your vision come to life. Determination is key but what happens when you start missing the faith? Where do you go from there.  Everyone has a story and a purpose for what they do and how they do it, but sometimes the decisions that we make along with our fears can become our worst enemies. See, when you speak over things that you want to do  you should do it, if it calls your name why not. But sometimes we tend to pay attention more to that little evil voice in your head that instead fills you up with doubt, and starts shaking your faith down.

So what happens to that person who once saw everything  according to plan, or at least believe in an idea of something. Meanwhile, you heart starts to fill up with the fear of instead of dwelling in the possibilities, and now you have let it come up to your head and instead of making a change you settle just cause of comfort.  I don’t blame  you  for settling for God sakes everyone does at a certain point in life that you hit a plateau: Its called life meets being temporarily stuck. But that is when you need to decide what are the cons and pros and what its going to best for you in the long run. Yes, it sounds selfish but its true, if we sit there and put others happiness or concerns first you will be ruining yours in the long run. Remember, everyone will say they will be there, but what if they don’t, what if the only thing you have is yourself left and then you let all this opportunities you could have pass you by.  I hope not to sound like I’m being negative, cause I’m way positive but I stay a realist too.

All I want you guys to understand don’t let yourself be put down by other peoples opinion or actions. Mistakes everyone human and we all make them, you just have to learn from the.  My best advice is learn from every experience and grow from there use it as a tool to make you better as a person, and in the process of your dreams, or goals. That doesn’t mean you are going to be able to do everything you want, how you want it, sometimes we think we are meant for something but in reality we are not, we just think we are. So don’t be afraid to try something new, take chances in life, trust me there’s no better feeling that knowing that at least you tried. At least you know the results and not a “What If?”.  Never give up, even when your at the lowest point you can bring yourself back up you just have to have faith , sometimes things come up with timing, and it may not be your timing but it will come.  And it is never to late to start a brand new beginning for a better ending. Just set down your goals and fix what needs to be done in order to accomplish them, it doesn’t matter where you start as long as you start somewhere and you can quote me on that.  Remember that what you put out, its what you going to get back. So if you put out your best you will receive the best. Life moves pretty darn fast and if you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.  So with that said remember to ask this questions to yourself first: “Who am I? Where I am going with my life? What you want out of life?” and don’t answer them right away. Take sometime and search really deep down in your heart and then write it down, read it out loud, make  affirmations of what your going to do in order to make your answers happen and tape that somewhere you can see it all the time. This will help you keep you focus on your priorities, and will make you feel better.


Hope you liked this post, advice, and that you can find some inspiration for yourself if you are feeling like your stuck somewhere in your life. From relationships, dreams, goals, work, friends, or etc this goes for everything.



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Makeup Of The Day: BARBIE

Hello Fashionminies!!!

As everyone of you girls, I love Barbie! I used to be her biggest fan when I was little, which little girl was not. I had Barbie everything from bedroom sheets, bathroom accessories, toys, dolls, dresses, backpacks, lunchboxes,clothes, coloring books, houses, and above all makeup sets. Then as I was growing up I remember playing with my Barbie dolls along with my older cousins making up stories, movies, and books. I lived in a Barbie world literally.

That was until I heard the song that changed my Barbie life forever!Yes you know exactly which one I am talking about! Barbie Girl made famous by AQUA in 1997. When I was little obviously I had no clue of what it meant and I sang my whole heart out, no joke. Shoot for all I thought it was super cute and it talked about Barbie and Ken being in love but never knew what it really meant! Oops! Oh well obviously now I am way older, and I still love it with every meaning of it. But because its a song that its a classic, fun, cute, sexy, and can’t ever be replaced. So with that said, I had listened to that song the other day on my Ipod as I was working out, and I immediately knew I had to dedicate a whole outfit LOOK OF THE DAY and MAKEUP OF THE DAY to BARBIE!


What  Products I Used, Prices, and Where to get them at?

.M.A.C. Base (white) – $17.00 at any .M.A.C. cosmetic store.

 Eyeshadows: Green, Pink, Purple, and White

(You can use any eyeshadow, the white base will make the color pop and last up to 12hrs)

Mary Kay Love Lash Mascara – $20 and Mary Kay Brush Set– $30- You can contact your MK Representative and if you don’t have any Mayleen Vega is a great consultant check her out on her Official FB Page https://www.facebook.com/MayleenMK.

Im a Barbie Girl in a Barbie world! ❤


  1. Start with the white. M.A.C. Base and apply all over the top of your eye lid and work towards the the arch of the brow.
  2. Then start from darkest eyeshadow to the lightest eyeshadow.  I used in this case the green eyeshadow and started to apply it from the inner corner of my eye to half way through the bottom lid. And halfway up towards the crease.
  3. Then I took a clean brush and took the hot pink eye shadow  and work the opposite way from outer corner of the eye to half way through the bottom lid, and half way up towards the crease.
  4. Making sure it met with the green eyeshadow. Make sure to blend in nicely.
  5. Blend in the hot pink  up towards the crease.
  6. Then clean your blending brush since you will be using this same brush for your purple eyeshadow.
  7. Take your brush with the purple eyeshadow and in circular motions start from the outside corner of your eye through the crease blending the hot pink with it.
  8. Repeat the same process until you have covered it all towards the inside of your lid.
  9. After take the white eyeshadow and apply it on top of the arch under your brow to highlight.
  10. Then take a little bit of glue from lash glue and mix it with a little bit of water and dip it into the irridescent glitter and apply on top of the green shadow only. This will make your eye have that sparkle look and make it more themed.
  11. For the “cat eye” eyeliner style. Start from inside corner of your eye to the outside corner of your eye.

Tip: When you apply the eyeliner with your opposite hand hold and stretch your eyelid upwards this will help you extend and create a cleaner line and you can make it as a wide and dramatic as you want. Also liquid eyeliner or marker style eyeliner are the best for this type of look.

After apply eyeliner at the bottom and apply Mary Kay Love Lash Mascara – $20- on.

*Unless you’d like to create a dramatic lashes look, then I recommend to applying clear mascara, apply your extended eyelashes, then reapply the eye liner process, and then on top of extended lashes apply mascara. This will give you a dramatic Barbie style lashes.


I used a hot pink “Wet N Wild”-$1.99 brand lipstick with a clear lipgloss from Dots- $1.50. The shinier and glossier the gloss is the better, it will give that Barbie effect to perfection.

A video of makeup tutorials will be available soon. So if you don’t get it stay tune for a tutorial coming up soon!

Thank you and hoped you liked it.



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One Direction’s Harry Style is one of my favorite boys from the British boy band sensation. From his raspy voice to his beautiful smile, adorable laugh, and blue eyes his fashion style is always a plus. So this look of the day was inspired by  Harry Style’s ”Hipsta Please” T-Shirt.

Photo Credit: Harry Style’s Official Twitter Page

This shirt was given to him by LondonLovesLA short after receiving it he put it on and took a photo of himself wearing it, and  posting it on his Twitter account thanking them. I thought this was a funny and cute shirt, which every directioner would love to have.

Look Of The Day: Evetzie’s Hipsta Please Version

So after a while I found a website that had something similar with the same saying and bought it. And now I can say thanks to Freshtops I have a Harry Styles “Hipsta Please” shirt.  But I only had the it factor of my look but I wanted the saying of the shirt to be accented so I used a red wine color tank as under layer and I gave my look a little biker style to it. I paired it with a leather patch black spandex leggings and laced up combat boots. For the accessories I own a pair of chain sunglasses that gave it the “Hipsta” look, gold  jewelry with leopard earrings to make it sexy and flirty. If you liked this look like, share, and comment. Hope you liked!( This goes to all the Directioners 😉

Make sure to pre-order One Direction’s “Take Me Home” second album now!! It will be release on Nov. 13th. Two days before my birthday and also make sure to check out their new single and video to “Live While We’re Young” on YouTube, ITunes, Twitter, and Facebook Page.

P.S: I know I am going to get ask what ” Hipsta Please” means? According to a lot of sources this is an urban catchphrase  .a.k.a.”Give me a Break“. It’s an urban style way to say it. According to different sources, same results. So? Yeah! 🙂



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Stores that I got my look from where credited above with the sale prices I paid and a total for an ideal cost!

The hottest FALL nail trends and tips

The hottest Fall nail trends to try this fall season vary in styles from simplicty, to wild, to romatic, to rocker chic. Depending on your personality and personal style you will be able to rock on any of these looks. Prices vary as well from affordable to expensive according to the styles of each design, from Japanese 3-D, handpainted, press on, or encapsulated designs. So there is a great chance for everyone to have beautiful nails!

Where can I find great press on or sticker nail designs?

Every store has them from your local:

Chain stores (Walt-Mart, K-Mart, Target)

Drugstore ( CVS, Walgreens)

Clothing stores ( Dots, Forever 21, BeBe)

What are the best nail press on sticker designs in quality and prices?

Dots clothing store – has one of the bestpress on nail stickers with various designs from polka dots, animal print, solid colors. Their retail price is $3.80 but sometimes you can find them on sale for $1.00 and they are worth it. They last upto 2 weeks when you apply clear nail polish on top.

Sally Beauty Supply– beauty store – They have a lot of choices for nail stickers, since they are a beauty store. They also have a lot of them on regular prices that vary from five dollars to probably eight. Meanwhile they do have some on sale, but you have to be very limited to your choices in design because they are probably on cleareance and have either sold out, or won’t be carrying the same item again. Sometimes you can get them for two to three dollars.


Sally Hansen-These are pretty great but they tend to be a little to expensive for the amount of time they last. The great thing about their collection is that very every time and you have more choices.  Also, their price point are a whole lot more expensive, and the quality can be a little less than expected they will chip faster.

Keep in mind that every products works different in everyone so for you it might work. You just have to give each a try that best fits you to come out with your own opinion nonetheless. So if you work a lot with your hands, nail stickers will probably chip faster than anything but make sure you seal it with a clear nail lacquer to make it last and shine longer.

Which nail lacquers are the best both in quality and prices?

Dots clothing store they also carry their own private label nail lacquer from neon, glitter, or pastel collections. The retail prices are $2.80 each but sometimes you can also get them on sale Buy 1 Get 1 half off. Their quality is great just like .O.P.I. brand they will last and their colors are amazing.

Sirens– nail collections- I really really love Sirens nail lacquers, they are beautiful colors and they are of great quality! Their price points are great from $1.99 to $2.99 for the ones that have vitamins,proteins, or help your nail growth.


.O.P.I. and ESSIE nail collections- The great thing about .O.P.I. and ESSIE  is that they come up with amazing colors every year and they are of great quality but they are to expensive for my budget. Every once in a while I buy at least two colors that I really LOVE but I have to be IN LOVE with them for me to pay $8 or more. But if you are willing to pay each of them for that price point and it meets your needs then its one of the great choices of lacquers to choose from.

Now for the FALL TRENDS I have named each trend by category just for the fun of it. So we have country gal, rocker babe, wild prints, and preppy saavy. For all of these categories you will see a mix of designs and their prices vary but you can ask your nail technician to make a softer or edgier look as a style guide until it meets your preference or needs.  Encapsulated, or Japanese 3D nail art will often range from $30 and up depending on the design aesthetic and labor time.

Country Gal is anything from your floral, mints, peach, pastel colors, that you can use on your nails for a romantic look.

Photograph was found on http://pinterest.com/pin/111604896986652299/ and is used only as an example for our readers to understand only.

Rocker Babe  is anything from your black, red, hot pink, metallic silver or golds for a grunge or edgier look.

Photograph credited above is used only as an example for our readers only photo found on http://web.stagram.com/p/206964084387075714_19767548

Wild Prints is anything from your favorite animal prints to wild, neon, colors, mixes of prints combined crazy look.

Preppy Saavy  is anything from your baby pink, purple, navy blue, striped, polka dots designs or designer inspired look.

Hope all the fashionminies loved this post! and try it let me know what worked for you!



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The story behind my ONE DIRECTION NAILS : )

First of all you might know who One Direction is, but for those who don’t have a clue I will give you a quick story. One Direction is  a British and Irish boy bad made up by five lads( Niall being the only Irish one)  and was formed by music producer and American Idol ( EX)Judge Simon Cowell in London in 2010, after they competed in “THE X- FACTOR” UK.  They  were signed to Syco Records and then Columbia Records and made their wat into  the international chart-topping debut single, “What Makes You Beautiful” and made their first U.S headlining tour not so long ago, where they performed all the songs from their first album “UP ALL NIGHT” and including their top chart singles, and hits. They have also celebrated two years of being together and are already working on their second album, and won in three categories for the VMA’s they were competing in.

As most of my friends, co-workers, customers, and family members know I am always on top of fun, quirky, fashion forward designs to try next on my nails. Every two weeks to a month i have a new full set of nails from encapsulated designs to painted designs done by hand. Knowing how to do acrylic nails myself, and my drive to create something unique I have made my own nails be famous throughout the One Direction Fan Base. For their first sold out headlining tour for “Up All Night Tour 2012”, and as a true loyal One Direction fan I had come up with the bright idea to show my support through my nails. I encapsulated a photograph of each of the One Direction’s band members : Harry Style, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson’s faces in each finger. In the background I had blue glitter to make each face pop and be the center of attention.

For this full set it took a lot of time and dedication from my nail technician to do. It was an expensive look for sure, but if its good work and you really want it, you will pay for it. Nail Design to me is a work of art, hands are canvas’s and through them you can show you fashion style.  So the day of the concert arrived and it was June 301th,2012 at the Amway Arena in Orlando, FL, where photographs of my nails were taken by a lot of Directioners, and even radio stations like MIX 105.1. At work, or everywhere I went they got either complimented on or talked about, but the served its purpose which was for me to have fun, let go do something wild, crazy, and unique like me.  With that being said, here is a photograph of my nails, and of myself at the One Direction Concert.

Hope you enjoyed my story and nails.



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Look Of The Day: FL Gators Edition :)

Inspired by the FL Gators team, raised in “THE SWAMP” for a few years, & College Football  Game Season, I decided to show my team spirit with the teams colors, without the use of a jersey in a fun, and  fashionable way.

For my outfit I used the Dark Blue, and Bright Orange as accent colors, and green color among my accessories for fun details. My textured faux snake skin flats made the outfit standout as it could represent crocodile reptile skin like style.

Just because you show your team spirit on your outfit does not mean you can’t do it with your makeup as well. You can go from a subtle color base look, to a more girly flirty style by adding green glitter to your base color. I did in my case green color base, with green glitter on top of it. For the crease I did a dark blue, and on top I did a light orange, followed by a subtle black eyeliner, and neutral ultra shine lip gloss.

Send in your favorite sports team and state  for future LOOK OF THE DAY: Sports Edition, for a chance for your team to get picked and showcased.

Congratulations to the Florida Gators for their 30- 20 win against Tennessee!!! Go Gators!

Once a Gator Girl, always a Gator Girl!



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