The TOP Fall Styles you can try :)

So Fall season is coming up and I got the hottest top styles you can do. From school, work, night out, or etc these styles will be making you look fabulous.


  • Jewelry

Statement necklaces and bracelets that make everyone stop and compliment. Go bold,don’t be afraid to be daring! For an outfit like this choose a pair of denim jeans a nice solid top, you favorite pair of shoes and let your choice of accessory be the emphasis of your whole look.

  • Hair

The best headbands and beret (hats) are at your #1 top style you can’t miss. They are  the simplest way to make any outfit romantic, edgy, casual, and cozy as we slowly progress into the winter season. These are usually available in all colors so you can play out different looks.

  • Eyewear

found on Ray Ban’s website

From Aviators to big framed sunglasses: play up your look  along with a beret to make it more interesting, or simply use a cat eyed shaped sunglasses for a vintage or retro style.


Anything button up tops are the new IT. From sheer, color blocked, laced tops or cardigans. Also the peplum style tops whether they are long or short sleeve, casual or wear to work style they are sure to give you a very flattering look.

Jackets and Lightweight Sweaters – Try fun prints or solid color knit sweaters on those cold days and layer it on top of your favorite color Cami. Do make sure to have at least one great coat for those even colder days.


Skinny Jeans are still in for the fall season. You can try different design styles from floral prints, sequins,  striped faded color wash, or washout denims with rip effects.


From peplum style tops to dresses and princess color blocked panel they are the best way to go to look flattering for any silhouette. Most of these gorgeous dresses can be worn out to dinner, night in the town, or any occasions.  A lot of these dresses can be worn with fun flirty prints, or patterns like floral, striped, animal, or  hounds tooth prints.


Who said sneakers can’t be fun and fashionable? This fall season you can start by wearing your favorite pair of kicks. From very over the top designs like edgy studs and spikes to your casual  “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air“.

Later on when they days start getting colder start dressing up your style with lace up leather military combat boots. You can enhance your look with cool fashion tights whether they are simple fishnets to lace tights.

found on

If you want to play dress up and feel like Barbie you can find animal print wedges for a sexy wild card number.

Hope I have helped you inspire figure out your upcoming styles for the Fall Season and if you try any of the style ideas in this blog make sure to LIKE and SHARE it with your friends. Also submit a comment or photo with your favorite fall season style idea written here to share your fashion sense! 🙂 Can’t wait to see.







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