Beauty & Style: FALL Hairstyle Ideas





            GRUNGE HAIR


Prep Hair with any heat protectant spray like Beyond the Zone from Sally’s.


Use a blow dryer  with a diffuser and scrunch your hair so you can get wavy curls or loosely curl sections of your hair with a 2 inch curling iron to achieve it.

Once your happy with the style add serum shine and avoid frizzy hair locks

Then finish by finger combing through  your hair and adding a little bit of hair spray to seal but don’t use too much you don’t want your hair to be stiff or to get a dirty look. You want them to be loose curls with mobility and a little  bit of hairspray to keep it neat.

This grunge hairstyle can be used for both men and women who desired to for 90’s grunge look. It is fun, modern, and brings out a great side of your personality.


Now for the rest of you ladies who are more boho chic you can try what is called a textured side braid.


Sweep the hair over to one side and leave it a  little messy and undefined with some hair loose or sticking out. Think effortless.

Pull the hair into three different sections to start the loose braid like a normal braid by adding sections into the braid loosely.

Continue to braid to the end of the hair, keeping width and looseness.

Tie at the bottom with a clear hair tie and then use a straightening iron to set it in place the ends of the braid and straigthen on top of the braid by clamp for wavy texture.

Spray with hairspray for extra hold on the braid.  With your fingers loose upper hair locks for a messier look.

I hope you enjoyed these hairstyle tutorials or guides for some of the next FALL hair style ideas, and if you do try it out please post a picture of yourself with the name of the style you did on our facebook page, or comment. I would love to see how it turned out and guys try the grunge look if you have long hair too. For more beauty and style ideas keep reading our post!




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