Look Of The Day: FL Gators Edition :)

Inspired by the FL Gators team, raised in “THE SWAMP” for a few years, & College Football  Game Season, I decided to show my team spirit with the teams colors, without the use of a jersey in a fun, and  fashionable way.

For my outfit I used the Dark Blue, and Bright Orange as accent colors, and green color among my accessories for fun details. My textured faux snake skin flats made the outfit standout as it could represent crocodile reptile skin like style.

Just because you show your team spirit on your outfit does not mean you can’t do it with your makeup as well. You can go from a subtle color base look, to a more girly flirty style by adding green glitter to your base color. I did in my case green color base, with green glitter on top of it. For the crease I did a dark blue, and on top I did a light orange, followed by a subtle black eyeliner, and neutral ultra shine lip gloss.

Send in your favorite sports team and state  for future LOOK OF THE DAY: Sports Edition, for a chance for your team to get picked and showcased.

Congratulations to the Florida Gators for their 30- 20 win against Tennessee!!! Go Gators!

Once a Gator Girl, always a Gator Girl!



Evetzie’s Repertoire: Fashion Beauty Style



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