The hottest FALL nail trends and tips

The hottest Fall nail trends to try this fall season vary in styles from simplicty, to wild, to romatic, to rocker chic. Depending on your personality and personal style you will be able to rock on any of these looks. Prices vary as well from affordable to expensive according to the styles of each design, from Japanese 3-D, handpainted, press on, or encapsulated designs. So there is a great chance for everyone to have beautiful nails!

Where can I find great press on or sticker nail designs?

Every store has them from your local:

Chain stores (Walt-Mart, K-Mart, Target)

Drugstore ( CVS, Walgreens)

Clothing stores ( Dots, Forever 21, BeBe)

What are the best nail press on sticker designs in quality and prices?

Dots clothing store – has one of the bestpress on nail stickers with various designs from polka dots, animal print, solid colors. Their retail price is $3.80 but sometimes you can find them on sale for $1.00 and they are worth it. They last upto 2 weeks when you apply clear nail polish on top.

Sally Beauty Supply– beauty store – They have a lot of choices for nail stickers, since they are a beauty store. They also have a lot of them on regular prices that vary from five dollars to probably eight. Meanwhile they do have some on sale, but you have to be very limited to your choices in design because they are probably on cleareance and have either sold out, or won’t be carrying the same item again. Sometimes you can get them for two to three dollars.


Sally Hansen-These are pretty great but they tend to be a little to expensive for the amount of time they last. The great thing about their collection is that very every time and you have more choices.  Also, their price point are a whole lot more expensive, and the quality can be a little less than expected they will chip faster.

Keep in mind that every products works different in everyone so for you it might work. You just have to give each a try that best fits you to come out with your own opinion nonetheless. So if you work a lot with your hands, nail stickers will probably chip faster than anything but make sure you seal it with a clear nail lacquer to make it last and shine longer.

Which nail lacquers are the best both in quality and prices?

Dots clothing store they also carry their own private label nail lacquer from neon, glitter, or pastel collections. The retail prices are $2.80 each but sometimes you can also get them on sale Buy 1 Get 1 half off. Their quality is great just like .O.P.I. brand they will last and their colors are amazing.

Sirens– nail collections- I really really love Sirens nail lacquers, they are beautiful colors and they are of great quality! Their price points are great from $1.99 to $2.99 for the ones that have vitamins,proteins, or help your nail growth.


.O.P.I. and ESSIE nail collections- The great thing about .O.P.I. and ESSIE  is that they come up with amazing colors every year and they are of great quality but they are to expensive for my budget. Every once in a while I buy at least two colors that I really LOVE but I have to be IN LOVE with them for me to pay $8 or more. But if you are willing to pay each of them for that price point and it meets your needs then its one of the great choices of lacquers to choose from.

Now for the FALL TRENDS I have named each trend by category just for the fun of it. So we have country gal, rocker babe, wild prints, and preppy saavy. For all of these categories you will see a mix of designs and their prices vary but you can ask your nail technician to make a softer or edgier look as a style guide until it meets your preference or needs.  Encapsulated, or Japanese 3D nail art will often range from $30 and up depending on the design aesthetic and labor time.

Country Gal is anything from your floral, mints, peach, pastel colors, that you can use on your nails for a romantic look.

Photograph was found on and is used only as an example for our readers to understand only.

Rocker Babe  is anything from your black, red, hot pink, metallic silver or golds for a grunge or edgier look.

Photograph credited above is used only as an example for our readers only photo found on

Wild Prints is anything from your favorite animal prints to wild, neon, colors, mixes of prints combined crazy look.

Preppy Saavy  is anything from your baby pink, purple, navy blue, striped, polka dots designs or designer inspired look.

Hope all the fashionminies loved this post! and try it let me know what worked for you!



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