Makeup Of The Day: BARBIE

Hello Fashionminies!!!

As everyone of you girls, I love Barbie! I used to be her biggest fan when I was little, which little girl was not. I had Barbie everything from bedroom sheets, bathroom accessories, toys, dolls, dresses, backpacks, lunchboxes,clothes, coloring books, houses, and above all makeup sets. Then as I was growing up I remember playing with my Barbie dolls along with my older cousins making up stories, movies, and books. I lived in a Barbie world literally.

That was until I heard the song that changed my Barbie life forever!Yes you know exactly which one I am talking about! Barbie Girl made famous by AQUA in 1997. When I was little obviously I had no clue of what it meant and I sang my whole heart out, no joke. Shoot for all I thought it was super cute and it talked about Barbie and Ken being in love but never knew what it really meant! Oops! Oh well obviously now I am way older, and I still love it with every meaning of it. But because its a song that its a classic, fun, cute, sexy, and can’t ever be replaced. So with that said, I had listened to that song the other day on my Ipod as I was working out, and I immediately knew I had to dedicate a whole outfit LOOK OF THE DAY and MAKEUP OF THE DAY to BARBIE!


What  Products I Used, Prices, and Where to get them at?

.M.A.C. Base (white) – $17.00 at any .M.A.C. cosmetic store.

 Eyeshadows: Green, Pink, Purple, and White

(You can use any eyeshadow, the white base will make the color pop and last up to 12hrs)

Mary Kay Love Lash Mascara – $20 and Mary Kay Brush Set– $30- You can contact your MK Representative and if you don’t have any Mayleen Vega is a great consultant check her out on her Official FB Page

Im a Barbie Girl in a Barbie world! ❤


  1. Start with the white. M.A.C. Base and apply all over the top of your eye lid and work towards the the arch of the brow.
  2. Then start from darkest eyeshadow to the lightest eyeshadow.  I used in this case the green eyeshadow and started to apply it from the inner corner of my eye to half way through the bottom lid. And halfway up towards the crease.
  3. Then I took a clean brush and took the hot pink eye shadow  and work the opposite way from outer corner of the eye to half way through the bottom lid, and half way up towards the crease.
  4. Making sure it met with the green eyeshadow. Make sure to blend in nicely.
  5. Blend in the hot pink  up towards the crease.
  6. Then clean your blending brush since you will be using this same brush for your purple eyeshadow.
  7. Take your brush with the purple eyeshadow and in circular motions start from the outside corner of your eye through the crease blending the hot pink with it.
  8. Repeat the same process until you have covered it all towards the inside of your lid.
  9. After take the white eyeshadow and apply it on top of the arch under your brow to highlight.
  10. Then take a little bit of glue from lash glue and mix it with a little bit of water and dip it into the irridescent glitter and apply on top of the green shadow only. This will make your eye have that sparkle look and make it more themed.
  11. For the “cat eye” eyeliner style. Start from inside corner of your eye to the outside corner of your eye.

Tip: When you apply the eyeliner with your opposite hand hold and stretch your eyelid upwards this will help you extend and create a cleaner line and you can make it as a wide and dramatic as you want. Also liquid eyeliner or marker style eyeliner are the best for this type of look.

After apply eyeliner at the bottom and apply Mary Kay Love Lash Mascara – $20- on.

*Unless you’d like to create a dramatic lashes look, then I recommend to applying clear mascara, apply your extended eyelashes, then reapply the eye liner process, and then on top of extended lashes apply mascara. This will give you a dramatic Barbie style lashes.


I used a hot pink “Wet N Wild”-$1.99 brand lipstick with a clear lipgloss from Dots- $1.50. The shinier and glossier the gloss is the better, it will give that Barbie effect to perfection.

A video of makeup tutorials will be available soon. So if you don’t get it stay tune for a tutorial coming up soon!

Thank you and hoped you liked it.



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