Believe that you can & your halfway there :)

Hello Fashionminies, today I am not writing a post on fashion, beauty, or style.  But I am writing a post from heart to heart, just because lately I have heard, listened, internalized, soul searched in myself a lot of  questions and learned so many things of myself I needed to learn again. I feel like a lot of my friends, co-workers, and family members are feeling the same way so there was no better way for me to write about this than today. I was inspired by everyone, myself, my dreams, and everything to make this post as honest, and blunt as possible.

So a lot has been on my mind lately as I sit back, and try to relax my mind off things I started to realize how many times we spent wasting our opportunities instead of taking advantage of them. I am firm believer of  making your dreams coming true, and make your vision come to life. Determination is key but what happens when you start missing the faith? Where do you go from there.  Everyone has a story and a purpose for what they do and how they do it, but sometimes the decisions that we make along with our fears can become our worst enemies. See, when you speak over things that you want to do  you should do it, if it calls your name why not. But sometimes we tend to pay attention more to that little evil voice in your head that instead fills you up with doubt, and starts shaking your faith down.

So what happens to that person who once saw everything  according to plan, or at least believe in an idea of something. Meanwhile, you heart starts to fill up with the fear of instead of dwelling in the possibilities, and now you have let it come up to your head and instead of making a change you settle just cause of comfort.  I don’t blame  you  for settling for God sakes everyone does at a certain point in life that you hit a plateau: Its called life meets being temporarily stuck. But that is when you need to decide what are the cons and pros and what its going to best for you in the long run. Yes, it sounds selfish but its true, if we sit there and put others happiness or concerns first you will be ruining yours in the long run. Remember, everyone will say they will be there, but what if they don’t, what if the only thing you have is yourself left and then you let all this opportunities you could have pass you by.  I hope not to sound like I’m being negative, cause I’m way positive but I stay a realist too.

All I want you guys to understand don’t let yourself be put down by other peoples opinion or actions. Mistakes everyone human and we all make them, you just have to learn from the.  My best advice is learn from every experience and grow from there use it as a tool to make you better as a person, and in the process of your dreams, or goals. That doesn’t mean you are going to be able to do everything you want, how you want it, sometimes we think we are meant for something but in reality we are not, we just think we are. So don’t be afraid to try something new, take chances in life, trust me there’s no better feeling that knowing that at least you tried. At least you know the results and not a “What If?”.  Never give up, even when your at the lowest point you can bring yourself back up you just have to have faith , sometimes things come up with timing, and it may not be your timing but it will come.  And it is never to late to start a brand new beginning for a better ending. Just set down your goals and fix what needs to be done in order to accomplish them, it doesn’t matter where you start as long as you start somewhere and you can quote me on that.  Remember that what you put out, its what you going to get back. So if you put out your best you will receive the best. Life moves pretty darn fast and if you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.  So with that said remember to ask this questions to yourself first: “Who am I? Where I am going with my life? What you want out of life?” and don’t answer them right away. Take sometime and search really deep down in your heart and then write it down, read it out loud, make  affirmations of what your going to do in order to make your answers happen and tape that somewhere you can see it all the time. This will help you keep you focus on your priorities, and will make you feel better.


Hope you liked this post, advice, and that you can find some inspiration for yourself if you are feeling like your stuck somewhere in your life. From relationships, dreams, goals, work, friends, or etc this goes for everything.



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