“Thee A-List Steal” Eleanor Calder’s Look for Less

“Thee A-List Steal” is a new category here in my blog that I created, where I recreate your favorite celebrity looks with affordable fashion pieces and prices so you can steal the same look for less 😉

This first look is inspired by One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. She is very known among the Directioner’s for her elegant and sophisticated looks.  I think personally Eleanor is a very pretty girl and she carries herself well. I like a lot of her looks because they are casual yet fashionable, but I notice most of all comfortable.  She seems like a very down to earth girl, and fun so I decided to try out a couple of her looks. This one is more of her casual look, when she was out on the streets shopping.

For the hairstyle: I created beach waves and then made a side chignon with my hair divided down the middle part. Eleanor’s hair is usually with waves and let down naturally.

For the makeup: I kept it natural hues of eyeshadow neutrals, Mary Kay’s Lash Love Mascara, and Liquid Eyeliner. Eleanor’s makeup is very natural, and true to herself.

I will always try my best to recreate the  original look as exact as possible, and find out the original prices and stores for you.  As well I have listed my version of the look, store, and prices where you can get each piece to complete this outfit. Hope you liked it, and if you tried it out comment and share.




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One comment

  1. Joarys · October 2, 2012

    LOVE it!

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