The Basic Pieces Every Girl Needs In Her Closet.

Hello Fashionminies!!

These basic fashion pieces are great separates, to have in your closet they will definitely pay off to have in the long run. They will save you money and you will notice a big difference of the usual girl catch phrase : “I seriously don’t have anything to wear” yet you have a hundred things in your closet. Sometimes, the basic pieces are the life savers.

The basic pieces every girl needs in her closet, are the following:


Blazers are one of the best fashion pieces a girl can have. Thankfully we have moved and developed better blazers since the 80’s with the broad shoulder pads.  They allow you to look professional and polished, or dress up a casual outfit. Not only, are they comfortable but they’re easy to wear and combine with other outfits. The benefit of wearing a blazer  is that it will make you look slimmer by accentuating and flattening your figure. They help you balance your shoulder frame and lengthens your height making you look taller. So if you are short like me, you will definitely love the effect a blazer will have in your life.


From boyfriend, skinny, straight leg, wide leg, or flared denim jeans are a must have.  No matter what is your preference of style, as long as you have a pair of denim jeans are essential in a girl’s life. Most of the time we don’t have time to be doing a lot of laundry or time to spend looking for an outfit. Denim Jeans are perfect to put on and hit the road. From light wash, or dark color denim, you can wear it with a nice top and footwear for different type of events. From date, movie, girls night out, shopping, running errand, or etc jeans will allow you to be comfortable and always in fashion.


Yoga pants or Leggings are great to run errands, or to workout in. I think these are essential pieces to have regardless if you want to be comfortable during a workout, or to go grocery shopping in. The flexibility they provide its what makes them a need in your closet. Remember those moving days,  that you have to spent every minute running back to you car getting boxes in and out of your new home. Yeah, those days were the days you wished you owned a pair of these.  No one wants to sit up, and down in jeans all day long.  Leggings are great to wear under those short dresses when its winter time, or with mid thigh tops. Because of their knit, and spandex fabrics they are easy to wear both during all four seasons the spring, summer, fall, and winter time.


The reason why every girl should own a tank top or spaghetti strap cami’s, are for layering. As you may see on a lot of my LOOK OF THE DAY  outfits I used a lot of tank tops for underlayer. When you layer tops or tank tops,  you can create different looks from the ones you have used on a previous tops. They also help you slim your figure,  it prevents you from getting sweat stains on lighter colored tops, and more.  Having basic colors like Black, White, and Nude tank tops are a big help, but I like to have one of each color. You never know what you can create with a basic tank top.


The infamous The Little Black Dress! Every girl know its a fashion rule and must to have one of these in her closet. A black dress will make you look elegant in any occasion, it also slim your figure, and it can be worn by everyone no matter what age. They are perfect for a girl’s night out, interview, party, etc. A little black dress doesn’t have to be matronly, you can be fashion forward with them and try different silhouettes. From peplum, princess panel, sweet heart, halter, spaghetti strap, laced, everything. Also, any colored or printed accessories can be used from neon, bold, Aztec, animal print, or vintage style.


Heels or Pumps are also a  fashion must. Black pumps will be perfect for any outfit you can imagine. You will look sexy, classy, and feminine.  From casual to party looks, black pumps will never go wrong.


No matter what color of flats you have, as long as you have one.  Flats are great to wear because of their comfort, at least for me they are. For casual or vintage looks these are great to wear. Think of a modern Audrey Hepburn. I love wearing flats everywhere because they are comfortable for me to move around from work, running errands, or going shopping.  A lot of  women feel different from my opinion, because they are so used to wearing heels. So when they are wearing flats, the arch of their feet gets quite tired.  But you never know until you try, so think of it like wearing a pair of fashionable sneakers.

Hope you liked this post and that next time you look at your closet you can find one of these basics as a solution in your wardrobe doubts.



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All images are credited to their respectful owners. You can find any of these fashion pieces at any retail store or the ones credited underneath. Thanks!


Stores: Aldo,  PINK Victoria Secret’sForever 21, & Dots.


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