Hello Fashionminies!

So who doesn’t love a great fashion haul including some freebies. This week I received a couple of great deals, from some really great stores and I got some amazing products.  You know those little email sign ups or information you avoid at the registers well sometimes they can be your best friends.

The first store I went into was Victoria’s Secret. I received a great promotional card with a special deal on it. The first one was a FREE Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Hiphuggers or Thong in any color of a value of $12.50. What you probably did not know was that you can use it in PINK by Victoria’s Secret stores too. So if you go there and show them your promo card you are able to get the same deal there.  I love  the college brand products, so I got the crystal detail GATORS panties usually $10.50 retail priced completely FREE no purchased necessary.

The second store I went into was a Bath and Body Works. Where I received two great deals. The first deal was a FREE item of my choice up to a $5.00  retail value from any signature collection. Which since I love their body lotions so much, i chose the travel size Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion. Totally FREE! The second deal was 20% off my total purchase. I love to find great discount deals and on top of that save some more by combining deals.  They had a 3 for $10.00 sale on their travel size body sprays, body shower gels, and  body lotions. I got two of my favorite body shower gels from Japanese Cherry Blossom to Twilight Woods, and the Japanese Cherry Blossom body spray.  Each item is  $5.00 for lotions or $6.00 for shower gels.  So off the bat I saved $6.00 (from a regular total retail value of $16) because of the 3 for $10.  Then from my total I had an extra 20% off of my total purchase, and because of tax my total was $8.00. But basically its like I bought only one plus tax and got two for free. After my purchase I received another card FREE item of my choice up to a $13 value when I spend $15 but basically its like if your paying for a $2.00 difference. And this week I got another promotional card for another FREE of a signature collection no purchase necessary.

The third store I walked into was Forever 21. I basically walked in just to browse and see what they had new, but then I saw the sale sign and it was love at first sight. The sale was 50% off on top of the already discounted priced. I scored this great dress from $14.99 for $7.99 (originally priced at $25)  I saved $17.00. I also got a cute top with the lyrics to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” made famous by Cindy Lauper from $5.99 for $2.99 (originally priced by $13.80) I saved $11 . Altogether i saved a total of $28.00 from $40.00 original price.

There are a lot of perks when you sign up to mailing list to stores so make your next time you visit any of these stores or your favorite ones to ask about their rewards program. Also, make sure to always drop by and browse on the sale section I have gotten great deals like this and you can too.  Now that’s a good deal! 🙂


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