Kiss Me- 1D Fan Video by Evetzie

Kiss Me- 1D Fan Video by Evetzie Berrios

As a true Directioner I had to make another video for the Directioners around the world. This fan video I made is special to me. I really love Ed Sheeran and this is one of my favorite song from his EP : +. Make sure to check him out on Itunes or get it in a store near you. It is a really good album. I used a lot of black and white effects and basically the song says it all. I think every Directioners dream is to have one at least of the five guys from 1D sing this to you haha. Enjoy! 🙂
Again this is fun fan video I made no copyright or infrigement intended. Thanks to tumblr fans for the GIFS all credit to their own owners. They are too beautiful and they need to be share.



Evetzie’s Repertoire: Fashion Beauty Style!


Evetzie’s Repertoire: Fashion Beauty Style



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