HALLOWEEN Costume Idea : A modern Frenchie- Pink Ladies

Costume Idea : A modern Frenchie- Pink Ladies

Bustier top
$48 – nelly.com

Wet seal

Mango leather legging
$45 – mango.com

Platform high heels
$93 – styletread.com.au

Gold jewelry
$150 – asos.com

Lulu guinness

Bracelets bangle
$56 – asos.com

ASOS triangle earrings
$16 – asos.com

Pink curly short wig
$16 – claires.com
This is a Halloween Costume Idea that I came up with today. Grease is one of my all time favorite movies and I love Frenchie. I can indentify with her since Im also a Beauty School Dropout.But on the bright side we both have the same personalities. This is a modern costume idea for what I think Frenchie would wear in the Pink Ladies in this era. She would use a Pink Varsity Jacket, black corset top with black leather leggings. Pink wedges with silver and black accessories. A pink lip/lipstick necklace to represent Frenchie as a beauty school dropout.

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If you decide to do this costume please take pics and send them to me I would love to see them.

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