Hello Fashionminies.

First of all I apologize for not writing a post in a while now. A lot of things happened personally that affected a little bit my time for writing,but I am coming back.

New updates on my life:

First: I have a new twitter account so follow please @

Second: I have been writing a lot of stories, from fiction novels, to fanfics, and so on.

Third: I’m making some great things for my own clothing line but some things are still in the works. Some things are not as easy as it seems, specially in fashion. :/

But with so many things to be thankful in life, which it should be everyday that we wake. I want to thank all of the Fashionminies around the world with your continuous love!!! I’m so very thankful everyone of you who has in one way or another been of inspiration to my blog. Thank you for taking time to read my posts, liking, commenting, or sharing stories and pictures.

I hope to continue what I love doing within the fashion industry, and being able  to express the creativity within me with every single one of you. This is only the start but there is only one way up and together we can do it. I couldn’t be more thankful with the way life has play its card it has only made me a stronger individual and woman at the end of it all. Take life for what it gives you and sometimes roll with the punches and if your not happy then make it happen. 🙂

XO I love you all!!! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



Evetzie’s Repertoire: Fashion Beauty Style!

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