Won’t you “Take Me Home” 1d?


Having a little meltdown because just like me you couldn’t score tickets to the new One Direction Take Me Home Tour? Well join the team of Directioners who are going to YouTube it to feel like your in front row.  As much as I would love to go to their concert, I might find myself sobbing. All tickets for the FL, LA, and NYC have been sold out for months now and if you were to find tickets either you got lucky or your must be a billionaire!


Most of their concert have tickets available but from resellers, and can you guess how much they are going for?. As I myself researched for at least two tickets minimum results popped for the first three rows two seats together each ticket was asking for $2,000. If you wanted to be seated on the main floor but close to the back  they went down to $600 each ticket, and so on. Needless to say that for nosebleeds they are asking $160  and up dollars, and these are the seats you need to bring your binoculars for. I was upset that they added more tour dates but for the cities that already had like two nights of the same concert. Like it would make more sense to give those dates to cities they don’t have listed like duh!. Still love them, but they need to work on their tour dates!! Yes Im ranting! 🙂  All of this has reminded me of when “Hannah Montana  Tour” that people were going nuts selling over priced tickets, and parents were going crazy dressing up like her to win tickets. Yeah.


Though I had the opportunity to go last year to their headlining concert in Orlando, and we had last minute tickets that were all the way nosebleeds and super expensive as well, it was one of the best nights of my life because with whom i shared the experience with which were my little cousins. The reasons that I really wanted to go to this year’s  concert is because I wanted to be closer to the stage than last time. I wanted to avoid the nosebleed sections, but unfortunately due to the high demand their tickets sold in less than 1hr as soon as they were put online.  So therefore I was unable to get tickets. Also my other reasons are because the boys are going to be taking a bigger stage set up, more songs, its a longer concert, they’re going to have new wardrobe, stage, videos, everything is brand new. I wanted to be as close as possible, but now I really didn’t mind even if it was a nose bleed seat. Even so much that I entered a lot of those sweepstakes, contests, and so on but I never have luck with those kind of things, so it would take a miracle if I were to be able to go. I’m still not giving up hope.  Meanwhile I decided to torture myself by looking up videos of their recent concert to see maybe a preview of what TMHT looks liked, and just follow up on the boys Twitters and this is my review:


As British pop sensation band One Direction took the stage at Uncasville, Connecticut at Mohegan Sun Centre, they sung to some of their old songs from their first album Up All Night hits like What Makes You Beautiful , Save You Tonight, and I Want. As they rocked the stage to their new album Take Me Home and cool covers like the 90s anthem Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus. Niall Horan suprised all of his fans when he attached his personal camera to a chest harness and recorded every minute of their performance during one of the songs.  He also strummed along his beautiful guitar skills as he played almost through every song they did.




Their biggest concert to date will be at the most anticipated is the one in New York City where they will be rocking for the first time ever Madison Square Garden. As all the boys have tweeted and said in their interviews they can’t believe that two years ago they were competing on The XFactor UK and now two years later at Madison Square Garden. It is rumored that other celebrities will be attending the concert as part of the audience to show their support for the guys. We know for sure that Liam Payne’s Ex-girlfriend Danielle Peazer will be attending, along with Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend Eleanor Calder. We know that both girls are in town since they were seen strolling through the streets of  NYC, while taking photos with fans and maybe Starbuck’s in hand. Also Zayn Malik’s girlfriend from Little Mix  British girl band Perrie Edwards might be flying in soon, as well as other family members from all five boys. Its going to be a whole big 1D Family Reunion. Whatever it is happening, I wish the boys all the luck in the world, I hope that they have fun taking the stage & doing what they love doing best which is performing worldwide. Hopefully one day I will be lucky enough to meet them in person. (or go to this years concert!)


Check out the boy’s amazing performances by clicking on the link below:

I do not own any of the pictures or videos, all credit goes to the boy’s twitters, & video to please credit them for any usage.

Hope you liked this post!



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