Christmas, I love you!



I wonder what you all got for Christmas? Also i want to know if you did anything exciting, food, music, or special traditions?

In my family tradition throughout the year we get together and we decide where we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve. We often switch houses and so on so we can all share together as a family and take turns being creative with the festive decorations and so on.


This year we had done Thanksgiving at my cousins house, and now we did Christmas over at my aunts.  What we do is we all get together at home we  talk, dance, listen to music while we eat to our traditional  Puerto Rican plates. We do a little karaoke, play boardgames, and a lot more. We love to dress up and look nice so we can take our own little photoshoots by the Christmas tree. After everyone eats and rests for a little while from all the “food babies” meaning your so full you don’t want to move ha ha. Then we move on to opening our presents. Usually we pick out two “elf’s” who are the host and hostess of the night who give away the presents one by one, as everyone waits and see what that person got. The night goes on and on like this until its over. Then we all share our presents around if it was something unique and everyone plays with their gift. After we pick up everything and everyone goes home happy with their Christmas presents. I was amazed with they way this years our presents turned out. Everyone basically got what everyone wanted or more regardless of how broke we were. That is where the joy of Christmas really is at, being able to spend it with your lovedones and enjoying all the little things in life. From love, health, family, friends, and laugther.


From my part I got a lot of One Direction stuff from stickers, notebooks, a Niall Horan cut out stand (which is amazing!) to makeup and other miscellaneous. I can also share that I finally got two other presents that I had longed for and i got it.  So i was very happy with my gifts. My mom’s reaction to the Blake Shelton cd was the funniest thing ever! She was like “Oh My God! He is so hot i haven’t loved a singer like him like in a long time. He is so sexy ” which made everyone laughed as loud as possible.  My cousins got some pretty cool things, and I got them things they seem they needed which works for everyone.



I just love Christmas its one of the best seasons ever, then New Yeas Eve! I can’t wait to see what 2013 has to bring to the plate, but so far 2012 has been really good even with its bad moments I think there were some epic, legendary moments that were made in 2012 that will be hard to beat. Unless 2013 wants to be so great to me that hopefully im praying it will come with more of those best epic, legendary, one of a kind moments. Im not going to say what Im wishing for so it happens!! 🙂


Regardless I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and that you have a great New Years Eve! Please have fun overall and be safe.


What I wore Christmas:                                                                                                                 My Makeup & Hairstyle For Christmas:

White ButtonUp  Blouse that has gold studs on the neckline.                                Hair: Beach Waves Styled put into a bun add a

Black & Grey Pattern leggings.                                                                                             gold bow in the back for a cute look.

Gold/ Crystal Chandelier Multi Chain Earrings.                                         Makeup: Do a Natural Look& heavy “Cateye” Eyeliner

Black Metal Flower Ring & LOVE crystals double ring.                          with Mary Kay’s Lash Love Mascara & red/pink gloss.

Black  with Silver Spiked Heels.ME3ME4

Where did I find my fashion pieces at ?

Blouse, Target  Leggings and Rings, Dots  Earrings, H&M    Shoes, Agaci   Accessories, Claire’s     Makeup, Mary Kay


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