New Years Eve 2nd Edition <3

This is Evetzie’s Repertoire: Fashion Beauty Style! New Years Eve 2nd Edition Guide.  A guide from everything a girl needs to make her New Years Eve extra special! I hope that if you use any of these ideas or tutorials please let me know how they worked out for you and send me a picture of your New Years!


Its all bout being daring or romantic. Play a lot with textures and styles, that will bring out your best features. A simple detailed added to your hairstyle can play it up or down. If you are short with time constraints try doing a simple braid or bun and add some cute pins, or beaded headbands. These allow you simple style to look more elegant, and fashionable.

For textures try straight, wavy, or braided hairstyles.

The best way to getting some natural beach waves  that have worked for me is to wash your hair, add anti- frizz product, let it air dry a little and make a one big braid at the ends and sleep in it and then with your fingers divide the strands. Meanwhile, you could always use a curling iron and just curl the ends and add some holding spray to make your curls last.  For short and medium hair don’t be afraid to spike up the ends on pixie haircuts, or trying some 1950’s pin up curls or waves. If you have bangs show them, let you hair down and let it frame your beautiful face. 🙂

How I create my version of the messy grunge hairstyle (example: Kate Moss in the 80’s)?:

Book entitled Past and Present by Francois-Marie Banier, 1994.

Well for my messy grunge hairstyle I  would say just prep your hair using a volume spray or mousse while your hair it’s still wet. While with your fingers, blow dry your hair from roots to end until you create a natural messy texture. Then on the ends apply a very tiny little bit of conditioner to your ends to make them look nice, and healthy. Apply some anti frizz shine serum and voila your done!  Your hair obviously doesn’t need to look perfect. Its supposed to be messy thats why its texture will look a little raw but its to make it look wild yet effortless. 🙂




From glitter or matte makeup, minerals or loose powdered eye shadows. If you want to go more of the dramatic look go for some smokey eyes regardless the color of your choice. For smokey eyes I always personally tend to use dark colors like black, browns, and then golds. But you can use dark purple, and light purples and so on.Always do your dark colors first on the creases and your lighter colors on top of the lid. The best lesson always start from dark to light, always! Why? Its easier when your blending your eye shadows, second it helps the light color stay clean.  If you would like to go for the more natural look try some simple beiges, light colors, or pinks.

Glitter looks are great for New Years because it says party!!!  I normally use my regular matte eye shadows first and then after I’m done i add the glitter. Wether its loose glitter or eyeshadow glitter.  When using loose glitter my recommendation is to dip your brush or Q-tip into a drop of water and then pick up just a tiny bit of the loose glitter and then apply over your lid. Water is the best solution when playing with makeup tricks. This holds the glitter in place just right. FYI: But please be careful that if you do decide to use loose glitter you make sure your eyes are completely close otherwise it will get inside your eye and irritate it if so just pour some water in your eye until it cleans out.  🙂



Glitter Nails  are the number one trend right now  and I love them. Wether you decide to do your whole nail in glitter or just a little detail, its super cute and very fashion forward.

Metallic Nails – Gold, or Silver are awesome or if your into the the stick on designs that is pretty good if your running short on time.

Matte & Glossy Nails – I love mixing these two polishes. They create a really cool texture, and it screams out fun, innovative, and sexy. You should try it and it comes out pretty amazing. First apply your matte color and then after it dries apply your regular glossy nail polish and let it dry. Don’t use a topcoat because then the matte will become glossy and it won’t look right because we wanted to look dry,and not shiny nor glossy.



Fashion Forward:  These are the styles for the fashion forward party goers.  If you like to mix and match pieces or you like to be on top of the newest trends these are the looks for you.



Sequin Casual:  Sequin Casual are for those who like to be in style but yet want or seek comfort. If you want mix and match materials like lace, sweaters, knits, denims.  You can wear the shorts with tights if you would like to show less skin or if you want to be warm. Flats, or wedges for those cannot stand to wear actual heels. If your into jumpers, well I don’t necessarily mean old 80’s or 90’s jean jumpers or rompers but you can do some cool sequin or nice one solid color jumper that is more fashionable. And a little bangle accessories with easy to put on peter pan collars to add a little spark to your outftit.

sequin casual



Party Dresses: Party Dresses are for the daring sexy girls who want to show off just the right amount of skin while looking elegant, and fabulous. From vintage, rocker, romantic styles to adding tights if its a little too short or comfort issues.  They are fun and nothing says party than dresses.


Again I hope that if you use any of these ideas or tutorials please let me know how they worked out for you and send me a picture of your New Years! Happy New Years Eve to everyone and I hope that the new year brings nothing but blessings to everyone!



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