One Direction: Red Nose Comic Relief & Ghana

Z100's Jingle Ball 2012 Presented By Aeropostale - Show

My favorite Bristish boy band One Direction has joined forces with an UK organization called Comic Relief : Red Nose Day which helps families all over the UK and in Africa to give shelter to young people who are homeless, living on the streets and they provide protection for those who are sadly living in domestic abuse. With every donation you can save thousands of kids, and adults who suffer from malaria and provide them with the care and medicines they may need to prevent them from getting worse or even lead them to death. With the donation they also provide a lot of the communities with fresh clean water and life-saving injections, and health plans.


One Direction made their own video to their own single in hope of raising awareness for this cause and with every sale they make on Itunes all of the money will go entirely to the organization. Their single “One Way Or Another” has been #1 top charts in 64 countries already raising awareness. Let’s keep it up and spread the word about this! Also BUY THE SONG by purchasing it through ITUNES 🙂 

Please take a look at the videos below  of their experience in Ghana, Africa and if this doesn’t touches your heart I don’t know what will.

Please donate! No donation is too big or too small every little helps! With just $5.00 you can save a kid suffering from Malaria, thats all it takes for vaccines and medicines that could be the hope of someones live at risk.  I have made my donation already please make yours too please! click on the link below to make your donation!!

Donate Red Nose Day:


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