From Dull to Love: Banana Hair Treatment.

Hi  Fashionminies,


How  are you  all loves? I hope you are all doing wonderful! This week I have decided that my hair needed a little boost. Sincerely I love doing a lot of things to my hair if you know me you would probably know that I cut, and dye my hair frequently. Not the safest thing to do if you want beautiful shiny hair like a celebrity in the red carpet. But with that being said I have stopped dying my hair for a long time now and I can proudly say this is the longest I have been without cutting or dying it. So cheers!  Of course when you use a lot of chemicals on your hair it weakens it, and it loses its protein and thats when everything that we don’t want our hair to become happens which is dull and quite frankly ugly.

My hair has been a lot healthier since I stopped using a lot of our heating tools like the hair straightener, curling irons, blow dryers and so on.  Even though i do use them to style my hair I do it once in a while. But today as I was looking at my hair and looking through some magazines I read that bananas are really good as a way to treat your dull hair. I thought it was pretty interesting. See the things with bananas are that the potassium and vitamins it contains gives the hair everything I was seeking which was hair shine without weighing it down and gives you a fresh and vibrant look immediately. Of course with my crazy personality I decided to try it  and it actually worked! I was amazed at how smooth, shiny, and healthy my hair looked after one try!

PREP: All you have to do is take one banana peel it open and smash the banana in a mixing bowl until it becomes all creamy and have a like paste like texture.



APPLY: Once you have smashed it well you can start applying small amounts on your whole hair mainly concentrating on the ends. Caution there will be pieces or chunks of bananas that won’t smash all the way through so just go with it. Once you are done clip your hair up and sit and wait about 30 minutes to let it penetrate to the cuticle of your hair strand.


RINSE: After the 30 minutes have passed. Comb throuroughly  the hair to let those chunky banana pieces fall off. Then rinse off the banana from your hair. Then shampoo and rinse your hair with conditioner like normal and then style. 


You will be suprised at how soft, shiny, and healthy you hair will look. You can repeat this treatment as many time as you want because its a natural way to do it. But I always recommend from once to twice a week no more than that. Remember that washing your hair or repeating a treatment too many times can also make your hair texture worse.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Love you all!

Evetzie xxxx


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