So two days ago I was in YouTube listening to one of the many favorite British artists. So I was listening to all of Olly Murs’s songs and I came across “I NEED YOU NOW”.

The melody and lyrics to this song are so amazing my eyes just teared up. I think its because lately I was a little down and then that song just I don’t know it spoke to me in my heart. Then immediately fell in love with it I think his voice is amazing and makes this song 1000 times amazing and the lyrics are just beautiful that I kept replaying it on a loop as I worked on my blog, fanfictions, and talked to one of my best friend Darlyn on Facebook. All of the sudden I thought on OH MY GOD I need to make a video to this song and why not Niall Horan.

It’s not a secret to everyone that knows me that I am in love with Niall Horan from One Direction. I obviously don’t know him one by one in person. But being a true fan and Directioner you can’t help but to fall in love for who they truly are and their personalities. I think Niall is an amazing guy, who is funny, smart, talented, gorgeous, and humble. I would love for him if he ever sees this video to know that I really meant a lot doing this video. And that I hope I get the chance to meet him and all of the boys someday. I love them they def. have changed my life. Niall you are beautiful and Im love with you and all your little things 🙂 hahaha

So I hope you enjoy the video and that you help retweet this video to Niall @NiallOfficial and hopefully he will see it someday lol
My twitter is @evetziestyles so follow me!!!

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