1D + OD – Together Agaisnt Bullying : LIVE LOVE MOVE

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Welcome back to a new post on One Direction! Wow what a surprise right?! Ha ha.  But to your suprise this is is not a post on how cute they are or what not. This post is very important and dear to my heart because it involves the word bullying.

Many of you may not know the power and effects this simple word has “bullying”. If you have ever being “bullied” or have been the “bullying” you know exactly what I am talking about. Bullying comes in many ways shapes, or form. Sometimes not even physical but emotional. It could come from anything such as simple comments, acts, insults, picking on, all the way to pushing, shoving, or etc. You get the point I think by now, and if not then I hope you never experience it. A lot of us don’t realize how bad bullying has gotten. Throughout the years it has only gotten worse. When I was younger saying that you were bullied was the worst thing you could say. Because people expected you to do something back about it but most of us don’t even know how to start. I have had friends whose stories seems to be taken out of movies to say least with how bad they were bullied. So much that sometimes they thought of the worst things to do to end their days. Somehow, nowadays things just seem to have gotten worse throughout the new generations. It is a daily thing that you hear someone is getting bullied from normal kids to celebrities. And their experiences keep coming out from whatever closet they were hiding it in. We are also not being only bullied in school, but at work, and networking sites.  Which is really sad to see and hear. It is sad that most young people are committing suicides on the daily because of being bullied.  Did you know that:

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people.That there are about 4,400 deaths per year. And that there are at least 100 suicide attempts with over 14% of this are of high school students. And that out of those 7% out the 14% have attempted it. Which is exactly half of that percentage. Did you also know that most of these attemps also come from bullying. Well if you didn’t you might want to do your own research like I did mine from different bullying websites, and anti bulling organizations. 

Meanwhile on a more postive note I wanted to introduce you to the new Office Depot campaign “1D + OD – Together Agaisnt Bullying : LIVE LOVE MOVE”.

What is this campaign that you are talking about? Well Office Depot and One Direction has partnered to raise money and awareness against bullying. What it does it helps create bully-free schools and educational programs for kids. When you make a purchase from any of their exclusive and limited edition products you are helping raise money.  With every purchase of every product sold you Office Depot will raise money for this program.



They have created one of the coolest One Direction products I have every seen so far when it comes to binders, notebooks, pens, and more. I really love the fact that each member of the band got to choose one word to represent what they wanted it their products for example:


Louis Tomlinson– LIVE ORIGINAL


Zayn Malik – LIVE UNIQUE

Harry Styles – LIVE NICE

Liam Payne– LIVE TRUE


Each of their product was also made in their color preference or choice for this line. Which did you favorite band member chose?

Louis Tomlinson– ORANGE

Niall Horan– PURPLE

Zayn Malik – YELLOW

Harry Styles –  LIGHT BLUE / BABY BLUE





If you would like to check out the exclusive and limited edition products or want them to go back to school click on the link below:


If you would like to check out more exclusive interviews about the boys and their partnership with Office Depot on this campaign click on the link below:

As a fellow and true Directioner I took this to heart and I wanted to help out and bring awareness to end bullying and help this program out. So I went out to my local Office Depot store the day they first started selling their products and this was my experience.

Once I walked in I was freaking out because I didn’t see anything and once my eyes spotted Zayn and Niall through the corridor I ran to their area. And it was like One Direction heaven. They had all types of back to school products. From notebooks, notepads, pens, folders, tapes, stickers, bracelets, binders, binder dividers, and more. They had individual pads for each of the boys in their color sections. You had one whole section for each  and  all of their products well organized. Then they also had like whole group binder, and notebook products. My head was spinning and I had a low budget to spend but I happily spent it all. I got some really cute back to school products that I can stare at in class while making a difference for a great cause. It was money well spent on both ends. Here are some photos of my shopping experience and as you may see I didn’t only go once but twice! The second time around they were almost all sold out. There was barely anything left. But i did find some awesome memories from other Directioners who left their evidence like mine that we did shop there haha.












You and I can make a difference and help build bullying free schools simply by:

1. Avoiding gossip

2. Avoiding cliques

3. Accepting people for who they are and their flaws.

4. Standing up for your beliefs and having zero tolerance for bullying acts.

Help share this collection by using a hastag #TOGETHER , liking and sharing this post with everyone you know.

If you learned something new, or enjoyed reading where you can obtain these products and make a difference just like comment and share this post. Let’s do this #TOGETHER

Love you all very much!

evetzie xxx :)

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Rainy Sundays and the TOP 2013 Spring/SummerTrends Alert

Trends to follow during the Spring/Summer of 2013 are great. Most of my favorites have made it on the top of my list. Today i will share with you some of those trends and one that I decided to wear earlier today.

Trends that you will be seeing this year are sheer, metallic, modern bohemian, mod 60’s, crop tops, and a lot of camo. From researching various fashion websites, magazines, and other sources I have concluded that these are the top trends to watch out for.

1. Sheer-


Bring it on! I have been waiting for this moment all my life, at least I think. When sheer fabrics would be the “it” fashion statements. I love sheer fabrics personally because of the simple sexiness and feminity it brings on to a woman’s outfit. I love when a dress, garment, or emsemble have a little bit of sheer incorporated in it. Its a simple touch of sexy, elegant, and accent touch.

For about years now I think people thought it was vulgar or low class for a woman to wear sheer fabrics. But I think as we have grown older and fashion has evolved more we are being more openminded with our fabric choices, and prints.

2. Metallics


Wether you love them or hate metallic fabrics are in. I really am not a big fashion lover for these type of fabric for many obvious reasons. First some of the colors shouldn’t be even be questioned as if to wear them or not. I don’t care if its day or night I feel like its going back to the old Barbies 80’s metallic trend and its a fashion no no for me. If its not silver or gold I don’t even want to hear about it. Just my honest opinion.

3. Modern Bohemian –


 Well this is one of my favorite trends as well. I love the bohemian 70’s trend a lot. From long maxi skirts to high low, big over the sized hats, and lots of bold accessories. This trend can also be mixed and matched with our sheer trend. From blouses, dresses, or skirts as well you can mixed the patterns and styles.

4. MOD 60’s –


What i really love about this trend is the black and white aspect. I think that those two go together like forever and ever. I adore the whole stripes, hounds tooth, and checkered looks. I think that its also very London and British inspired or influences. When I think mod 60’s I always think of the cute sophisticated styles with pocketed dresses, and Go Go boots, long dramatic eyelashes. I think of two people instantly the sophisticated Jackie O and the wildcat model Twiggy. Both of these woman’s are of inspiration and style icons for me. I love everything about them, and how they played such a powerful role in the fashion industry.

I love the crop tops trends when they are combined with high waisted shorts, pants, or maxi skirts. Nonetheless, not everyone can wear this trend you can always make your own version of it. For example if you are curvy or you are more conservative you can wear crop tops with a tank top underneath or play off the colors. Wear the brighter colors on top and dark color bottoms. This will disguise or minimize those areas that you want to feel insecure about. I myself have never been one to let a trend or style stop me from wearing what I want and look good in it. I always ask myself how can I turn a trend that is meant for taller and slimmer woman into a trend I can wear as well being short and curvy? Then I let I let my thoughts play around with garment pieces, ideas, and I come up with my own versions. Which are the ones you mostly see me wearing out and about.
The lovely word CAMO and everything army inspired or what we call military style. It is one of my favorite trends, and though I am picky with the the type of camo in prints, and style I still love the trend. I think for some people its harder to pull of because they go all out to match with everything. A print like Camo or stripes are meant to be worn mix and match with other colors and fabrics. I don’t mean wear camo and houndstooth for God Sakes, but with color preferences. A lot of people stay with the same color scheme of browns, cremes, and khakis. Be wild be different and mix and match with others like mustard yellow, or washed out denim jeans, reds,corals, peaches and etc. Not only will it look amazing but it will also make a statement and its a great trend that you can transition from SPRING and into FALL! I love the excuse that the camo trend brings in with allowing us to wear combat style boots along with shorts.

But enough with fashion let’s talk beauty. As well as trends in fashion I also want to tell you about my favorite hairstyles and makeup trends.

From slick and neat styles to the more messy and easy styling ideas and trends for all women.
1. Low Ponytails-

Low ponytails make a simple statement by being all slick and neat.

2.Messy Hair or Messy Buns-

These are two kinds of hairstyle that are effortless and easy. You can wash your hair and let it air dry and then retouch your hair with a magic wand. Although its easy to do regular braids while your hair is still damp and letting it dry and upbraided in the morning for more natural messy waves.

3.Half tucked Hair-

hair 5

This hairstyle can be use for those bohemian or grunge inspired days. Where all you do is leave half of you hair tucked behind your ear while the other falls over it. 🙂

4.Blooming Flowers-

Any Flower accessories or detailing like flower crowns, pins, and etc. They add a romantic and bohemian heavenly feel to any outfit.

Hope you enjoyed this trend alert, within the next week I will be posting more regarding the FALL Trend Alerts! 🙂
Love you all very much!

evetzie xxx 🙂 ❤

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