London Calling!

Hey Fashionminies!


As most of you know I am hardcore UK freak. I love everything that is British. From culture, royalty,  the cute handsome guys, their artists, bands, the accent, the lifestyle, and most of all their fashion trends.


If you haven’t noticed lately a lot of our stores here in the United States carry a lot of trends that are being inspired from the UK. A lot of our stores that we have over here like Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Wet Seal, & others are starting to carry a lot of the similar looks or styles that stores like TOPMAN, TOPSHOP and DIVIDED carry. Wether we  are being inspired from their culture or music its things like their Union Jack flag, to their 90’s streets style, and other that are transcending or emerging in our styles here.


I personally am in love with various trends that we saw in the Summer and we will be seeing back again for the fall. For example, some high waisted shorts, modern boho styles, and maxi dresses. We will also be seeing continuing trends like fads more than likely fashion inspired from comics, 90’s fashion, 60’s fashion, and a little bit of military pieces as well. Bring out the snapbacks, denims, black and white edgy pattern pieces.


Meanwhile, as for me I love certain trends but sometimes they are not made specifically for me. But for girls who are slightly taller and even slimmer. But I never let that stop me from wearing the same trends I just make small adjustments. Adjustments that benefit either my silhouette or compliment what I want to wear so it looks some what as cool as it would in anyone else.


For example, I am in love with the whole modern boho fringe tops, and highwaisted shorts. When it comes to denim highwaisted shorts I am very difficult to fit, due to my blessed curves. So I took matters into my own hands, and I made my own pair of highwaisted denim shorts. So I bought a pair of jeans, cut them, distressed them, and designed my on Union Jack all hand painted by yours truly.


I also plan on adding studs to the back and front pockets, but they still haven’t arrived just yet from my online shopping spree. But it was so hot here in Orlando, FL that I was like what the heck I don’t care I am just going to wear them as they are now. I can’t believe how cool they turned out and how many compliments I have gotten on them. I really love and I am inspired a lot by the UK and European trends. So regardless of One Direction or anything like that I have always been inspired by their culture, history, music, and just everything really. I would love to be able to have the opportunity to travel and visit to the UK and all over Europe. So if you ever see me around come and say hi! 🙂

So as you may see on the photograph above this is what I wore:

Black Fringe Bohemian Top from Dots – $16.00

Black Round Sunglasses from Forever21 -$7.80

Denim Jeans (Thrifted)

***cut, distressed, designed, and hand painted by evetzie

it took less than 4 hours!

If you want me to make a pair for you please

contact me!

I am making some and I am selling them!

And they are more affordable than if you get them anywhere else! 😉

Black Vintage Flats from Dots – $14.00

POW! Black and Gold earrings from Forever21 -$3.80

Cross Ring & LOVE double ring from Dots $10 each

Makeup /Hair

Kate Moss Hot Pink Lipstick from drugstore-  $5.99

Beachwaves hairstyle easy to do with magic wands.

Natural No Makeup Makeup for the rest of my makeup.

If you enjoyed reading where you can obtain these products, or just love the idea just like comment and share this post.

Love you all very much!

evetzie xxx :)

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