Hello Fashionminies,


So lately I guess I have been an emotional soul I guess. As most of you know I love music, and mostly lyrics to songs that I can just relate to. But as I am writing new stories for my fanfics, and other romantic novels I planned I keep listening to various songs in the background just to get me in the writing mood. Meanwhile on top of that I always love reading new qoutes and poems of love and tragedy.  I also have been watching a lot of movies like Romeo and Juliet, Les Miserables, Meangirls, A Walk to Remember and so on. And I guess a mix of everything took  over my  thoughts and inspired me to keep writing. 

But today before I went to church I was looking through my wardrobe thinking of what to wear you know. It was those kind of “Lazy Sunday’s” I really didn’t want to put any effort on wearing anything extravagant. But everything changed when I took out a black fashion top I bought one of my latest visits to Puerto Rico.


Which is a beautiful black sleeveless top that has a vintage look to it and it reads “You never fall in love the same way twice” and I was like that is so true. I don’t know if you have ever been in love with someone so much that when they leave you, your whole word feel like its going to come crashing down. But then when you pick yourself up again and love someone new you probably are loving that person but it will never be exactly how it was when you loved that other person first.  Well I guess the hopeless romantic inside of me was moved when I first got this top and I think this was the reason why I bought anyways in the first place.


So with that being said I paired it up with new black and white leggings, which I am in love with. I had been looking for a pair of striped leggings everywhere that were you know “the one” and i finally found them. It was like love at first sight! 🙂 I also pulled out my favorite pair of boots with the spiked heels to bring out and edgy and fashion forward look.

I have been so inspired by the retro 50’s pin up hair and makeup that I tried to pull a modern version hairstyle and makeup. I stayed true to my no makeup makeup by keeping a natural color in lips, and blushes. For my eyes I did my traditional and signature look of cat eye liner with Mary Kay’s liquid eyeliner.

My accessories were quite edgy yet simple. A spiked silver necklace, a silver infinity sign bracelet, and white/silver earrings. I really wanted to make sure my top, and leggings were the emphasis of my whole look today.


And I also got my copy of Teen Vogue latest issue that features One Direction on the cover and an exclusive and amazing interview with the boys from their concert in Miami, FL. Wish I would have been able to have gone! But either way  it was a great Sunday! I hope you had a great Sunday as well and that you loved this new post! Please like, comment, and share. Also if you are interested in reading my stories, or contacting me check out my social media right at the bottom:

Love you all soooooo much! Have a great upcoming week!

Evetzie xxx

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