One Direction & Midnight Memories

One Direction may have planned to have their new studio album “Midnight Memories”, hit stores world wide on November 25, but apparently someone was desperate enough to go and get it leaked. It leaked literally a week early, so now all Directioners are going crazy on social networking sites trying to download their songs before they get shut down. To those who were on sites like Tumblr or Twitter and found out about the leak two hours before Modest! Management started taking down the leak sites, you my friends were really lucky.


With that being said this is the third studio album for this British/Irish pop sensations. I am not going to lie and say I did not hear the leaked versions, because I did. But as a true loyal fan I will be purchasing their album as soon as hit stores. I personally love their new album it has more mature and grown up beat and lyrics to it. It also seems like it has more of the seventies and eighties rock influence into it with their guitar and vocals. They also have some cool and familiar sounds like Mumford & Sons, One Republic, meet The Clash. Also one of their new songs I think its ” Does He Know?” reminds me of “Jessie’s Girl” from Rick Springfield influence. 🙂 🙂


I feel like their collaboration with each other and with other musicians like One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, Ed Sheeran, McFly’s: Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, and Dougie Poynter; has made this album hit a new level of success. I think that listeners from other fandoms or who have never even given One Direction a chance once they listen to this album it will change their mind. There are quite a few ballads on this new album and I feel it has been inspired by their families, their tour memories, and above all their girlfriends for those who are in a relationship. Most of these songs talk about how they can be strong together, how special they are to each other, and how they should never forget who they are, where they belong, or how lucky they all are. I believe that it is also dedicated to all those fans who have been so dedicated from the first moment they stepped on their first performance of “The X Factor UK” to three years later which brings us to now.

My personal favorites are “You and I”, “Half a Heart”, “Little White Lies”, “Diana”, “Story Of My Life”, and  Don’t Forget Where You Belong“.   But to be honest I am completely and utterly in love with all of them :). If you have not seen their latest music video to their new single “Story Of My Life” for “Midnight Memories” album go to One Direction’s VEVO and watch as soon as possible. Its a very sentimental melody with great lyrics and features old memories of photographs of them and their family members.


They had also  announced that they are selling tickets like crazy for their 2014 stadium tour! “Where We Are” is almost sold out in most countries already so if you are dying to see the boys make sure you go to their website and get them while they are still there.  Some of the countries they will be playing at will be (but keep on checking their official website for any updates!) :

And, yes, I think there will be a lot of fans that are going to be dying of the feels and swooning over this new album just like I am as well.  Also do not miss on November 26th One Direction’s 1D Day!

I hope you all have a blessed week :) I will be posting more things soon! Love you!!! XXX

Evetzie ;)

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