Surviving 1D Day :)



After what seemed and felt like a nine hour livestream which really was like seven and half hours, I am officially wrecked. I only took two bathroom breaks and I only ate even once full meal. I was too dedicated and sipping on water bottles over this madness. Plus to be honest I was so intrigued by them that I really didn’t mind the hunger in my belly. Although I figured maybe Niall would argue with that instead. 😉  The five amazing lads from One Direction took over a secret location in Los Angeles, California to bring 1D Day to us: Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne left me breathless. Which I am pretty sure I am not the only one? Who else agrees?…


From their attempts to beat the World Record for the Guiness books, crashing hangout parties, modeling on the catwalk, and ultimately the PAYNE TRAIN wrestling match. This was definitely and unforgettable day from beginning to end. If you missed any of the livestream man you missed a whole lot of great adventures. These boys showed off exclusive videos of their personal workouts, “Dirty Talk” dance video, and a made up exclusive video of Niall Horan covering “You and I” from their new album “Midnight Memories” which comes out on November 25th, 2013. They also sang “Story of My Life” and “Little Things” as well as they premiere exclusively for the first time a little preview of each song from their new album. I was fortunate enough to see the album cover and the inside photos from the pre order version of “Midnight Memories” and the photos are hot! Just saying!



  • Zayn and Louis had to throw darts and Zayn won a Japanese blade 🙂 Louis was a bit bitter by losing haha just kidding.
  • Niall’s temporary purple hair.
  • Workout & Dirty Talk videos 🙂
  • Niall’s and Louis’s coin challenge which Niall won over 🙂
  • Niall’s “You and I” video which quite frankly gave the “feels” and ultimately left me “le dead”.
  • NARRY feels on their hour segment and they do a “Ghost” scene replica of the Harry Pottery ❤
  • Liam won the fashion catwalk competition agaisnt Harry. So his prize was walking the catwalk with no other than super model Cindy Crawford. He also wore his PAYNE TRAIN suit later on for a wrestling match which he “won” and which he stayed with the same outfit for the rest of the night 😉
  • Truth & False Trivia Challenge of Asian Traditional Food & Facts. Which 4/5 got it right and Niall lost making him try something which wasn’t his favorite platter … yikes!
  • The Paul Challenge was ultimately one of my favorite challenges. He had to carry all five boys from where they were standing across the room to where the rest of the band was at. He did it in 42 seconds. Harry flew into the air and into Paul’s arm almost collapsing and shoving his head on the floor. Uff what a nightmare that almost gave us as our hearts seemed to be frooooozen! haha (SOML) yeah so that happened.
  • The amazing STYLES appeareances by Gemma Styles in Harry’s Cooking challenge agaisn’t Sarah’s Kitchen. The Eleanor Calder snippet along with Olly Murs for a few seconds when they were in Japan clips was also amazing.
  • Michael Buble’s and Jerry Springer’s appeareance.

Image            Dirty Talk Video             You and I Niall Horan Video

P.S: Don’t forget to watch ABC today for the AMA Choice Awards where the boys are nominated and will be performing at 8pm 🙂

Here are a couple of videos from 1D Day and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 🙂 xx

Evetzie ;)

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