Presenting G.R.O.U.P. Nation and their new album “Retro Love Arcade” :)

Hello Fashionminies,
                This past few days have been filled up with a lot of important events in the music industry from music awards shows, and new releases of albums. While most of you have been following your latest pop culture artists, and bands I have taken the other route around. I have been keeping my eye on the latest up and coming artists, bands, and musicians out there who all they need is a platform to showcase their amazing talent.During these past week I had the pleasure to be reached out by two of the members of a group on my Instagram. After listening to their music I decided to reach back out to them to bring the very best of them to you my readers.
             But before we get ahead of ourselves with the interview and who they are; I would like to personally thank them for reaching out and being so awesome throughout the process of it. I really enjoyed collaborating with them, and I see a lot of success for them. So thank you Jhamasa, Corithian, and everyone at G.R.O.U.P. Nation and best of luck to you all! 🙂 – Evetzie xx
*Also I would like to give credit to them and to Mercedes Lott for allowing us to use her images for this interview 🙂 x
         This group go by the name of G.R.O.U.P. Nation who represent “a generation that is rising over unnecessary problems” as they refer. I was contacted by Jhamasa Corithian who are a duo that are part of this group. But this group also include other members who bring their unique talents in other trained areas like:
  • Ray Kincaid (Rapper/Artist)
  • Bank Head (Rapper),
  • Austin (Rapper/Singer)
  • Jhamasa (Rapper/ Singer/ Artist/ Photographer)
  • Corinthian (Rapper / Producer / Photographer/ Musician)
  • Josh (Dancer)
  • Shamarre, Jimmie (Rapper)
  • Timothy (Rapper/ Dancer)
  • Javadrick (Rapper/Dancer)
  • Nat (Photographer/ Videographer/  Rapper)
  • Cee (Rapper)
  • Twigga (Rapper/Producer)


                        G.r.o.u.p Nation has been around since 2009 which orginated at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. When asking them about what inspires their music on their influence in their style each of them gave their on personal answers.
Corinthian  has been influence by music since his childhood as well as his surrounding growing up. There was a lot of various genres that he was exposed like Jazz, Gospel, and Blues. He says that his mother gave to him “Promise” an album by Sade when he was about five years old. And ever since then music has influenced him. As for Jhamasa she likes to be influenced by different cultures while enjoying more of the underground music as well as spending some quaint time within nature to get inspired. 

                   As far as their new album and single known as “Retro Love Arcade” was released just recently on August 18th, 2013. This album was produced and edited by Corinthian with all songs written by both Corithian W and Jhamas L.A.  It was also recorded and mixed by Hotep Slowsteps. With their new album they are expecting to gain more diverse listeners who enjoy more of the up tempo hip hop elements influenced a little with a 90’s touch. The would like to make sure that both their music and album leave positive impact on all of their listeners worldwide. The reason why is because most of us will be able to relate with their lyrics, their sound or etc according to your own personal likes or whatever you could be going through emotionally at the moment. The album can be downloaded digitally on their website which include twelve tracks for you to enjoy. 🙂 How cool is that?
                 As far as their favorite songs from their album both of our members chose their own individual songs.  As for Corinthian he says his favorite one from “Retro Love Arcade” would be “Musical Essence”.Which brings us back to the fact of how it was originally composed and produced with their upbeat 90’s vibe. Reason why its because he feels that today’s generation will relate better to their new sounds that they couldn’t have probably felt with the past generations. Also the arrangement in vocals and background vocals will create an uniqueness that will be better appreciated by listeners. Meanwhile, as for Jhamasa she feels like “Diamond Love” is her favorite pick because the raw and genius flavor in the song. To her it feels like a personal spiritual moment for her.
             As if in listening to their songs wasn’t amazing enough in your room? Then how amazing will it be checking them out live!  They will be presenting their albums in shows almost near you. So make sure you check out their website for their tour dates. But I have feeling California will be the first lucky ones to see more of .G.R.O.U.P. Nation around December of 2013 and on.
          Now for some awesome and unique facts that you have not known about one these members is that Jhamasa is the goddaugther of known actress Vanessa Bell Calloway. Who happens to be a well known American actress known for her works in movies like “Love don’t Cost a Thing”, “Cheaper By The Dozen”, and TV Series like “CSI: Miami”. When asked if this has affected in any way shape or form her career in the music industry; Jhamasa said that her family supports her dreams and career but other than that she doesn’t get any easy handouts out there. Which means that Jhamasa along with the other members of the group have and will make their way in the music industry with their own hard work, determination, and passion for their dreams in music with their talents.
          Therefore, moving on I asked them what would be their wildest dream collaboration to work with if they could in the future with and this is what they both said: Jhamasa would love to collaborate with artists like Bjork , Anita Baker, Sade, Diangelo. And a big major dream team collaboration with Redman, Method Man, Avril Lavigne and Norah Jones are some of her top picks.  As for Corinthian he went with a more laid back but very honest and smart answer doing collaborations with any artists that feels like he does. I guess having to choose from the top of your head would be hard for me too if I was in their shoes. 🙂
                  One of my biggest questions for new and upcoming artists that I love to ask is where would they see themselves playing or far would they love to play their music at. The reason why I ask that its because I personally believe you can go as far as your dreams and heart can take you. So if you put all your heart and soul into it, I think you could even go to the end of the world if you decided to. So with that being said they would love to play in the following places:
                       “Definitely at Coachella the music festivals, Paris, London, Japan, Prague, Africa, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Compton, Indonesia, India, the entire east and west coast Seattle being one of the top picks.  Also in other great places like Nebraksa”.
I also ask them if they had any special messages for their recent fans, and future listeners or advice to anyone starting up in this industry and this is what they said:
Jhamasa- “ Everyone should try to be better people. Continue growing and improving yourself.’
Corinthian- “I feel everyone should be themselves. Let those ride the bandwagon. Eventually it will get heavy and slow down, as you walk and take the lead.”
As far as my opinion on their music, I actually enjoy it a lot. I think they have some really great songs that make you want to listen to it. I really love “Musical Essence” and “Dope-Shish” because of the beat and “Why?” its another one of my favorites because of its lyrics. But above all I really think a lot of you will enjoy their music :). Here are the links on where you can FOLLOW : G.R.O.U.P. Nation with their music and their band members. Make sure to like this post if you enjoyed learning something new and leaves us a comment about what you thought about their music as well. 🙂
G.r.o.u.p. Nation Official Website:
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