MISSION: 1D WWA Buying Experience

                   This is more of a personal blog post today as always its related than no other to my favorite British group One Direction.

                   This is about my experience of the “feels” my best friend Jennifer and I had to go through to get tickets to their new tour.


                          When we found out about the official dates and locations that were released for the “Where We Are 2014 Tour” we both immediately went on the search to get our tickets.  A special presale for Citi bank card preholders was on Thursday November 26, 2013. Knowing that I do not own one I begged family and friends everywhere if they had one to buy it for me and I would repay them back immediately right there and there. But knowing my luck, like always, no one had one and not even close.

                           Therefore, I almost gave up on it but then one of my family members had one so I thought maybe all I need is the first 6 digits like they ask. But nope after the access code was granted and I pick my seats which took a hundred years, I finally thought “OMG these are perfect, these are it!” bad luck struck. You had to pay with that card and that card at the moment didn’t have enough funds left. So then by the time I ask to deposit money on it it wouldn’t be available until Monday.


                            So instead I waited for the Facebook Presale code that was suppossed to be released officially on Monday but they had a type o where it confused all the fans to think it would be on Sunday. Which made everyone in the fan base go crazy and everyone wants tickets and its total chaos on the 1D Facebook Event Page. Monday comes around my best friend finally gets the presale code and time for the sale to start and we were like “OMG we have to make sure we wake up early!”.

                           But between the day it got announced from November till now both my friend and I were suffering from lack of sleep, hunger, many other feels from fangirling hoping, wishing, all kinds of hopeful excitement!. It kept us up all night literally! So on Tuesday morning which means earlier today, I only slept three hours and woke up before my alarm clock could even ring. Like I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to get tickets that my body ached.

                                         So my friend and I are on the phone about 30 minutes before the Facebook Pre Sale starts and we are logged in to our Livenation and Ticketmaster accounts just waiting. We wait and wait minutes passing by slower than a turtle crossing the street wounded. 

So basically we were fangirling like this because of the feels we were going through at the moment:

While it took forever to finally hit 9am, and the sale is supposed to start. Its 9:05am and the pre sale code gets denied over and over again. The website freezes like five times, and finally it starts working on us. And keep in mind my friend and I we are on different computes, cellphones, Ipads, everything that we could in different states.  Miles definitely apart and we both are having the same bad luck with technical difficulties.


                                          After we finally start looking for tickets we get all the bloody blood nose sections and then we finally got some seats on lower level which were quite awesome. When we went to purchase it right at checkout the bloody website breaks down saying FORBIDDEN!, You may not access this event page right now, the page you are trying to access is currently not available.


And I literally wanted to cry because I couldn’t believe it made us lose our tickets! So we try again a second time and the same thing happens. We tried purchasing from different devices and still it kept happening. We were frustrated, mad, and literally pissed off. By the third freaking time I literally had the tickets at checkout point was finalizing my payment and before it hits that point where its in the middle of processing the page gets FORBIDDEN again!


                                 I am literally pissed off mad, because I don’t want to get charge twice for tickets as they ask you to refresh and when I do it didn’t do anything. So now I am beyond pissed and I decide to call Livenation and Ticketmaster, and they don’t answer after twenty minutes of me being on the line in hold. I got so mad, my friend decided to call them instead and they ended up telling her its only online offer and that they can’t do anything. So now both of us are hot and bothered because we are frustrated true Directioners who all they want is the opportunity to go to this concert.


                                     We really were looking forward to this tour because the “Up All Night”, and “Take Me Home” tour were sold out in less than seconds and they had meet and greets for those at least. This tour since its a stadium tour it doesn’t include meet and greets they are only VIP packages for merchandise and seat options, which sucks personally because I want to meet them VIP. I could careless about the packages. So I am about to give up on wits ends but we keep trying to go on Ticketmaster and Livenation and now both websites are officially broken legit. Like it wouldn’t even go to their homepage, so my friend decides to download an app on her Ipad.

                                 Thank FREAKING God she did, because then we were able to search for tickets again. Once she finally found some good tickets and we are at checkout her card doesn’t go through so I told her use mine. The page acts up and we lose the tickets! So now we are trying to get those tickets again and by pure luck and chance and prayers to God Almighty the same tickets we lost we got back after another try and we finally put my card and payment went through and it was finalize and we got the tickets!! After all that crap we went through and all the madness you can imagine how many feels I was going through.



                              I literally didn’t know if to cry, laugh, smile, or stay in shock. All I remember is not believing anything until my friends sends me a pic with the confirmation number, and our seats. I literally started to cry while I am on the phone like I cannot even begin to explain the feels. I was crying of happiness and joy that after all that frustration build up we finally are going to get decent seats to see our favorite boy band! Like we didn’t care about giving up our savings to go as long as we went and experienced this together along with two of our other friends. Like its going to be epic. I can’t wait to finally go MIAMI here we come see you Oct.5th!!

 RANT: But I officially wanted to say One Direction that you don’t have a clue boys how hard and difficult it is to get tickets to your shows. Like it is unfreakingbelieveable that I have been missing out on seeing you live like decent seats and everything. Like the fact that you do presales its great but you should really limit the amount of tickets. Because its not fair that people are allowed to purchase up to 8 tickets. Like by the time your Facebook presale, and general admission fans get there to purchase tickets there is basically none of them left. Mostly because all the good seats get purchased by resellers who end up wasting those tickets selling them over prices up to $10,000 last year for each ticket. That is ridiculous and should be illegal! Like I don’t care, everyone should have a fair chance to go at least once to a well deserved seat to yours or any other artists out there concerts. It is completely unfair that real fans can’t go enjoy a concert or tour because of resellers who don’t give a crap about your music or losing a ticket for them make such a scam amount of money off of. And second thing I wanted to say is  that Ticketmaster and Livenation sucks they literally let me down more than 3 times at checkout like I cannot even. And I speak on behalf of more thank half the fans that were also trying to get tickets who are still dealing with the same problem.


BUT I AM THANKFUL, and GRATEFUL!!! that at the end we got at least good decent tickets for this tour 🙂

Thank you Jennifer for going through payne train of emotions with me 🙂  xx