The Wanted :O BREAKS UP…

The Wanted Family (Fans) if you haven’t heard just yet, then you will now.  British boy band The Wanted has announced that the current tour they are on will be their last. Well at least for a while assure all five boys as they have come together to this heart breaking conclusion for most of us at least. But it is not as heartbreaking as we think for they would like to thank each of their fans for their love and support throughout their time together and they look forward to other success in their future together as The Wanted later on. If you feel confused, not to worry so was the rest of us. But we realized that they are going to be back and carry on their legacy as a band. Well don’t we feel a whole lot better! 😉
At first I was kind of stunned and taken back by the news, but at the same time I had a feeling this was something that could potentially happen. The surprise plot here was that I don’t think no one thought it would happen so fast its been not even five years almost since they started in 2009. This was just as surprising as Nathan and Ariana Grande’s sudden break up after a quick romance.
It seems to me that along that him along with the other member’s are searching for new routes and opportunities. Let’s just wish Tom, Max, Jay, Siva and Nathan the best of luck with their future projects both personally or as a band.  If you would like to know more about their current and upcoming tour dates for their last concerts of 2014 visit The Wanted’s Official Webpage:
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Evetzie xx ;)

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