Valentine’s Day Part 1of 2 – FASHION – EDITION!


VALENTINE’S DAY is only a few days away and while for some its a day full of hearts and roses to others it is known as or referred to as the “single awareness” day.


Not that there is anything wrong with that. Being single doesn’t mean you are alone right? Some of us are just smart enough to know we deserve better ;). But I am sure some of you will spend the day on a girls night out or with your boys at the bar getting some drinks ready for a wild night. For others it means a bucket of ice cream while watching ridiculous romance Hollywood movies hoping that one day prince charming will come along looking like Ryan Gosling. And if you are a couple you may be having hot steamy love scenes after a nice dinner; unless you get in an argument for whatever reason. But regardless your relationship status Valentine’s Day is coming up and wardrobe ideas are the first thing a lot of us ladies often think about so we can look our best. Whether its to bring up your spirit or you want to seduce your crush here are some great fashion and beauty tips I have come up with so you not only look but feel SEXY, CONFIDENT, SASSY, and like a DIVA yourself! 🙂



If you are the kind of gal who likes to be comfortable, relaxed yet you love fashion these casual outfits are for you. While most people like the fancy side of a Valentine’s date like having a nice a dinner after going to the cinema, maybe yours is more laid back. Whether you feel like attending a theme park, or going out for a casual day out with your loved ones don’t let that keep you from looking your best. Denim Jeans whether they are striped, distressed, colored, or solid wash mix patterns, fabrics, and colors for a bold fashion statement.  Since its V- Day I stuck with the color palette of pink, red, and white while adding black and mixing these colors in the little details.



Don’t be afraid to show your personality through some bold patterns on vintage like dresses. From A-line dresses to short pleated skirts not only does it give you a nice silhouette but also shows off your amazing legs. Pair these floral print dresses with any of your favorite kind of heels to make your look, look fierce! If you are more comfortable in flats try out some oxford flats. Oxford flats give any floral print dress a nice vintage look and they are available in all kinds of design styles which includes decorative studs, lace or etc. When it comes to floral pattern in dresses try out the 90’s grunge style of  black and white yellow daisies. If you are more in the line of Ariana Grande inspired then a white dress with red floral decals will be your best shot. There is something very romantic and beautiful when you play with braided hairstyles that completes your ensemble.  For accessories you can try out some nineties round sunglasses mixed with a bowler hat, or beanie, and gold accessories.



This lingerie mood board I created for you ladies is inspired by the trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E. L. James that made almost every woman on this Earth pick up those novels and read until they wished that they had a GREY in their life. While it also made many men super jealous of a fictional character, so much that with their trash talk made the topic even more famous. So thank you! But luckily for them they will probably get that extra hmm on Valentine’s. You can wear the mask and make him wear the silver tie.

Ladies! Celebrate the beautiful woman you are inside and out, you don’t have to be Anastasia you can be yourself and that will be more than enough. But if you are looking into spicing things up a little bit try sexy laces, mesh, detailed bottoms.  Go for a more subtle look avoid the thongs and make his imagination run wild with transparent or peek-a-boo boy shorts,or cheeky styles.

For bra’s from push ups to under wire. Keep the color scheme in mind from all shades of grey to black even in your accessories to make it more seductive. Heels will probably fly across the room at some point but while you are lighting up the bedroom with some nice scented candles and putting on your best perfume wear some cute stilettos of sparkly heels around. 

Feel confident and own it! Nothing says I love you more than you loving yourself first! And if you are self conscious then wear a short sleeve top with boy shorts and a little cardigan on top. If you get cold add some nice knee highs to keep you warm.

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****Don’t miss the 2nd Part of Valentine’s Day ’14 Edition tomorrow!! 😀  MAKEUP & HAIRSTYLES!!


Evetzie xx ;)

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  1. Johan · February 9, 2014

    Gotta love that Single Awareness Day. ❤

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