KARMIN “PULSES”/ Bonnie Mckee – Concert Experience

As a member of the YouTube family I have watched thousands of song covers, aspiring singers, and have witnessed the change one amazing video showcasing your passion combined with your talent can do. As some still trying to catch a record labels attention or watching them become upcoming artist not only do I keep continuing to follow their trajectory but I also fangirl along. This happened not so long ago with KARMIN


I remember when this duo made up by this lovely couple Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, first started doing YouTube videos of song covers and me saying these two will make it someday. I loved the fact that they are so unique with their fashion sense and are not afraid to be creative and taking a risk with both their image and music. The fact that they were also taking on the world together in something they are both passionate about with musical background made me even more excited to follow them along their journey and see their perspective into the industry, fame, touring, and just how it would affect them positive, or negative.

Then their cover for Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” and Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass” among many others started to blow up the views on YouTube setting them on their way to a new life.  When they came out with their first EP “HELLO” I fell even more in love with their music. So it was no surprise that I had to get my hands on their latest album “PULSES” little did I know I would get so attached to so many of their songs. My all time favorite ones are “Pulses”, “I Want It All”, “Neon Love”, “Try Me on”. Of course I love the others but those are my top songs I have to listen to in the car every time I pull out this album.


So I had seen that the concert would be Sunday April 13th,2014 and that the prices were only $25.00 which is like GREAT.


The best part was I got my tickets they day of the actual concert literally! II had no idea all up to that point if I was going to be able to make it or even get tickets but thank the Lord I did.  I blame my stupid work schedule,and my classes that intervene at the time as well. So I went to work and by a miracle of God they told me that I could leave early because they had made a mistake on hours so I immediately headed to Downtown Disney to House of Blues and got my tickets (keep in mind I am running in a dress and heels… people stared.. oh yeah most definitely!) Of course I was not going to go like that to the concert which started in two hours. So i drove miles the opposite way back home changed in less than minutes and headed back to the venue. As per usual in the line I met great new friends which is what makes half of the experience worth it. Not only was I really excited to see Karmin but I would also get to see Bonnie Mckee!!
Who most of you might know her as the girl who sings “American Girl” but I have followed her career as a composer way before her single. She is an amazing composer who is very rad,stylish, amazing legs, and has work with millions of artist in the music industry with her collaborations and she is also KATY PERRY’s best friend!( Like you all know how much i love Katy!)



Once the concert started I couldn’t believe I was watching Bonnie. Yes, she was amazing and so was her band. I love all of her band members they are like the most awesome people ever. Then after she performed and Karmin came on I was so close to the stage and the bass it was ridiculous. Obviously Karmin killed it!  in the best way of course. Amy and Nick both looked ridiculously great!
They sang a little bit of their EP from “Crash Your Party”, “Brokenhearted”, “Hello” to all of the songs in “Pulses” album. They also covered songs like “Umbrella” by Rihanna as a couple of their other covers. BUT the only thing I kind of was half and half about was that everyone was waiting for their cover of “Look At Me Know” and instead they brought up about three fans upstage to sing it for them while along with them. So it was mostly the fans singing it while trying to take a selfie with them. ( WHICH I DON’T BLAME I WOULD HAVE TOO) but I really wanted to hear Amy do it. But I thought it was super cool the idea of bringing the fans on stage and being so great with them.

Now the part that I almost died in fangirl feels was when these vintage/retro sunglasses I had custom made two or three days prior to  the concert with Amy and Bonnie in mind as retro stylish inspiration were handed to Amy and she rock them on stage! While singing a whole song! So my goal was to give it to her but there was a kid in front of me so I asked him to give it to her from me whenever she came by and when we did I was so estatic I felt I was going to die. I could not believe Amy loved them enough to wear them for a whole song yet alone after the concert ended I met Bonnie Mckee as I bought my souvenir merchandise upstairs.




When I saw her she loved the same exact pair of sunglasses that Amy wore and was like those are so cool. So I gave her a pair of sunglasses and we took some pics and she signed my ticket stub and it was awesome.  Then later outside people waited for Karmin to come out while I was waiting on a corner when I noticed Bonnie Mckee’s band come out so I just went over to them to take some pics when they noticed my cellphone cover and we all got to chill for  awhile and take pics, talked fashion, diy’s, and it was so much fun. I got to meet her makeup artist and hairstylist and I think that was just freaking awesome.
So even though I didn’t get to meet Amy or Nick meeting Bonnie was amazing cause I really do admire her as an artist, composer, and person she is really down to earth, and very, very, very sweet. Plus her music is great and takes me a little to the 80’s. So then later Bonnie came over and she thanked me again for the sunglasses and I was like OMG she really loves them which made me like the happiest person earth.


Flashforward I instagram and tagged her on the photos we took and then she liked and commented on my photo and YUP I nearly died twice (ok maybe not that type of dying but you know the feels).


So at the end of the day I was really, really, really happy I was able to go to the concert and see both of them perform because I really was looking forward to it being that I always talked about Karmin with my friend from school and our favorite song is “I want it all” we would keep the video on replay. 


Hope you enjoyed this concert review 101, leave me any comments or feedback down below! And if you have seen this tour comment your thoughts too! Love always,

Evetzie xx 😉

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