This is what makes us girls… #honestly

Everyone that knows me knows that I always come up with the most randomest things to talk about but at the same time we all know its the truth. Today, as I was getting my nails done all I thought about was the actual meaning of things, and what usually it really does mean to us girls that most guys don’t understand. Like literally that ‘s just what makes us girls. So I compiled a list of words, things, places, and etc that most girls could agreed on.



  1. Women tend to value kissing much more than men. Generally speaking, of course 😉  To us its like a major aspect of the relationship.It’s important to us, guys because well it its just is so pucker up.
  2. But when you are single and you hear the word its like: You’re not in a relationship AND you’re constantly being reminded of that fact by your loved ones, especially your mother. #annoyingasfudge
  3. netflix
    We really do have a relationship with Netflix. For what some it means an online streaming service where you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies.To us is our excuse for every time to no go out every Friday night, and just stay in and see what happens on the next season of Orange is The New Black, Orphan Black, Once Upon A Time and so on. It’s like guys and gaming.
  4. College is usually represented by society as the four years of higher education, with some some fun with friends, partying, fraternities, and maybe the highlight of your life. To me it really means years of my life that I will now have to spend the rest of my life working my ass off on a job that is not even remotely closed to what I studied to pay off those stupid and ridiculous over my mind loans. Yes, the fun part and some of “What the hell” party moments included just as cool memories but they are not going to help pay off my 20 something loans.
  5. large
    Ikea its just a Swedish furniture company that most guys hate to hear us say when we need to make a quick stop like if it was a grocery store. But, literally is like walking into a Disneyland theme park of just the most amazing decorations for your home and some how it fits into your budget to make you feel like a modern day Barbie.
  6. When you have to go to a place called work. We all know what work means what you do for a living to earn money. What it really means is the miserable introduction to the real world where you spend your time either in a receptionist desk, customer service with horrible non pleasing customers anyway, where you probably spend eight soul-sucking hours in a retail job that pays not even a minimum wage that you can afford toll and gas prices.. And if your lucky you have enough money after paying off your rent, loans, personal needs to buy that $20 dollar dress at Forever 21 or $5.99 thrift shop finds.
  7. date
    Dating is usually seeing attractive people socially with the goal of a potential relationship. What it really means is finding out how much of a difference you have of what guys/girls wants and if you should run because its getting really creepy really quick “Why the hell did I thought this would work.”, “This is the last time I am going on a blind date”,” Never Trust Dating Sites”, “Am I being catfished?”. OR man he really does have potential this could be it, “OMG what do I do?”, “I hope I don’t have anything on my teeth”, “He would make a really cool father someday”, “Wait! act cool act cool!”
  8. happy hour
    When a friend invites you to happy hour, normally its a period of time where they serve discounted drinks. What it really means its thehighlight of your day after the worst hours of your life at work, family problems, or the argument you had with your boyfriend the night before over the stupidest thing.
  9. liam
    When you hear the word OMG Did you see the news on _____ (insert whatever interest you enough to care). Normally people check Google, or turn on the news. We usually go into TUMBLR, UPDATE ACCOUNTS, and Twitter to verify, retweet, and reblog the shit out of the news while fangirling or freaking about the stupidity the news update.
  10. Redbox a place where you can rent movies for what used to be $1.50 and now its like 25 cents more. To girls a movie rental that took down all Blockbusters by a whim and we have no choice but to rent the movies we don’t care enough to pay $10 at the movie theaters and enjoy our night crashing into sweat pants, lousy buns, and bowl of delicious POPCORN!!
  11. workout
    Summer what is known as the warmest season of the year, occurring between spring and autumn and constituting June, July, and August in the Northern Hemisphere. Also a period of fruition, fulfillment, happiness, or beauty. What it really means “Girl stop eating those damn Doritos and Detox its BIKINI Season”, Sun’s out Gun’s Out Channing Tatum’s all over that beachline baby!!!
  12. demi
    Selfies a visual photograph of you doing whatever you are doing. But what it really means in all honest truth it’s how you let everyone know that your life is WAY more awesome than it actually is. Haha… #selfieaddicts…To some they are just sharing their interest and likes without a care.

What are some of yours? Comment Below…

Love always,

Evetzie xx 😉

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