Are You Game Day Ready? Let’s Get That Glam On!

Hello Fashionminies!

After working in business casual attire all week I finally got home to catch up with the scores of one of my favorites Baseball team the New York Yankees! To be honest I don’t understand much about sports but when it comes to Baseball, Basketball and Hockey I’m all for it. Football eh? But if you aren’t big baseball fans, that shouldn’t stop you from hitting up a sports bar with friends and watching the game and supporting the team of your choice. I know us ladies love to look our best no matter what as well as feeling comfortable and ready for those selfies. Being that I love going out with friends on my spare time we decided to watch the seven thirty game at a friend’s house and I came up with a few casual luxe outfit ideas of my own inspired by an MLB Hats I chose the NY Yankees hat that I found at Fanatics which by the way is the only the leading website for everything sports! They have everything you can imagine wrap your head around on it. So if your favorite teams fall in any of the College, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Nascar, Soccer, Olympics,or etc you definitely have to check them out.

Here is an image of my favorite is MLB NY Yankees Hat and these casual luxe outfits that you can mix and match.(To enlarge image click on it)


The reason why I chose this hat is not only because its a Yankees hat but because it also has a sentimental value when I see it. My grandfather used to be the biggest NY Yankees Fan in the world. Growing up he was like my second dad and he would ask me to watch the games with him back in Puerto Rico. When my grandfather passed a few years ago every time I saw the Yankees logo it would remind me of a hat he had back in the day exactly like this one. And growing up I always stayed true to the Yankees so as soon as I saw this hat I knew that would be the hat that I would proudly wear at any baseball game. Meanwhile, what I love about the outfits I styled is that they are all comfortable and perfect for any woman no matter what shape or form. It allows to feel sexy without being over the top for that game day with your significant other, friends, family and so on. Who said sport fashion has to be boring? Let’s bring some sass to the table. Men you can also take this same hat and pair it with an amazing color scheme so you can give your lady a little competition. We are talking about sports so a little competition sounds fair here. Enjoy! xx

E ❤

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Thank you to Fanatics for allowing me to use their image for this post!


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