I slayed 2014 and so with 2015!

Happy New Years Fashionminies!

Thank you for sticking with me another year. I cannot explain how excited I am to start this new year. I believe that greater and unexpected yet wonderful things will happen in both personal and professional life. Which is why I have promised myself that I AM going to really, really, really stick through with my NYE Resolutions. No more bullcrapping around. I feel like 2014 was a blessing disguised in a nightmare. I really went through some rough patches but it really put a lot into perspective and the outcome even surprised me at the end. I feel more confident, stronger, and ready to kick some ass. So 2015 here I come.
Grow even more spiritually because my oh my has He being good to me when I have less deserved it. #begratefulforallthelittlethings #littlethingsarebigthingsindisguise

Things I want to really dedicate my heart and soul into this year in no particular order as long as I do them:
Get Healthier because let’s face it we all love FOOD but yet we all want to look GOOD, and I really am an active person I just let the draining take over from overworking myself.
Therefore with that being said I can probably do more of what I love SHOPPING! Like if I needed another excuse…
TRAVEL- Oh the beautiful feeling of Wanderlust!I have a Passport so I want to give it as much use as possible.
MOVE – Yes finally go after my dreams in a new place and meet new people.
Besides the fact that I will post more and other surprises I have up my sleeves, I really want to communicate more in the old fashion way. LETTERS! So if you want me to send you a letter send me your mailing address at evetzieblogs@gmail.com and I will personally hand write each one. I would love to be able to send some letters overseas, to other countries, cities, so if you’d like to collaborate with me in this little project that would be epic. I also want to write a message in a bottle and just let it float in the ocean and see where it ends up, or writing a message and put it in a balloon with helium and wherever it breaks hope someone picks it up and read it.
No matter where I go or what I do I will always be involved with music because its my life, heart, and soul. I look forward to the surprises,and all the rocks that may be thrown my way but I will embrace them and take them by the horn.

To conclude I would like to wish you all a beautiful and blessed new year. Hope that everything you desire and put all your heart into comes true. Lesson of 2014 everything happens for a reason and everything comes with its own timing. Don’t rush through life because you might miss all the small things that have a lot of meaning. And tell your loved ones that you love them and try to understand them even if you don’t, hold them and embrace it because when they are gone you are going to regret not doing it so. Let go and let God.

Unforgettable Highlights of my 2014:

Celebrating NYE 2014 at Times Square was pretty freaking historical!Attending various concerts like Karmin, The 1975, One Direction WWA Tour Miami(ft 5sos),XLent Xmas Concert with The 1975, Cobra Starship, and The Script, The Big O Music Festival with The Weezer and Fall Out Boy, Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull LOVE SEX TOUR. Meeting my favorite musicians/songwriters like : Matt Healy of The 1975, Bonnie Mckee, The Script: Danny, Glen, and Mark, Giselle Blondet, JenCarlos Canelas, Maffio, Ken-Y, Henry Santos, Alex & Sierra, CJ, and Khriz y Angel. Who can’t forget the kiss on the cheek from The Script’s Danny O Donoghue that made me almost faint yup he has that Irish flair.The pleasure of working with my KQ 103.1 FM family who I love so much and all the wonderful memories.

What are your New Year’s Eve Resolution? What was your 2014 Highlights?

E ❤

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