Your Ex Was An Idiot, Remember That

This article ladies and gents is what I have been talking about in the past few days. There is someone for everyone but first you must learn to love yourself , radiate that love and it will love you right back

Thought Catalog

Shutterstock / oneinchpunchShutterstock / oneinchpunch

Shoutout to the boys before my current boyfriend that ruined me.

Finally, I have a man I can trust not to cheat. FINALLY. Even in his wildest dreams, another girl isn’t on his radar. At the bar, he isn’t even sure other girls are in the room. He is always making sure I’m mentally at ease when he’s out. I could offer him a threesome with Kate Upton, and he wouldn’t even blink. I’m literally the only girl that he could ever want. But when he is out, I’m sweaty, nervous, can’t breathe, stomach in knots, and anxious.

So what’s my problem? The boys that came before him.

I’ve been ruined, like many, by a past relationship. I’ve picked some of the best winners possible. A secret cheater who had skype sex while not only was I within walking distance, but so was his skype partner. A…

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