My Katy Perry Prismatic Experience

It’s 3:10am on  Sunday October 18th, 2015 and it has been exactly six days after I met Katy Perry. Although, I have our selfie as my phone’s wallpaper as proof of that incredible night, my brain is still not believing it. Not because I am dumb or anything but because it was such a surreal moment that I don’t think I could ever fully explain how happy I was at that exact moment in time. But before I tell you all about how I met Katy, I am going to give you a summary of my life as a Katy Cat first so you can get an idea of why meeting her was so important to me.  (If you don’t care then skip all of this to where it says Part 2 (scrolldown))

Photo: Evetzie's Repertoire FBS - @evetzie_styles

Photo: Evetzie’s Repertoire FBS – @evetzie_styles

Part 1: #TBT- Back when Katy Perry first came out with her hit single of “I Kissed A Girl” from her album “One of the Boys’ at first I was like who is this girl? what is she singing? but at the same time I was like I am loving this girl’s voice I need to know more about her. As I did my research on her the more I got to like her and all of the sudden I was in love with her music and her style. She was different, unique, creative, great voice, and amazing songwriter.  I liked that she pushed boundaries and never let herself be manipulated by the industry. She fought for what she believed in her music, her talent, her vision and the sacrifices she made for her career. She became one of my top favorite female artist so I took time to learn more about her past and how she grew up in a Christian home and beliefs and all of the sudden there was something else I could identify myself with her in another level than just music. So I started listening to her first album self titled Katy Hudson that was released back in February 8, 2001 by Red Hill Records a gospel album.  When Katy Perry: Teenage Dream album came out I fell even more in love with the new music. I can still remember when my friends and I would go to the movie theaters and while on a bathroom break we would record ourselves in the mirror singing at the top of our lungs to ” Teenage Dream/California Girls”. Good times! Any how when she toured in 2011 to my hometown for the The California Dreams Tour I was so broke that I had no way I could go to her concert here in Orlando, FL at the UCF Arena. I remember the feeling of being so emotionally shattered that from that moment on, I promised myself that if she ever came back I would do whatever it took to attend her next concert. But time passed by she released new music with her Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection and then finally PRISM. These two albums literally spoke to me lyrically and it helped me in my darkest times. Her music videos inspired me in so many ways from creatively as well as my outlook in general to other things that surrounded me. When her movie came out in 2012 I remember I went alone, I had a movie theater all by myself and I cried my eyes out at the pain she went through with her marriage, and the amount of stress she was in. I got to see another side of Katy that even though I didn’t know her in real life I felt connected to her. The amount of respect I had for Katy rose to a new level because I admire her as a human being, as an artist, and as a composer/songwriter. She puts so much effort with a very close attention to  details into everything she does its nothing but inspiring.When her PRISM album came out in 2013 I remember that during the year before and that year were the most hardest for me to go through. Between her music and of course One Direction I switched back and forth to help me keep my sanity but the three songs that changed my life were By The Grace Of God, Unconditionally, and Roar. They all had positive messages that even through the darkest times keeping loving unconditionally. Keep getting up when you are down, letting go of your fears, and that you have to pick yourself up because life goes on and you have to rise above and go for what makes you happy.  These are all things that fell into perspective the more I listened through the trials I was going through at the moment personally. Because of her music I was inspired in so many ways that for Halloween I made my own ROAR costume and wore it to Downtown Orlando (as a designer I love being creative and love music videos can challenge me). Then I put that same creativity in my bathroom where as you can see its Katy Perry everywhere and  made it with the look of a backstage makeup room. She also inspired me as a songwriter, playing instruments (guitar and piano), and etc. (So that’s the background story ).

Part 2 – My Katy Perry Prismatic Experience

When Katy Perry did her USA leg of the tour I did not attend her Miami or Tampa concert because of three things: One, I was working full time and there was no way I was going to be able to make it on time. Two, I was not as broke but the ticket was quite expensive and out of my budget at the time. Three, you cannot go to a Katy Perry concert alone you have to go with your best gals. But because I love Katy so much I couldn’t help myself to look at photos of her PRISM tour so when I saw her silver crop top and short skirt outfit with lights, I knew I had to make that for myself and wear it for Halloween or anywhere. It took me about three months to make  my own costume just because I had to wait for my lights to be delivered also it took a lot of patience and it was quite a process to make it. It took staying up late day and night till the later hours pattern making, cutting, sewing, and attention to detail. So when I found out she was going to Puerto Rico, which is where I am originally from I did not think twice of attending. Why? My cousins Alexandra and Adriana love her too and it would also give me an excuse to get all dressed up and have an amazing time with my family.  The prices were less than the in the USA and it was going to be a different experience.

So months later I left to Puerto Rico two week earlier than the concert and spent it with my family.  But month after month since my cousins and I found out about the show we never stopped talking of how it exciting it was going to be and how amazing it would be if we met Katy. We thought about a million scenarios like at the airport, or shopping at the mall. Never in a millions years we thought she could call anyone of us to the stage because we never have that kind of luck. So the day before I was so nervous I couldn’t even eat. The day of the concert I was freaking out all day. I kept checking Twitter, Instagram, and all my Katy Cat blogs just cause we wanted to know how the stage looked like, had she flown in, would God forbid it getting canceled, were there people there already in line? all of these questions ran through our heads. Once again my body couldn’t handle the emotions and I decided it was best not to eat anything. All I wanted to know is I would get there on time to get  my merchandise and not miss a minute of Katy Perry. This is how excited we all were.

Once I got dressed up and I was there I felt so at home in an arena full of beautiful Katy Cats of all ages. Some were dressed up, some weren’t but I felt so excited to experience my first Katy Perry concert in Puerto Rico also for the first time. That was already like surreal enough. So when other Katy cats saw my outfit and I saw theirs we would take photos with one another. I went to the merchandise table where I got my tour tee and the tour book that I have been dying since the first time I saw it on someone’s Tumblr. As soon I saw that tour book I knew I had to get my hands on it. When the concert started I was nervous, when I saw the dancers come out for the opening of Roar I literally had tears in my eyes. Then I saw Katy rise up and come out to the stage and my heart like stopped for a second. I was finally seeing my role model and inspiration LIVE!!! I didn’t care about how far I was at the back end of the arena. All I knew is I was there and that was all it mattered.

So I danced my ass off the whole night up to where she gets to bring someone on stage.  Where she wore her butterfly dress and cape and she looked absolutely stunning! I loved the fact that she spoke Spanish even if it was a little it was good. So when she said she was going to bring someone on stage she brought up one girl first and i was like OMG my chance is gone. Then she said about bringing another person and she called out a girl who dressed up in DICED dress and I was like OMG my other chance is gone. Nevertheless I was really happy for the other fans that had just gotten call but I was dying a little inside.So when she pointed out and said ” I ALSO NEED PRISMATIC GIRL” I wasn’t handling the fact that it could be me well so I kept screaming pick me and she said “you with the lights” and when I heard my cousin screaming in my ear “Its you its you” I was like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUDGE?!! IS THIS REALLY EVEN HAPPENING!!!! OMG!! and then I just remember screaming at the top of my lungs and my heart beating so fast I couldn’t even breath. So I ran up my aisle and down to the next one and I can’t find a damn way to get down to the stage. To all of this Katy is like “I’m waiting on Prismatic Girl to get to the stage someone help her find me Prismatic Girl “and I’m freaking out in my mind like HOLD ON, I’M COMING KATY! hahah Then I finally jump a fence where security was at and I was like its okay i can jump myself then i got tangled halfway through another fence but I MADE IT.

So the security guard holds me down to the side of stage and tells me to sit as some fans said OMG YOUR’E SO LUCKY!!! and I’m like OMG OMG OMG!! So security tells me do you need an oxygen tank? and Im like WHAT OMG IDK YES/NO!! IDK!! and meanwhile I’m  like snapping photos of her from the side of the stage with my phone.  Then the security guard tells me GIRL, YOU ARE GLOWING MORE THAN A DISCO BALL SO I WOULD BE SHOCKED IF SHE WOULDN’T HAVE PICKED YOU! and Im like OMG REALLY!! Honestly though I was so far i thought that even with the lights she wouldn’t see me. BUT SHE DID and IM LIKE  FJDKFJLDSF of emotions. Once she called Diced Girl, and I on stage all I could literally do was stare at how beautiful she is,and only then did I realize that it was really her and not a wax figure of Madame Tussaud’s. Although, I looked like I kept playing with my phone on stage I was trying to capture a small video of her talking on stage with me standing there cause I knew my friends wouldn’t have believed me and also for myself because I knew my reaction was more than likely going to be priceless.

The first thing she asked me was my name and I said Evetzie and I guess she found my name exotic or loved how its pronounced she says EVETZIE with a Katy Swag and I was like OMG OH YEAH she just said my name WHAT! so I started doing some weird dance and the she starts dancing and all of the sudden I’m dancing on stage with Katy freaking Perry!… say what?! ….  My mind was racing a million miles per hour, I know I must have translated some of the things she asked me totally wrong but I was no nervous I couldn’t think straight. I forgot my English and Spanish all together it was a mess. Then on top of that who the heck can translate “IM FEELING MYSELF TONIGHT” without sounding like a total perv hahaha I’M SO SORRY that was never my intention. But I did not have any filter and told her I would take off my outfit and give it to her if she wanted it  and that it would be fine with me if i stayed in my undergarments because she said she liked my outfit and would wear it. Again, Katy if you are reading this I was so nervous I wasn’t filtering my thoughts but it was with the out most respect though. Haha. My bad. Also,  I was talking really fast cause I tend to talk fast on my daily life. When you are on stage you are blinded by those lights I don’t know how in the world she really sees people so far away from  the stage. Props to you girl! I did think I was going to pass out but I kept reminding myself not too because I couldn’t miss my chance of being there with her. But I was definitely breathing faster than normal.

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**And more photos of the concert that both my cousins and I took with my pro camera will be uploaded later on to this post so come back and check them out later.

You can check out most of what happened on stage by clicking this video all credit goes to its owner on YouTube:Miguel L. Reyes – Katy Perry San Juan Guest on Stage

And if you would like to read some of the awesome articles that came out of the show: click here

Viaje intergaláctico de Katy Perry en Puerto Rico

“De entre el público, Perry identificó a dos chicas por sus llamativos atuendos y las llamó “Dice Girl” y “Prismatic Girl” para hacerlas subir a la tarima. Ambas lograron que la californiana que cumplirá 31 años el próximo 25 de octubre dijera “Los quiero mucho” y “Puerto Rico es la mejor isla”. Durante el intercambio, la cantante se movió al ritmo de “Yo soy boricua, pa’ que tú lo sepas”.” – EL NUEVO DIA by Cristina del Mar Quiles

So frequently asked questions I have gotten by everyone:

1.) Did you smell Katy? How did she smell like?

One, I didn’t smell her like that because my nose all over her would be kind of weird. Two, I am guessing she smelled nice because she didn’t stink and though she was dancing and sweating, I didn’t notice. I was too busy staring at her.

2.) Did you really kiss her?

Yes, I really did kiss her unexpectedly but on the cheek when she took our selfie. It was a small gentle kind of kiss on the cheek. I respect her enough to know better, I’m not that crazy. But she didn’t mind she was really cool and down to earth.

3.) Did you really say that you were a Niall girl?

Yes, I did not bring up the One Direction thought she said “you can say anything that you want that won’t get me into trouble” as she touched the tip of my nose and gave some clean examples like One Direction being one of them.  Where I proceeded to say I was a Niall’s Girl and she got happy and said “you’re welcome”. (FYI if you aren’t a Directioner then you probably don’t know that because of Katy Perry as she was the guest judge on that season of The X Factor Auditions she gave the final YES to send Niall Horan through to the show in where he later on became one of the members of One Direction)

4.) What did you tell her to say in Spanish that Puerto Rico would like to hear?

Puerto Rico es la mejor isla!  or Puerto Rico is the best island!

5.) Why did you say that?

Because, Puerto Rico to me means everything. I feel like I was born and raised there up to certain years and then I had to move radically. But it has always been my home too. I feel like Puerto Rico is one of the best island to go and experience the beaches, the people, the culture, the food, the music, everything. And I still think and like to believe Puerto Rico still has a lot too offer even when it gets rough, and things seem hard to sound differently. I like to say that I am proud of being Puerto Rican we are something special.

6.) How is Katy Perry in person? What is she like?

She is absolutely head to toe stunning! She is more beautiful in person than what you see in photographs (and she still looks amazing even then). She is super friendly, nice, funny, sarcastic, humble, and a total sweetheart. Her skin is very soft 🙂 Even if she is tired she has an energy that can make you think she is not. She is actually taller than I expected. She is a real woman with real curves she is not too thin not too thick she is perfect. I wish I had her figure. She is fit and she is flexible when I saw her bring up that leg in the air and do a turn in the middle of the performance earlier. I was like what!!! Also, her eyes are really that crystal blue and her Jesus tattoo on her left wrist was one of the first thing I looked at and said OH SHIT IM NEXT TO KATY PERRY!! When I hugged her I was gentle because her waist is so small and her dress was all full of rhinestones, beads, and sequins and I didn’t want to break it. She is just as beautiful inside as she is out and has a beautiful smile that lights up the whole room.

7.) How did it feel like to be next to a worldwide superstar?

Katy Perry I see her as a role model and inspiration in my eyes almost like an older sister I have never had. So, when you admire someone for so long and you feel like you connect with them without meeting them in real life you also get scared at the fact that you don’t want anything to go wrong or say the wrong things because you have that image of them in your mind. But with Katy it felt like I knew her and she knew me because she wanted to know more about us and it wasn’t like you’re on stage and goodbye, she actually cared about interacting with us and her fans that were present in the crowd.  I felt really honored that she noticed me enough to let me stand next to her. I would never take for granted that moment. The fact that she is a world wide superstar is kind of scary to think of because you think like OMG I can’t mess this up but if you think its KATY like she is goofy, fun, interacting KATY then though you are nervous she makes you feel happy, excited, and its just beautiful connection between an artist and a fan that love each other without really knowing each other at that kind of personal level, idk if that makes sense or not.

8.) Did you tell Katy something before you left the stage?

Yes, I told her that she was my inspiration and thanked her for it.

9.) Did you ever think she would choose you or that you would have gotten to meet her ?

Never in a million years, but I am so glad she did.

10.) How did you feel about people that thought this was planned or fake?

I think those people have never been to concerts or they were just jealous. Like how can someone plan something so magical like that? Its actually quite impossible. I actually think the joke is on them because I mean I traveled, I made my costume, and plan on going to a concert with my family but that’s about it. Neither I or the other fans that get chosen by her have any control over who she wants or not on stage. That’s completely up to her. Most fans where really supportive and said really nice things to me and I will never forget that. That is what music is about bringing people together like family while moving your soul.

11.) What was your favorite part about the concert?

Besides the part of going on stage with her.I really loved when she acknowledge my outfit and said she was sad she didn’t got to wear hers that night. But that it was really pretty and it looked really good on me. And when i told her I made it she said she would even wear it herself. Because as a designer there is no bigger dream and motivation than hearing those words come out from your muse or inspiration. Specially if she is the kind of person you would love to see one of your designs in. But other than that I really loved when she brought out the Puerto Rican flag during Unconditionally and wrapped it around her. Its one of my favorite songs and she made it seem so effortlessly and beautiful. Thought I couldn’t hear half of it or see it since I was escorted back to my seat.

12.) What did you say when she said you thought you had crappy seats?

I said “No but I love you” which what I meant to say by that was “No, they may seem crappy like seats or they could be but I love you so much that I don’t care if I’m all the way in the back. I wanted to come see you”.

But what happened was I was so nervous I forgot how to make a proper sentence and I wanted to say so mucha as well as I was so nervous that I  ended up saying nothing that made sense at all. Haha.

13.) Was that your underwear that was showing on stage?

NOPE! It was actually my nude body shaper. I had it on and it goes all the to my thighs but it was so hot inside the arena I had rolled them up a little higher. Also, my skirt shifted when I was running to the stage cause I got tangled so when I got up there I didn’t really noticed  cause I was all eyes on Katy.  So yeah the whole arena, probably YouTube, and now if you are reading this knows that everyone saw my shaper. Oh well!!  I’m proud of being a woman with curves and I am not ashamed to admit or say I wear body shaper every woman does at some point in their life. Even then, when you are next to someone as beautiful as Katy who cares what you are wearing really?

How has this experience changed my life?  And that last question I asked it for myself)

Well, I wouldn’t say changed but it really has impacted me a whole lot more than if I would have met any other celebrity because I really do look up to her. Meeting her was a dream that I always kept hoping for to happen I didn’t know how or where. I remember looking at videos of people meeting her like in NYC, or in the streets outside her hotel and thinking man I wish that could be me someday. So I could tell her how much I love her, her music, or just a photo.   As to other celebrities if you meet them you are like OMG I met so and so. But for me to almost feel like I am going to pass out over the fact that you are meeting someone you really admire its like no words could ever express how important, amazing, and beautiful that is. It’s something everyone should experience themselves not only with a celebrity but whoever you look up to or admire. Because, only then you will feel that beautiful connection of how important you could be to that someone. I think that if I ever meet One Direction, Ellie Goulding, or like Britney Spears those would be the only ones next to cause me another heart spasm hahaha.  But my main top female artist is Katy always has always will be. But this experience really did prove to me that if you believe in the power of your dreams, and your pray over it that anything is possible. To never give up because you never know where you could be tomorrow.  And I always asked God to give me the chance to meet Katy Perry someday and it came true.  Just like I ask him to please make my dream of meeting One Direction too someday even if its just Niall Horan. ❤ haha

Hopefully I answered everyone’s question as much as possible and if anything you took out of my experience is never give up on your dreams even if you think they are silly, or hard to reach it can happen!! But it won’t if you give up.

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