HHN 24 in Review

I love when October comes around because that only means one massive thing for me Halloween Horror Nights or as we call it here in Orlando HHN. I was really excited this year because even though they had Walking Dead again, they also had a Halloween Housed based on Michael Myers which is one of my all time favorite classic characters. Unfortunately I had the chance to only go to four out of the eight houses due to the amount of waiting time. I would love to go again so I could experience the other four houses. I love HHN because I love the adrenaline I feel when I walk through the Houses and the Scare Zones to see the amount of creativity and work they put in.

Best GNO

                                    WELCOME to HHN 24 2014 at Universal Studios Orlando, FL. {My OOTD: Black Crop Top Dots, Highwaisted Denim Jeans- Lane Bryant,Black Vans, Red/ Black Plaid Shirt Target, Brown Bag Charlotte Russe, Ray Ban Aviators, 90’s choker Urban Outfitters, and Red Under top Forever 21. Red lips Kate Moss shade 107.}

This year was I was definitely not as impressed as I have been in previous years when it come to the Scare Zones. Honestly, I felt they lacked more actors, and they should have spread the Scare Zones throughout the park.  The Face Off scare zone was very interesting and intriguing it really is a really great photo opportunity area to take selfies,and photos with very unique creatures.


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The Purge scare zone was really cool as far the main actor they had who was dressed in a business suit with a microphone basically inviting you in to the purge and talking to guest and creeping them out. This part was cool because it reminded me of the movie I just wish they had more scare actors in your face making you want to run the opposite ways. The voodoo scare zone was pretty vague, and nothing really scary just a little fog and nothing really worth screaming for.


                                                Classic Babes in line ready for the Walking Dead House ❤

Meanwhile, the houses were the main aspect of where Universal used its budget at, as well as the costuming, special effect makeup, and other special effects to make them incredible well at least some of them. From worst to best out of the four houses I went to personally goes like this:

4.) Aliens .V.S. Predators

Pro’s: Awesome Costuming Effects on.

Con’s: Was not scary at all. No one screamed, no one jumped, it was so easy to walk through, annoying exit route having to bend under a little tunnel.

3.) Halloween Michael Myers

Pro’s: It was awesome so many Michael Myers popping out and a surprise ending I won’t ruin,

Con’s: The line of 105 minutes was not worth it honestly though.

2.) From Dusk Till Dawn 

Pro’s: Keeps you jumping and on your toes and very close to the TV version of the show.

Con’s: I wish it would have been a longer walk through or bigger house for this.

1.) Walking Dead: Prison

Pro’s: So amazing from the moment you walk in and out of it. Definitely messes with your head which makes you more vulnerable to the unexpected scare actors, and the makeup effects were pretty darn scary. Walkers everywhere so beware! Definitely the best Walking Dead house so far in HHN.

Con’s: The flashing lights blinded the f*ck out of me and I almost ended up in a cage full of walkers.

The Housed I missed were: Roanoke – Cannibal Colony, Giggles & Gore Inc, Dollhouse of the Damned, and Dracula Untold- Reign of Blood.  😦

Now from my friends point of view who have attended the other four houses they have loved the clown house, and the doll house even better. They say those were pretty scary because the make up effects, and costuming were quite horrifying and they kept popping everywhere. These two houses the time I went had the less wait time so I would say if you want to make two houses that are really quick in time these would be it. I advise that you do Halloween, and Walking Dead first because the wait time are so ridiculous from 105 minutes and up. Obviously the Rocky Horror Picture Show was great, and Bill and Ted’s Experience was not as fun as other years it lacked material, it was only funny because of Nicki Minaj, and Disney’s Frozen as well as their magic band, and the rest was just kind of pushed in your face to make you laugh and it really wasn’t even funny. But the actors were good so I give them that.  If you do go to either HHN24 in Hollywood or Universal Orlando I want to hear from you. I want to know which were you favorite houses, and scare zones. And what did you like least?



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Dear Fashionminies!

How have you all been? Its been an amazing start in this new year all from January till now. As I have told you all before this year I will be bringing on reviews on the latest concerts I have attended or planning on attend during 2013.  Also new photoshoots, new styling ideas, and so much more. I had also mentioned I had been taking guitar lessons, which I can proudly say theyre going pretty darn good so far. Its so much fun, and I love music so much. Music, Arts, Fashion everything is big part of my life therefore I like to share it with all of you. Just like the story and review I am going to share with you now of WICKED: The Broadway Musical.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story of WICKED” its  based on a novel by the amazing author Gregory Maguire. Wicked is what is considered as the prequel to the famous story of “The Wizard of Oz.” In “Wicked” you get to know deeper in detail about both witches who are Galinda who is known as  Glinda the Good Witch, and Elphaba who is  known as the Wicked Witch of the West. In the story it explains how these two unlikely girls become best friends and the challenges they will have to face together in the Emerald City as they make their way to find Oz. And it also has a good point on love, good, bad, and all the good stuff.  The Broadway of NYC production for this play was nominated for 10 Tony awards in 2004, and  in fact they won three of those nominations:From Best Scenic Design, Best Costume Design to Best Actress in a Musical for Idina Menzel, who played the Wicked Witch of the West: Elphaba.



So on Saturday the 23rd, my cousin’s friend couldn’t attend to the performance of WICKED: The Broadway Musical that was being held here in Orlando, Florida at the Bob Carr. She offered the tickets to my cousin who immediately invited me knowing that I am a huge “WICKED” the novel fan. Of course I said yes without hesitating. It was a blessing sent from above, being that I have been wanted to see this play for what seems like forever, due to the fact that I wasn’t able to attend last year since it sold out all shows. Being so of popular and high demand they decided to bring it back to Orlando this year. Tickets ranged in various prices but Orchestra level being the most expensive.  So my cousin got the tickets and after work we immediately drove in less than 30 minutes to the venue trying to find parking and walking fast about 10-15 minutes before the show started. We made it just in time. No food on my stomach since breakfast I was super hungry but my excitement was so built up that the hunger was the last thing my mind, well almost ;).

When we looked at the tickets and we saw where our seats where located I almost fainted, they were orchestra level they were the third row almost dead center away from the stage. It was amazing view, and experience to see a play from. As I sat there my heart raced and there was lovely curtain that represented the Emerald City with little lights on it.

emerald city

As they played started I felt like I was being slowly taken in to the Emerald City and on my way to find Oz along with the characters. The storytelling through the performance of the actors, who were also dancers and singers was beautiful. The costume design, lighting, music, and staging were impeccable. The songs, and lyrics were a classic. Everything was spot on and you could tell it was a Broadway production.  My favorite actress of the night was the girl who played Elphaba she had an outstanding voice! But they all did great. I definitely recommend a high GO watch it if you haven’t yet. Its an experience of a lifetime.

The merchandise were expensive as heck though but a souvenir its always a must for me no matter what. Because to me it represents the experience, a memory. So I got a pen, socks with both witches on it, and a programme that inside has all the information of WICKED: The Musical all around the world, and name, photos, and information of the actors and actresses who have made history.  Which is pretty cool! They also carried tops, keychains, soundtracks, and other things but too much high a cost. 😦



I hope you enjoyed this post and that you have the chance to go see any broadway play or production wether its here in Orlando, New York, or anywhere in the world.  Love you all xxx


Evetzie ❤



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Halloween Boop Doop De Boop – Betty Boop Costume Idea

Halloween Boop Doop De Boop - Betty Boop Costume Idea

Dollhouse platform pumps

Fantasy Jewelry Box hoop earrings

Wallis gold jewelry

One of my favorite childhood cartoons, and favorites of almost all of my family members. This is a cute and easy costume to pull off. What youll need is a strapless red tight dress, red shoes, gold bracelets and hoop earrings, stockings ( if preferred), and a white garter with a heart on it. The wig is the only tricky part, but you can get it online, and the makeup is super easy to do.
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If you decide to do this costume please take pics and send them to me I would love to see them.

Halloween – Silent Hill : Nurse Costume Idea

Silent Hill : Nurse Costume Idea

Winter white shoes

I love the movies and the games. Pretty interesting and creepy. I thought about the idea and little details of the bunny would be cool if youre into the dark side of a costume. P.S: You might have to distress the costume to make it look old and weary. Not recommended for children, parental advisory when looking for costumes.
If you decide to do any of the costumes, take pics , and send them in.I would love to see your version of it.

HALLOWEEN Costume Idea : A modern Frenchie- Pink Ladies

Costume Idea : A modern Frenchie- Pink Ladies

Bustier top
$48 – nelly.com

Wet seal

Mango leather legging
$45 – mango.com

Platform high heels
$93 – styletread.com.au

Gold jewelry
$150 – asos.com

Lulu guinness

Bracelets bangle
$56 – asos.com

ASOS triangle earrings
$16 – asos.com

Pink curly short wig
$16 – claires.com
This is a Halloween Costume Idea that I came up with today. Grease is one of my all time favorite movies and I love Frenchie. I can indentify with her since Im also a Beauty School Dropout.But on the bright side we both have the same personalities. This is a modern costume idea for what I think Frenchie would wear in the Pink Ladies in this era. She would use a Pink Varsity Jacket, black corset top with black leather leggings. Pink wedges with silver and black accessories. A pink lip/lipstick necklace to represent Frenchie as a beauty school dropout.

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