The “Beauty” Series with MBerri Photography

During the last two months Evetzie of Evetzie’s Repertoire and FX Styling has partnered once again with Melissa Berrios of MBerri Photography for Melissa’s new photography “Beauty” series. Her inspiration for the shoot was a fairytale like session. As a MUA and wardrobe stylist there is nothing more exciting than having an open platform where you can run all your creative ideas and try them out. As a team between the model Daniela Beatriz, the photographer Melissa, and I together we came up with the best artistic direction on makeup, hair, and wardrobe styling to make sure we capture all of Melissa’s vision in a cohesive form to the fullest. First we ran three in studio photography sessions to play around with various looks all different from each one but still keeping the vision in mind.

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After three days of hard work, communication, and collaboration Melissa found an amazing location which went flawlessly with her series and this is how the shoot came out. Against all odds we defeated all amount heat, humidity, and pouring rain so basically all kinds of weathers to make this shoot come to life. Here is a preview of behind the scenes and final photos.


f11d2b08e4ecb803-Daniela_BeautyPortrait_series_JPEG_MBerriPhotography22 4558b48246587dc9-Daniela_BeautyPortrait_series_JPEG_MBerriPhotography32 676dad420118a115-Daniela_BeautyPortrait_series_JPEG_MBerriPhotography427218c40c69756d58-Daniela_BeautyPortrait_series_JPEG_MBerriPhotography27To learn more specific details about this photoshoot and about MBerri Photography make sure to check out her site. It was a pleasure to work with model Daniela Beatriz and the super talented Melissa Berrios. I am in love with how the whole beauty series came about. For more on our wardrobe styling and makeup services feel free to contact me.



 *All images are copyrighted and credited by MBerri Photography.

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2013 Hello Summer! TRENDSPOTTING <3

Hey Fashionminies,

How are you all doing my loves! Just wanted to share how excited I am about the Spring and Summer 2013 trends. I have found a lot of them to be my favorites! Im in love with the camouflage and pastel trends. They are both so easy to wear and effortless. I love wearing effortless look that have bold statements.  This is the first part to my full on Spring and Summer 2013 edition the next post will be next week on hairstyles, nail trends, and makeup! I have made some inspiration and mood boards for all of you so you can try some of the new emerging trends. I love trendspotting.

Evetzie xxx



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A lot of red for the summer wether its in florals, makeup, accessories, or as an accent color.

scarlet red


Be daring, yet romantic and sophisticated. From lace, leather, and detail in fabrics and patterns.

glam rock


Who says just cause its Spring and Summertime you can’t still rock the glitter. Wether its in sequins, rhinestone or crystal accessories, shoes, nail designs, or in your eye makeup.



Camouflage patterns and army colors. From dark greens to olive green, dark browns to neutral beige. Wether its in details accessories, nail colors, shoes, or in an article of clothing. One of the biggest trends



Anything light pastels like light hues of baby blues, soft pinks, periwinkle, lime green, baby yellows. Also peach colors and mix and match mint colors. For a soft romantic feel tie in some floral head piece accessories or simple soft colored jewelry for a effortless look.


DIAS DE LOS MUERTOS Photoshoot with photographer Melissa Berrios

Hello Fashionminies,

How are you all doing? So on Saturday October 13th, I had the pleasure of working with a long time friend and talented photographer Melissa Berrios. Melissa Berrios is local photographer from the Orlando and Kissimmee area, she is currently studying photography. She will be showcasing her work along with other talented photographers from Orlando at an event that is very known here in Orlando. We will also have an exclusive interview with Melissa in the couple of days, so make sure you come back to check it out.

Melissa Berrios- Photographer

Every year at the City Arts Factory in Downtown Orlando a lot of young and innovative artist showcase their work. From fashion designers, musicians, dancers, photographers, graphic designers, and etc. I had the opportunity to showcase my work as a designer, dresser, and makeup artist for these events previously, and it was an amazing experience.  This year they will be hosting the “Third Annual – Dia De Los Muertos and Monster Factory” at the City Arts Factory”  from Thursday October 18th,2012 till Friday November 9th, 2012 so you will have various weeks to go visit and checkout the exhibition. The opening reception and block party will be on Thursday October 18th, 2012 from 6pm till 10pm.

About the Photoshoot:

The photoshoot went great. I loved working with the model Daniela Otero and photographer Melissa Berrios. These ladies were a pleasure to work with.  It all started with an idea that developed into a creative concept, come to life. I had the opportunity to work as the makeup artist, hairstylist, and wardrobe stylist.  These three areas are my biggest passion. As soon as I started working with the model getting her ready and we stepped into location I knew it was going to be a good session. Even though we got attacked by insects we survived. 🙂

I loved how the dress and the accessories complimented the concept of a young woman in love mourning the death of her lover, proving that their love can last no matter the distance or time. Think of Romeo and Juliet love moment. The contrast between the dark, vibrant colors and shades  used  from the wardrobe to the floral in scenery made it dark but romantic.  The makeup for this shoot was interesting, we wanted to do something that stayed true to the concept but yet feminine. It took time, patience, a couple of retouching here and there but we figured it out to make it as close to perfect as possible.

Model: Daniela Otero

MUA/HS/Stylist: Evetzie Berrios

Photographer : Melissa Berrios

All the images provided are copyrighted by the photographer by Melissa Berrios.

To see more images of her work please visit her Tumblr Page:

Personally I like working with open minded, creative, innovative, and talented  persona’s who share the same passion and determination for art. Even if we express ourselves in different ways no matter which field it is.  When you have idea and your willing to share it with the world, and you have the drive its one of the best feeling in the world.



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