2013 Hello Summer! TRENDSPOTTING <3

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How are you all doing my loves! Just wanted to share how excited I am about the Spring and Summer 2013 trends. I have found a lot of them to be my favorites! Im in love with the camouflage and pastel trends. They are both so easy to wear and effortless. I love wearing effortless look that have bold statements.  This is the first part to my full on Spring and Summer 2013 edition the next post will be next week on hairstyles, nail trends, and makeup! I have made some inspiration and mood boards for all of you so you can try some of the new emerging trends. I love trendspotting.

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A lot of red for the summer wether its in florals, makeup, accessories, or as an accent color.

scarlet red


Be daring, yet romantic and sophisticated. From lace, leather, and detail in fabrics and patterns.

glam rock


Who says just cause its Spring and Summertime you can’t still rock the glitter. Wether its in sequins, rhinestone or crystal accessories, shoes, nail designs, or in your eye makeup.



Camouflage patterns and army colors. From dark greens to olive green, dark browns to neutral beige. Wether its in details accessories, nail colors, shoes, or in an article of clothing. One of the biggest trends



Anything light pastels like light hues of baby blues, soft pinks, periwinkle, lime green, baby yellows. Also peach colors and mix and match mint colors. For a soft romantic feel tie in some floral head piece accessories or simple soft colored jewelry for a effortless look.


Look Of The Day: “Yeah I Work Out” ;)


Today’s look was inspired on my favorite workout song by LMFAO  ”SEXY AND I KNOW IT“, not because I’m conceited but because I love the fun, quirky, and remix version I downloaded a couple of months ago unto my workout playlist. I love it cause its very upbeat house music style. Needless to say that the original video is funny as heck and I was thrilled to have heard of the video through my cousin Elaine. That’s our workout song!  But anyhow,  when I go to the gym i like to be comfortable above all, but I always look for cute pieces.  I usually wear a jacket because it helps you shed more water excess and personally it motivates me to feel the heat and the sweat cause I know I’m working hard at killing those calories.

What I love about this look, is that you have a cute modern jacket with dark silver zipper details and pockets to stash your Ipod when your exercising. Racer tanks are the best for me they hide your sports bra so well, and make you look great. Also yoga pants are the most comfortable pants you can wear for Spinning, Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Kickboxing classes, and etc.  These allow your body to move around freely and you know they will shape your body structure well. It fits great on almost everyone. 🙂

I love doing a lot of cardio, and taking classes like the one’s above to help you motivate yourself and tone certain areas. So get out there and create a workout playlist that will motivate you while you workout. Mine’s is all full of upbeat songs, and some slow ones to help me relax when I’m cooling down. What are your favorite workout songs?

So here is the look, and I hope you liked it.  I listed the store and the prices for you guys so you can have an idea where to get them and how much they will cost. But you can do this look with pretty much any brand you want. Just an idea.



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Look Of The Day: FL Gators Edition :)

Inspired by the FL Gators team, raised in “THE SWAMP” for a few years, & College Football  Game Season, I decided to show my team spirit with the teams colors, without the use of a jersey in a fun, and  fashionable way.

For my outfit I used the Dark Blue, and Bright Orange as accent colors, and green color among my accessories for fun details. My textured faux snake skin flats made the outfit standout as it could represent crocodile reptile skin like style.

Just because you show your team spirit on your outfit does not mean you can’t do it with your makeup as well. You can go from a subtle color base look, to a more girly flirty style by adding green glitter to your base color. I did in my case green color base, with green glitter on top of it. For the crease I did a dark blue, and on top I did a light orange, followed by a subtle black eyeliner, and neutral ultra shine lip gloss.

Send in your favorite sports team and state  for future LOOK OF THE DAY: Sports Edition, for a chance for your team to get picked and showcased.

Congratulations to the Florida Gators for their 30- 20 win against Tennessee!!! Go Gators!

Once a Gator Girl, always a Gator Girl!



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