Product Review:Disney’s Lip Smackers

On my recent makeup haul I discovered a few gems in hidden places. One of these is the Disney’s Tsum Tsum Lip Smackers!


I am so in love with them.They are a set of four collectible lip balms including your favorite characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winnie The Pooh, and Stitch. Each of them are sold separately and retail from $4.95 to $6.95 at Target, Walmart, Walgreen’s, CVS, or etc. On my research for more of these lip smackers I have found that they sell the whole collection on Amazon up to $45.00 which is absolutely ridiculous when you can collect all four about twenty dollars so just make sure to check on your local stores before heading there.

I really hope that Disney will expand their line Tsum Tsum Lip Smacker line with a variety of characters including the Disney villains. As far as the product itself I love how smooth it glides on, it gives a nice shine,  a little hint of color, and moisture to my lips. The scent and flavoring of each lip smacker is another fun addition that really completes the whole package. You can also stack each character on top of the other after you are done using them if you would like. To open just twist off the bottom and apply as many time as you want then twist it back on very carefully so your lip balm doesn’t chip. I feel the design and the concept is genius its a little heavier than your regular lip balms but offers a generous amount. Definitely worth the buy if you are a true Disney lover who wants something that its unique and best of all  that is cruelty free (no animal tested product). I think they are not only cute but a lot of fun to collect, and stack. This is a fun collection for everyone to enjoy no matter how old you are.Each character has their own themed flavors according to their characteristics.


  • Mickey – Marshmallow Pop
  • Minnie — Strawberry Lollipop
  • Pooh — Honey Pot
  • Stitch — Blueberry Wave

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The A-Team: Back To School Edition

Styles may come and go but one thing remains true and those are jeans. Yes denim jeans all style from boyfriend to skinny’s from black to colorful and printed yet tailored textiles.
A true style staple and wardrobe essential for every season no matter the occasion.
No matter what education level you are in here a some of hottest trends for both men and women this Fall Back To School Season. Simple, and minimalistic fashion for everyone!
Try new hair styles that give you and edge without going too far. Change it up.
E ❤

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Minimalistic Back2School Hairstyle Edition

Hershesons black hair care
$115 –

Hair styling tool

Hair styling tool

Minimalistic Back2School Edition

H M purple dress
$12 –

Sweat shirt

Kenzo sleeveless top
$445 –

Elizabeth and James black blazer
$555 –

STELLA McCARTNEY skinny jeans

Whistles skinny jeans
$160 –

Kennel + Schmenger black shoes
$185 –

TOMS wedge shoes

Forever New flat shoes
$65 –

Vans backpack

Burberry watch

Post earrings

Chain necklace

Stud earrings
$82 –

Cosmic jewelry
$405 –
The A- Team Minimalistic Men Hairstyles Back to School Edition
Minimalistic Back2School Men Fashion Edition

Zoe Saldana Expecting?

 Zoe Saldana is rumored to be a couple of months pregnant. And if this is true that will be one beautiful baby! It’s all I am saying.
 The Avatar star got married to an Italian artist Marco Perego last June. They are both 36 years old and rumors have persisted that the couple want to start a family soon. She recently arrived to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote her latest film “‘Guardians of the Galaxy.” where she suddenly stopped and turn around from cameras while touching her stomach. Hmm.

Instagram -

The actress has yet to comment or confirm if she is expecting or not but time will tell. Although, she has been wearing a lot of loose fitted clothes, we have recently seen her in a tight fitted high-waisted skirt on her official Instagram page and you could see a barely noticeable “baby bump”. But it could also just be the fabric of her skirt. Who’s to tell? Meanwhile, there are also her casual outfits while on a recently grocery shopping spree and the latest video I mentioned above .

Zoe Saldana could be expecting here are some of her latest looks.

Zoe Saldana could be expecting here are some of her latest looks.

//SEE THE VIDEO\\ below to see Zoe and you can be the judge:


SPLURGE .V.S. STEAL- Like you’ve never heard before.

A lot of people confuse the term “SPLURGE .V.S. STEAL” like its a bad thing. When in all reality is an amazing thing and amazing term that everyone should keep in mind when they are out shopping.

When you hear the word “Splurge” a lot of you think about high end products or brand names with popularity and luxury items.  Mean while, when a lot of you hear the word “Steal” some think of generic brands, low quality, and even consider the product cheap. Im here to open your eyes to this particular term which when a lot of you hear your opinions and choices you make bury you more in debt in your shopping spree. 

The word “Steal” here represents good quality items, wether they are “generic” or not a high end  or expensive, is still a brand. Some which are more affordable for consumers like you and I who may not be able to afford such ridiculous retail prices. Some of us wether your a fashion blogger, call yourself a “Fashionista”, or you simply know your bargain “steal” is what we call when you want to SAVE more than the Louis Vuitton or Chanel bag you just bought under “SPLURGE” for thousands of dollars.  And NO i don’t mean steal like shoplifting! DUH!

Here are some tips and examples of how you can save a ridiculous amount of money during your shopping spree created by me:


Yes! I have spoken please do learn your “Shopping Spree” terms there is nothing more embarassing than going shopping you misread the sign so READ before you ask anything.  So if you see these terms in the signage this is what it means:

  • BOGO : Buy One Get One meaning Free! always definitely worth the buy sometimes.
  • $3…. (when you buy one regular price item) : Meaning you buy one of those items at regular price and the second item that you buy after that one will only cost you $3.00

See where this is confusing… not yet? Well let me tell you, you will see a lot of these in stores like RUE21 and Wet Seal! You have no idea the amount of consumers who I see running up to the tables all excited to purchase like six of the same item only to realize later on at the register that they had to purchase 3 of them at regular price and then the other three they would be under the promotion of $3 dollars. Then they get mad because that is not what they read then they show you the small font that says it, then they leave embarrassed or very few make the choice of purchasing it and never come back.

  • BUY 1 GET 1 1/2 OFF! : Okay so seriously I shouldn’t even have to explain this! But having worked in retail for many years I still get asked the same stupid question over again. If the sign says Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 OFF! and the two items you picked where in that category and you ask me or Im telling you “Yes these are” and you ask me the same question again… what do you think they are?… 🙂
  • CLEAREANCE / SALE: My two favorite words to hear and my two favorite sections I love to have my eye on every time without fail when I go shopping. In this department you will probably find the same amazing item you have been longing to buy for the longest or that you probably saw a couple weeks ago on the window display. From its original price it could have gone from 30% – 75% off the regular ticketed price. And I always find good sales!! I hunt for them. So when you go shopping for sales like these make sure your on your day off, comfy shoes, because your going to be shopping for hours. Its ridiculous the amount of money I have saved throughout the years with these two terms! NOW like every great thing there is always a downside which you will come to face sooner or later. When you shop under Cleareance or Sale don’t expect them to have your size all the time, or to be 100% perfect (sometimes they may have their little damages like missing  a button or whatever) just make sure that you think if its worth paying for even if its discounted. Sometimes and this comes with experience throughout the years don’t buy the first thing you see even if its in cleareance. Sometimes other stores will have the same item for even less than the previous discounted price you saw so you save even more. 🙂 So make sure to ask about their return/exchange policies, keep your receipts!!, and about their HOLD policy. 
  • FINAL SALE: Its final, don’t come and try to exchange or return it its not happening. So make sure you check for stains, rips, zippers, sizing, prices, and etc before actually purchasing. Usually you don’t get your money back, and your stuck with a trainwreck of an item that you will probably never wear. And if that is the case then please do something good with it and donate it to someone who needs it or a local thriftstore or stores like GOODWILL, or SALVATION ARMY.


Yes you know those little questions at the register when they ask you about your email and so on. SAY YES! Why not? First of all its FREE to subscribe and you would be suprise at the amount of money you can save. If you are the type of person who don’t like giving out your information. I totally understand, for that reason just give them your email and if you don’t feel comfortable using your personal email because of spam or junk mail or you simply want to read important emails, then here is a little bright idea: CREATE A NEW EMAIL ACCOUNT and just use that for subscriptions for when you go out shopping.

These emails are great a lot of companies will use this method to promote their sales, special events,

3. COUPONS!!: Okay so after you have subscribed you should start receiving a lot of those loving coupons. Most you will use others you will trash. Just make sure that you READ once again all the tiny little letters and the coupon as a whole. See what the requirements in order to use that coupon are. See if its something that will benefit you, and if it does make sure you use it! Meaning make sure you keep in mind and read when does it expire? There is no point of spending two hours shopping and then later you realized it was expired that would be a total and EPIC FAIL!  Most of these coupons are life savers you can save $10- 20 dollars off, or you could get FREE promotional items!

Make sure you keep the coupons you plan on using with you 24/7 you never know if you will end up going to that store by accident and the worst thing is you left your coupons at home. YIKES yet another epic fail! But just because you have a coupon doesn’t mean you have to use it, thats is just optional. I have let some coupons go to waste on purpose or have given it to friends or family members who I know will benefit them if I know Im not going to.

I have gotten great brand name and expensive body lotions, shower gels, antibacterials, underwear, or bras for FREE!! no strings attached! 🙂 how amazing is that! and all because i subscribed and kept my coupons in handy within the time frame given to use it.  

4.) ALWAYS ASK, BEFORE YOU BUY: My number one rule when shopping!

Don’t be afraid to ask about the store’s Return or Exchange Policies because the worst thing to do is to buy something you can’t return or exchange. Also please make sure that you ask yourself for the seventh hundred times if the item or product your purchasing to you its worth the buy. Are you a rebuyer meaning do you buy the same product more than once just because, or do you really need it ? Does the price meet or pleases  your budget (if you have any). 

Most companies or stores will require you to have:

  • Your original receipts, and tags attached as proof of purchase
  • 30/90 Day policy to bring the item back for a full refund or exchange.
  • The same method of payments again for your protection as another proof of purchase and makes the process easier

So now that I have properly introduced to some great saving tips here are some example of the “SPLURGE .V.S. STEAL” items I was pointing to you out earlier!








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“Thee A-List Steal” of the day: MILEY CYRUS edition

“Thee A-List Steal” is a new category here in my blog that I created, where I recreate your favorite celebrity looks with affordable fashion pieces and prices so you can steal the same look for less ;)

Thee A-List Steal” of the day: MILEY CYRUS Edition

Today’s “Thee A-List Steal of the Day” is inspired by no other than Disney’s starlet and pop superstar, Miley Cyrus. The reason I love this look so much is perfect for a casual hot summer kind of day, but with and edgy style to it. Because, when you are living in Florida, the summer heat is never ending even as we go into the Fall and Winter Season.  So with that being said, I love the fact that she is wearing separates. In this look she is  using  a Black Cotton Spandex Jersey from American Apparel, that she wore with her ASOS Seamed Bralet Ripped Shorts. But her bodysuit it can  also be worn with long denim jeans, or skirts ( both mini or maxi). To complete her edgy look she used gold accessories, her famous Ray Ban round sunglasses, black biker Chanel boots, and complimented it with a black Big Buddha Tribal Tote. Miley’s look can approximately range around the total of $414.00.  My “Thee A-List Steal” version of this look is approximately range around a total of $ 92.00 . A list of the store and products used are listed at the bottom along with both prices for her look and my look so you can compare. 🙂

For the hairstyle: Miley’s hair in this look is very simple and easy to recreate.  I created beach waves and divided my hair down the middle part. Made a messy chignon or bun in the middle and lower back of my head. I left out in the front of my head some loose hair, creating a natural fall in the front. It should take you about 5 minutes to recreate her hairstyle. You will need some bobbi pins you would like to keep the bun a little tighter.

For the makeup: I kept it natural but played off  my eyes, with Rimmel’s Liquid Eyeliner, $8.00 at any cosmetic department. Mary Kay’s Lash Love Mascara, $20 with your MK Beauty Consultant. As well I used my clear MENTHA 2X Mint Lipgloss, $8.00 from Bath and Body Works. This lip gloss will moisture your lips twice the moisture and with  the mint flavor it will create Miley’s plump lips.

Hope you enjoy this look!

XO ,



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“Thee A-List Steal” Eleanor Calder’s 2nd Look for Less



“Thee A-List Steal” is a new category here in my blog that I created, where I recreate your favorite celebrity looks with affordable fashion pieces and prices so you can steal the same look for less ;)

This second look is inspired by once again One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.  As I posted on the previous post she is very known among the Directioner’s for her elegant and sophisticated looks. This time the outfit that called my attention was this casual, yet fashion forward outfit. Its a great way to wear a denim vest, and let it accentuate your whole outfit. This look can go from casual day wear to movie date night. If you want to wear it during the day, you can use sandals like the one she has on. But if you would like to wear at night  for a movie date all you have to do is change into some black heels. You will still have Eleanor’s look but with a sexy touch.

For the hairstyle: I created beach waves and divided my hair down the middle part. Keep in mind that Eleanor’s hair is longer than mine. But if you have short hair, you can use clip on hair extensions as a simple solution to achieve the same look.  Clip- On Hair Extensions are usually around $60 dollars and up, depending on the extensions length and texture. You can get these at any local hair and beauty supply store.

For the makeup: I kept it natural but played off gold shimmery and brown mineral eyeshadow colors, $8.00 each. Mary Kay’s Lash Love Mascara, $20 with your MK Beauty Consultant. As well I used Rimmel’s Liquid Eyeliner, $8.00 at any cosmetic department. Eleanor’s makeup is very natural and easy to wear. She uses her Ray Ban Aviators most of the time she is out in the town. If you do not own Ray Ban’s any other aviator style sunglasses can be used. Not only will it save you a lot in your pocket, but  you can get Ray Ban’s knockoff style at your nearest flea markets or local discount stores.

I will always try my best to recreate the  original look as exact as possible, and find out the original prices and stores for you.  As well I have listed my version of the look, store, and prices where you can get each piece to complete this outfit. Hope you liked it, and if you tried it out comment and share.



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“Thee A-List Steal” Eleanor Calder’s Look for Less

“Thee A-List Steal” is a new category here in my blog that I created, where I recreate your favorite celebrity looks with affordable fashion pieces and prices so you can steal the same look for less 😉

This first look is inspired by One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. She is very known among the Directioner’s for her elegant and sophisticated looks.  I think personally Eleanor is a very pretty girl and she carries herself well. I like a lot of her looks because they are casual yet fashionable, but I notice most of all comfortable.  She seems like a very down to earth girl, and fun so I decided to try out a couple of her looks. This one is more of her casual look, when she was out on the streets shopping.

For the hairstyle: I created beach waves and then made a side chignon with my hair divided down the middle part. Eleanor’s hair is usually with waves and let down naturally.

For the makeup: I kept it natural hues of eyeshadow neutrals, Mary Kay’s Lash Love Mascara, and Liquid Eyeliner. Eleanor’s makeup is very natural, and true to herself.

I will always try my best to recreate the  original look as exact as possible, and find out the original prices and stores for you.  As well I have listed my version of the look, store, and prices where you can get each piece to complete this outfit. Hope you liked it, and if you tried it out comment and share.




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Presenting “THEE A-List Steal” by Evetzie ;)


This is a new category in my blog that is called “Thee A-list Steal”. Where I want you to feel free to send me names, pictures, or links to any celebrities or music videos that you would like for me to recreate the look for less.

This will allow you to get the same look as the one you desire but an affordable price. I will post both the original version and my version of the look on my blog in a post with a list of stores and price where you can get your items. You will be able to compare both the original prices to the affordable prices and see how much you can save yet look your best. I look forward for this new adventure. Please keep in mind I will do my best to recreate the look as best as possible. 🙂 Thanks.



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