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As most of you know I work in the entertainment and fashion industry. As I sat in my studio today designing, and also working in other projects I got a little frustrated and had to stop. Breath some fresh air and continued what i was working on. As you all know music is one of my biggest passions but as I karaoke my heart out to new music from my favorite singers it hit me people don’t value any kind of artistry very much. Which is something that I have always felt deep inside my heart and I know cause I have seen it first hand. I have helped, worked, seen start up artist’s, musicians, painters, writers, designers, and etc like myself struggle in the midst of our passions and career.

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So when people complain about paying a certain price for like a concert ticket, design, or anything creative and artistic it makes me want to  tell them to go to neverland and never come back. Do you know how hard are the struggles for a person that loves and has a passion for any kinds  art or any musical artistry. Which is why I believe with all my heart we should give credit when credit is due. So before you speak to me ever about how ridiculous it is for something like music, design, or art to be so expensive remind yourself all these things I will mention next.

As an artist one the financial cost : You have to pay everything yourself including being your own manager, promoter, everything when you are starting out. You really make close to nothing;it takes a while to start getting all the goods. And by “a while” I don’t mean a few months. It could take years and years until someone else in labels or talent managers see your vision. It takes studio time  which are not cheap, recording, producing, editing, mastering and more. Once you have made it touring is expensive a whole crew from loading,production, wardrobe, dancers, riggers, traveling, Visas, Passports, Insurances, all the legal aspect of  it too, and so much more you can’t begin to even wrap your head around it all. There’s so much more not to even mention when it comes to recording sessions, rehearsals, planning, songwriting, record labels, promoting team, royalties. Plus during the tour life the crew in the arena listen to the stage and technical managers to work on trusses  which what hold all of the lights, speakers, and pyros sometimes takes about 30 local workers, 4 tour riggers, and with very limited hours for example 5 or less to accomplish everything before the show starts. Staging has to be assembled piece by piece. You have screens that have to be hung in flawless placements. All of the technical detail features for the band. Last minute sound check before every show all in less than a day and hours for a perfect show. This is not including all the other backstage chaos and crew that is behind the scene, on or off stage, runners, costume designers, assistants, makeup artist’s, hair stylist, wardrobe specialists, seamstresses, dancers, management, special guests, other bands, security team, and etc.  So much planning, efforts, emotional, and budgeting goes into every album, every tour, everything artist do. It takes a whole team not just the lead singer or solo artist to make a show or album what it is. That is why royalties are so important and are rights that artist’s fight for when it comes to  streaming platforms that make things free to people but then the people who are working their asses for it don’t really see a cent from it and its not fair.

Two as a designer  that is art as well you can’t expect something that is one of a kind unique or amazing craftmanship for a low budget. Chanel, Alexander Mcqueen, all these great designers and even your local designers at home that work independently did not work their asses off their whole life tailoring, draping, workshops,  and etc  to get paid like department store. Not happening! While in tour life you also have from prop designers, costume designers, choreographers, stage managers all of these amazing individuals that come together as a team to make everything happen.

Three: Painters, Dancers, Poets, Writers, Actors are all amazing at what they do and deserve the same of respect as every other career out there. We do it, because we love it and we cannot see ourselves doing anything else but it. Any kind of art you should embrace it and it should make you move whether its your soul, your style, or whatever fancies you. But don’t ever let it die. Support your local artist they are the ones that needed the most. And support songwriters and locals that are starting up because that is the hardest part of all. Not when you are already successful and selling out arenas.

To all of those who are starting out and even note to self at times is never give up, believe in the power of your dreams, and everything comes at perfect timing no matter how many time the iron strikes hot. To the world changers!!

love always,


Where I’ve been…. “TOUR LIFE”

Hi fashionminies,

How are you all throughout the world?! I love you all so much trust me I have not forgotten about you. This year has been nothing but an adventure full of mix emotions. From sad, sappy, stressful ones to fun, crazy and wild ones. I have been fortunate enough to have live and learned a lot from different people I have met that have somehow inspired me to move forward from this stage of my life. So I quit my day job in order to pursue my dreams and so now I’m running on pure luck, faith, hope,prayer, will, hardwork, and dedication.  Thanks to all those people that inspired me are from co-workers, friends, family members, to of course celebrities that I look up to a lot I think I’m finally doing this. So if you pray keep me in your prayers and if not just wish me luck please. I would really appreciate your support. Even if its just reading this blog and leaving lovely comments on it 🙂 xxx p.s: but at least I can honestly say I have enjoyed and bucketlist my way through this year with a lot of things I never in a million years thought or expected to happen. Some dreams do come true unexpectedly in the moments you least expect them to; others my take a little while longer but never lose hope and keep working hard for them. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of faith and time! 😉 you can qoute me on all that!


Among all this year has been nothing but concert to concert one after the other and I don’t mean to sound like I am bragging because I’m not. What I mean is I have worked hard to earn my money to reward myself with attending to concerts because its what I am passionate about. I love music, music is an universal language that no matter where you are from everyone can relate to it whether its the lyrics, the beat, the rhythm, just everything. Its also the reason I live for as well I love music and without I really don’t know where else I could be I just am glad and thankful I have music to express myself through it. Its the only the constant thing beside obviously God, my family, and my true friends that keep me going.  With that being said if you have followed my posts on the last following months you may have read my other posts on reviews from other concerts.If you haven’t seen some of the reviews its because I have been busy with other aspects of my life that I haven’t had the time to write them yet but I promise I will eventually. I just got home right now from the last one which was tonight and it was FUN. no really I mean FUN. ft Tegan and Sara as their opening band 😉 and it was amazing!


This is the list of the concerts I have gone to this year since February of 2013 – present ( from first to last in order they appear on the list):

1. The Truth About Love: P!nk ft. The Hives 

2. Unbroken Tour: Demi Lovato

3. The Red Tour: Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran

4. Right Place, Right Time Tour: Olly Murs ft. Before You Exit

5. ICONIC Tour: Icona Pop ft. Sirah and also K.Flay

6. Moonshine Jungle Tour: Bruno Mars ft. Fitz & The Tantrums

7. Some Nights Tour: FUN. ft. Tegan & Sara

So with that being said I highly recommend all of you to check any of these artists out in your local venue if you have the chance or I hope that you do someday at some point because they are really REALLY good.  So far from this specific list of concerts my favorite hands down in these order goes like this:

1. P!NK there is no beating her in the quality of performance, vocals, and she definitely is the BEST.

2. Olly Murs ft Before you Exit– I mean seriously these two together were just amazing enough that they didn’t need dancers or anything like that they themselves makeup for the whole show. I literally thinks so.

3. Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran – Just because Ed Sheeran was in it this whole concert was already the top of my list. I mean if I go by Taylor Swift honestly it was a pretty good concert. She did put a lot of effort on her dancers costumes, and detailing on their performances. Now Taylor herself she had some decent costumes changes which I appreciate, and I can see the effort and money she put towards the tour (not like she went broke on it the girls makes billions off everything and ex-boyfriends songs lol JK haha). But her performance was good. Would I go to another one of her concerts again? Not a big fan of hers but I like her songs honestly so “maybe”. Never say never because look where it got me. I would have never attended a Taylor concert and I did because it was the only way for me to see Ed Sheeran so I was not going to pass up my chance. And I mean Ed Sheeran was FLAWLESS and I don’t say this just cause I love him. This man is one of the best musicians and composer out there. His lyrics are to die for I mean they are from the heart and not this bullshit to please people. They are honestly raw and the way his plays the guitar and his voice is unique. He has that IT factor for me that anywhere I go I can say that’s and Ed Sheeran song or that’s him. And he is the most humble human being, and I can say this because I was fortunate enought to meet him and he is just a great human being.

4. Bruno Mars– Man Bruno is the best performer out there vocally this guy is amazing and he is hilarious! I never thought in a million years how much fun his concerts would be. I even doubted at first and I am so glad I had the chance to see him live. He is so worth going, and next time I hope I am front row because he is that good. His energy, and smile just lights up the whole arena.

5. Demi Lovato – She is so good vocally  and she definitely is a great performer. She didn’t dance a lot because of her broken foot at the time. But she looked amazing and her vocals were spot on. She sang a little bit of everything. But I rather pay to see her next time in an arena than for FREE at Universal’s Mardigras even if I sat outside under the sun the whole damn day till 9pm at night. Not only did I get sunburned but almost killed there was a stampede in the crowd of people falling on top of each other like a domino effect causing injuries on people. A lot of got hurt and claustrophobic-ally jammed. They wanted to put so much people in one area that it was ridiculous. And I was there early in the bright shining hours barely eating went to the bathroom only once waiting and waiting to get almost killed. I really suffered in that concert.

6. FUN. – I love their energy that they put out in their performance. They are vocally amazing in person better than in their albums. Their staging, graphics, and lighting effects were so cool. Their music is obviously more laid back so don’t expect to jump up and down the whole damn time. Their merchandise were pretty affordable which made me very happy because most of these concerts i don’t know what the hell they think selling over the price hoodies, tees, snapbacks, shorts… NO WAY!

So THANK YOU FUN. for making your merchandise pricing affordable for your fans!!! 😀

7. Icona Pop – They are just starting out and this was their first headlining tour in America which their performance was fun, their music is great but they really just didn’t impress me a lot with their opening bands. Sorry! 😦 But Icona Pop def is great party music to jump up and down to and really have fun with. I love them.

I hope you all have a blessed week 🙂 I will be posting more things soon! Love you!!! XXX

Evetzie 😉

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