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Hello Fashionminies,

I have been working really hard on a lot of projects within the new year. But I wanted to check in with all of you and let you know some of the things that are happening.

First I started taking guitar lessons, and so far so good. Im very excited, I really love playing it and with music being one of the biggest passion in my life its nothing but amazing.

Second I started doing on the side as a street team promoter for Conor Maynard. I really enjoy promoting his music and checking with fans and doing awesome events.

Third I have been writing a lot like you all know I had written a previous fan fiction of Niall Horan from One Direction, and I also did a lot of imagines in one night for a lot of friends who loved them. I was very glad to hear everyones feedback. So thank you!  With that being said I decided to keep on writing moe and more stories. The next one I was inspired to write about was a Liam Payne also from One Direction a fan fiction. At this point I have decided I am going to write one for each of the band members. Each story is different from plot to characters and so you will never be bored. So I just wanted to share with you all my new fanfiction story I wrote please read it, leave comments, share it 🙂  Its called Nobody Compares: A Liam Payne Fan Fiction by Evetzie Berrios and I also did the cover for it.

Here is the link to the website where the story is on:


Thank you for your love and support, always xxx 🙂



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Hey Fashionminies,

FREE YOUR THOUGHTS and read or write: Be Inspired or Be Inspiring!


         You can qoute mewhen I say “That there is no better feeling than knowing that I can totally get lost in my writing and travel somewhere new within my thoughts, and for those split seconds reality suddenly becomes numbed and my dreams start to take place in its own kind of magical and beautiful ways ♥ 🙂 this is why I love writing.”-Evetzie Berrios.

Ever since I was little I have always loved writing. It has been something it has grown deeper within me throughout the years. I think that imagination and creativeness can lead us to great places. Places that we don’t even expect or can imagine. Its something that you have to do and explore the more you do it. Writing, or composing is a beautiful and creative way to express your thoughts, feelings, situations, life, concerns, communication, or a way of gratitude. Whatever it is, it motivates us to let our voices be heard.I love writing and composing, I have done both while growing up. I like writing all types of stories but mostly about love, romance, hopeful romantics, sometimes comedy like chick flick style. Because in my head it is what I love writing about the most. Writing is something that is not strange to me since in my family everyone loves to write it runs throughout our bloodline, I guess. 🙂

Which is one of the biggest reasons why I have a blog because I love communicating how I feel with everyone about anything I feel like I want to share. Sometimes writing can be the best outlet or therapy for some. Sometimes, I say who cares to the grammar, as long as we can understand and communicate with each other. Of course grammar is important, but sometimes its not about being professional or perfection. Sometimes we should let the natural course of writing and emotions take place. That is when the best pieces of writing, songs, or etc touch our hearts most or we can relate to them even better.


Not so long ago, I joined Wattpad thanks to my little cousins Adriana and Alexandra who introduced me to this website. This website allows you to write  and publish your stories with a community of readers and writers throughout the world.  They can read, comment, like, and follow your stories. After having done my research on the website I thought it would be great to join, which I did. Being a big One Direction fan like most of you already know, I decided to jump in the back wagon along with other Directioners and start my own Fan Fictions too. There are thousands of thousands of fan fictions of all types: movies, bands, music, TV shows, and the list goes on and on and on.

Of course I had started to write my own fanfictions, and stories way before I knew of this website so I had never posted them anywhere before. Yes I did share my work with my closest family members and friends to read so I could get their opinions but that was basically it. I never thought of sharing it with anyone else, just because I was a little intimidated at first about my grammar and so on. Also because of copyright issues or people trying to steal my work which through wattpad once you publish it it basically copyrights it for you.  Which is really good in my opinion.  Anyways after a couple of days later I posted my first story and its now available to read.  Please keep in mind that all these fanfictions are not related in any shape or form to the real band, real band members, real singers, real families, friends, or affiliates mentioned in the stories. These stories are originally written by me as a method of art, and creativity so all my readers can enjoy. And as a big fan of 1D i love all of the boys & respect them as well equally.

So I hope you enjoy from my stories. Thank you for all who read my posts here as well, even if its throughout the world.

I love you & thank you, los amo y gracias, je’taime & merci, eu amo e obrigada!



If you’d like to read it go to the link below and the story is called “Moments a Niall Horan FanFic by Evetzie Berrios”:

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